Sunday, May 30, 2004

Religious people

Religious People turn to religion because, according to them, science has dismally failed to answer all of their fundamental questions. If religion, however, has been and still under the inspiration of all-knowing God, why should religious people bother with science in the first place? Poch Suzara

Saturday, May 29, 2004

If you were already confused

If you were already confused and want to enjoy even more confusion, read the bible. It has yet to be clear, for example, as to where exactly Jesus Christ was crucified n a cross or whether he was hang on a tree. In Matt. 23:33 Jesus was crucified on a cross in Golgotha. In Acts 5:30 Jesus was hang on a tree. In Revelation 11:18 Jesus was also crucified in Sodom and Egypt. Poch Suzara

I believe in Free Will

Of course I believe in free Will. I have to. I have no other choice as I am even stuck with it. In the meantime, for me to believe that I can control the flow of blood inside my veins is just as ludicrous for me to believe that I can also control the flow of beliefs inside my head. Poch Suzara

The All-knowing God

If the Christian God were all-knowing, how come the Christian theologians do not know all the answers? And worse, how come in the Christian community everybody lives in fear of the unknown? Poch Suzara

The American Power

In order to prove to the world that the USA is the wealthiest and most powerful country in the world, the American government would search not for friendly nations, but search only for enemies to destroy with its wealth and military power. Poch Suzara

Friday, May 28, 2004

God Proud of Man

In the Old Testament, God repented that He had made man because man was wicked and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil (Genesis 6:5-6). In the New testament, as man crucified His only begotten Son on the cross, God again must duly have repented that He had made man. Ever since then however, as the Christians and the Jews and the Muslims have not ceased to hate and kill each other in God's name, how could God not be so happy and not be so proud to have made man on this earth? Poch Suzara

I envy the Animals

I envy the animals. They do not have to go to school to learn how to love, worship and adore God. They do not have to learn how to be greedy, selfish, stupid and insane. But I envy animals even more because I do not see them in church praying to God for the forgiveness of their sins and crimes. Exactly what our politicians and theologians do every Sunday in church. Poch Suzara

Weird Things to Believe

If people believe in weird things, it is only because they have not been taught HOW to think; only WHAT to believe. Poch Suzara

A Good Society

A good society must be progressive. It must lead on to better values and better beliefs. Indeed, progress is utterly worthless unless it means progress in the scientific way of thinking where, in our ever changing world, questions become far more valuable than the answers.
Poch Suzara

Mess in our World

Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have not ceased making a mess of our world. Each of this great religions have not ceased promoting hate of the other; hate of this life; and hate of this world. Indeed, we live in a sick world because of sick beliefs and sick values. Throw all these sacred nonsense out the window and with the help of science, we can have all the opportunity to transform this world, our world - into
an earthly paradise. In the meantime, it is often ask: can science and religion merge? I say Yes, they can; but before the merger can seriously take place, religion must first merge with other religions. The Christians, Muslims, and the Jews have not ceased cutting each other’s throats because, to begin with, they cannot religiously agree as to what will happen to them after their stupid throats are cut. Poch Suzara

Mad World

I was created into this mad world not of my own making; and the theologians have the gall to tell me that I must be grateful to my creator for having gifted me born with a free will. But Billions upon billions of people before me have also been born with a free will, and so, what kind of religious bunkum are the theologians saying to me? Poch Suzara

Science is True only

People tell me that "science" is only true in its own way. "Theology" could just as readily be "true" in another. Unfortunately in the subject of theology, there is room for confusion. In science, the search for clarity and consistency is never a delusion. Poch Suzara

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

The Wisdom of the Wise

From genesis in the Old Testament up to revelation in the New Testament including all the way up to our age of science and technology, God has not ceased still trying hard to deliver the promise that he had made for mankind since Adam and Eve: "I will destroy the wisdom of the wise and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent." (Corinthians 1:19) No wonder Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have been among the best and the greatest of religions in the eyes of God Almighty. Poch Suzara

The Man of Faith

The man of faith cripples reason. This a lesser evil. The greater evil, however, is that the man of faith is like a drunkard who clings to a lamppost for support; not illumination. Poch Suzara

People Believe

People believe in weird things and wrongly so only because they have not been taught HOW to think, only taught WHAT to believe. Poch Suzara

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Dirty politics and Dirty Religion

Dirty politics is just like dirty religion: both are generated by dirty lies. In this connection we should rather embrace science, especially the scientific way of thinking. Its values are based on the search of the truth while it debunks on the side religious lies as well as political lies. Poch Suzara

Afraid to Live

Not to be aware, involved, interested, concerned, and indeed not to live amount to exactly the same thing. In the meantime, those who are afraid to die, sadly, are also afraid to live. Poch Suzara

Life's Meaning

Life's meaning, if any, must found not outside, but inside one's self; just as much as there are billions of galaxies out there, the meaning of the world lies not outside, but inside our world. What is the purpose of meaning if it were not graspable inside our own minds and hearts? Poch Suzara

Sin brings Fear

"Sin brings fear, but confession brings freedom." Indeed, the freedom to commit more sins. Under this vicious circle, however, instead of assiduity behind rationality, only more daily stupidity. Poch Suzara

Travels in life

I am quite a success in my travels around the world and indeed around the sun yearly. Indeed, I have traveled 75 times around the sun 93 million miles from the Earth. And for free at that. I am, however, happier for my great mom. She has successfully traveled, as of last week, September 12, 2012, around the sun 99 times already and it looks life she will carry on the astronomical journey for a few more years yet to come. Poch Suzara

Thanks to Russell and Sagan

Thank you Bertrand Russell for assisting me recapture the most priceless treasure stolen away from me as a boy in school: my most precious mind. Thank you Carl Sagan for assisting me recapture another most precious thing stolen away from me as a little boy in school: my precious world. Indeed, this is our world. This world does not belong to non-human entities. The world belongs to us. Poch Suzara

Organized Religion

Organized religion are institutionalized superstition, shared confusion, a farrago of nonsense, and a tribal malevolence based on fear and ignorance. For my part, I thank God that just like you and everyone else, I too was born an atheist. How silly it would have been if any of us had come out of our mother's womb bringing along with us the holy bible while singing the "Ave Maria." Poch Suzara

Thursday, May 20, 2004

If Ignorance is Bliss

If ignorance is bliss why is there so much misery in our sick society under the management of college graduates from the most prestigious universities established in the Philippines with Christian beliefs and inspired by Christian values? Poch Suzara

If God Exist

I should think that if God exist, it would be far more beneficial for God to believe in us rather than for us to believe in Him. After all, God has the kingdom, the power, and the glory. We humans have nothing to offer God except perhaps our silly souls that have been created in his own mage and likeness! Poch Suzara

Beliefs are Worthless

Beliefs are utterly worthless unless they are based on facts. The curious thing about a fact, however, is that even if there is no one there to believe it, a fact will remain a fact. Poch Suzara

What is Success?

If success were what most men settle for since they are unable to think of something noble enough to be failing at, then I am most proud to be a failure in life. Indeed, I am still, however not yet successfully, though somehow happily, trying to rescue men and women and children up and out from the quagmire of superstition. Poch Suzara

Our Ancestors

Our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents all in their time faithfully believed in the Second coming of Christ. Must we also encourage our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to
waste their precious time and energy to believe and to have faith
in the same old biblical lies? Poch Suzara

Thursday, May 13, 2004

The Philippine government

The function of the Philippine government is not about public service; on the contrary, it is more about public disservice. To begin with, government officials habitually give the public impression that they are the masters, and not the public servants of the people, by the people, and for the people. Poch Suzara

Religious Fanatics

In God's name, and since time immemorial, there existed many religions in our world. Sadly, even up to today, religions hate each other daily and at war against the other yearly. Hopefully, God must no longer be repenting that He had made man on earth. After all, in the ultimate analysis, God made man in his own image and likeness. Poch Suzara

Ignorance and Free Will

Ignorance leads to fear. Fear leads to superstition. Superstition leads to sacred belief. Sacred belief leads to faith. Faith leads to sacred lies. Sacred lies lead back to ignorance. It is all about a merry-go-round called "Free Will." Poch Suzara

Philippine Institutions

Our government and other established institutions are managed by men and women with college degrees from prestigious universities in the Philippines. As a high-school dropout, I am most proud to be fully aware that I play no part in the daily mess that's actually keeping the Filipino poor as a people and the Philippines backward as a nation. Poch Suzara

If Men were polygamous

If men were polygamous, how come prostitution throughout the centuries has been an exclusive service rendered by women and not by men? Poch Suzara

No One is Perfect

The bible says: "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your father which is in heaven is perfect." Matt. 5:48. For my part, as he made my life simpler, I would rather listen to Bertrand Russell who, with all honesty, admitted: "No one is perfect, and we should not be bothered by the fact that we are not perfect." Poch Suzara

Philippine Elections

In our elections, the candidates are even willing to kill each other in order to win a high position in the Philippine government. After all, one of the greatest thrills that life has to offer is the joy of being able to spend recklessly money that does not belong to you. Poch Suzara

Atheism and its history

In the history of atheism, no atheist has ever hanged, drowned, tortured, imprisoned, shot, killed, executed, or burned at the stake others for being an atheist. In fact, there has never been a war declared by atheists against other atheists. Indeed, in the atheistic philosophy, we have no such thing as the Chosen Atheists of the Godless. We have no belief system and that is why we do not have to hate others who do not believe in the existence of God. Indeed, we atheists do not cut each other's throat because we have no disagreement as to what exactly happens to people after their throats have been cut. Poch Suzara Twitter# Facebook# Google#

I Am Told

I am told that the United States of America is the most richest and most powerful country in the world because the Americans believe in God. But if this were true, how come the Philippines is one of the poorest and most backward countries in the world despite the fact that we Filipinos do not only believe, but also love, worship, and adore God? In fact, in this God-forsaken country, we all love God up there by hating each other down here. Poch Suzara


Most people were shocked to hear Columbus say that the world is round, and not flat. Today, my friends and relatives are equally shocked with me. They are saying to me that I should change my attitude and stop insisting that we are destroying our round world with our flat silly values and flat silly beliefs. Poch Suzara

Most Men

Most people prefer to cling to what they know and not to what they must learn. Yet, the progress of human society is mostly depended on learning; and not just on knowing. Poch Suzara

Being Dead

The problem with being dead is that you would not know that you are already dead. How would you therefore know anything about being alive in the next world if in fact there is any? The famous high school dropout writer H.L. Mencken explained life after: "immorality is the condition of a dead man who does not know that he is dead." Poch Suzara

In All of Nature

In all of nature and its beauty, only one stands out naturally ugly and obscene - RELIGION. Sacred beliefs have yet to inspire men away from cutting each other's throat for the glory of the supernatural; specially as religious men cannot agree as to what will happen to them after their throats have been cut. Poch suzara

The Bible Commands

The holy bible commands that women bear children in pain and in sorrow. It simply means that mothers have no free will to ease the pain and suffering of child bearing as that is totally against the dictates of God's expressed divine will. Poch Suzara

Letter To Newsweek

Letter to Newsweek May 11/2004 Dear Sirs: Haven't you editors learned from the Philippines? As the only Christian country in Asia, we Filipinos love only two things: corruption and God. And due to corruption, we all love God up there by hating one another down here. Why are you proud to report that Christians are swelling in numbers in China today. Shame on you. And if your report were true, shame on China for now embracing beliefs and values that have kept Third World countries poor and backward. Somebody ought to tell the newly converted Chinese Christians in China today that in the modern world today saving human minds and hearts is far more useful for the future of the human race than saving souls useless as a divine disgrace. Poch Suzara

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Thanks To Science

Thanks to science, we have more knowledge of our world today than our grandfathers knew yesterday. Now isn't it rather silly when we have to believe in the sacred words uttered long ago by silly men who knew even much less? And to think that such inspired authors knew no more than their own ancestors did. Poch Suzara

How Can We Grow

How can we grow as a people when we are taught to believe that there is a better life to live in other foreign countries? How can we mature as a nation when we are also taught to believe that there is a better life to come in the next world? In the meantime, we are also taught that true freedom comes not from choosing our way, but yielding only to God's way. No wonder corruption, in this God-forsaken country, corruption is the not the worst, but the best part - of our culture. Poch Suzara

Religious Crackpots

Religious crackpots took advantage of the child in you to learn and to believe in childish nonsense. Today the same religious crackpots continue to pray for you not to grow up. In this way, they continue to take advantage of the child in you. It always works; especially since they never cease to tell you to have faith since you have no other choice but to believe in your own free will. Poch Suzara

Not One Filipino

Not one Filipino has ever become filthy rich for believing that God is bad; yet millions of Filipinos are filthy poor for believing that God that is good. Poch Suzara

As An Atheist

As an atheist, I am most proud to have robbed death of its terror. I may be afraid of dying; but I am not afraid of death. What is even more important, however, is that as soon as I abandoned love and respect for a divine grace, I eventually found grace in my heart to have more compassion to the plight of the human race. Poch Suzara

Free Will Nonsense

Most of us believe that we have free will; yet we have forgotten those school days, when we were not free at all to question our teachers who frightened us to believe that, whether we like or not, we had no other free choice but to believe in free will. For my part, I say, good will makes more sense than free will. After all, no one had the opportunity to freely choose not to be born at all; especially to be born in this mad world! Poch Suzara Twitter# facebook# Google#

Saturday, May 01, 2004

I Refuse To Believe

I refuse to believe in the power of prayer. According to the bible, Jesus too often prayed. But as a God himself, how come he could not answer his own prayer? Otherwise, if he could answer his own prayer, how come crucified on the cross, he cried out: "My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?" Poch Suzara

The Scientific Way

If you wish to prove that the scientific way of thinking is worthless, all you have to do is to prove with evidence that "evidence" is just as worthless; especially in the search of the truth which is precisely what science is all about - the search of the truth. If you can find the truth, more, much more than a Nobel Prize awaits you. Poch Suzara

Blind Faith

All of us children in school we were taught to cherish blind faith. Today as grown-ups we are even blind enough not to see that, for the most part, our schools, colleges, and universities are commercial enterprises, and educational institutions. Indeed, if we were a people educated with a vision of the here and the now, and educated with the power of reason, we would be not only be one of the richest people, but also one of the most advanced countries in Asia today. Poch Suzara

Bertrand Russell

Bertrand Russell wrote: "One of the painful things about our time is that those who feel certain are stupid and those with any imagination and understanding are filled with doubt and indecision." For my part, I am most proud that I am always full of doubt. Bertrand Russell may not have taught me how to become a professional philosopher; but he taught me how to be no longer a vacillating creature by having confidence in my own precious mind before believing the mind of others. Poch Suzara

Science Honesty

Faith-healers, astrologers, phrenologists, palmists, fortune tellers, magicians, crystal-gazers, ghosts, angels, devils are the playmates of the psuedoscientists. On the other hand, the true playmates of the scientists are reality, nature, observation, experimentation, and being honest as scientists cannot afford to be dishonest in the scientific community. Poch Suzara

We Are What We Are

We are what we are as a people partly because of Vatican trash. We are what we are as a nation partly because of Hollywood garbage. For my part, I envy the progress of human decency of other Asian countries not influenced by false values under the tradition of sacred, if not glamorous, lies. Poch Suzara