Saturday, March 27, 2004

Medical Science

I am more physically encouraged by medical science than I am spiritually inspired by medical religion. In medical religion, I get no help for an erection. In medical science, after an erection, it even sees to it that I enjoy a resurrection. Poch Suzara

Friday, March 26, 2004

The Key to Economic Growth

The key to economic growth is knowledge. Knowledge not based upon the unknowable like in religion; but knowledge precisely based upon the observable and therefore knowable like in science. Poch Suzara

In La Salle Grade School

When we were kids in La Salle grade school, we were taught to believe that during the Lenten Season it is a sin to eat meat on Good Fridays. However, for the sake of earning eternal happiness in the next life, it was a virtue for many of us to think like cows and live like pigs during the rest of the year. Poch Suzara

In This Country

In this country we all enjoy the freedom to have faith. We do not, however, enjoy also the freedom to have a conscience. Nobody has a conscience in this faith-soaked country. Is there hope for the Philippines? Yes, there is hope; but we must first discard the Vatican trash and Hollywood garbage out of our sick culture. Poch Suzara

I Respect People

I respect people for what they think as individuals. I find it despicable, however, to respect a group of people indoctrinated in school during childhood days to gullibly believe in a lot of sacred lies. Poch Suzara

Local Newspaper Publishers

Local newspaper publishers and columnists have not given up suggesting to readers that the Philippines can be a great nation again. This is fine and dandy if, in fact, the Philippines was once, in the past, a great nation. The Philippines is still a land of missed opportunties, if not the land of lesser evils. Its democracy is still under a theocracy. The government is mostly composed of cheap officials always ready the sell to the foreigners what's left of the Pearl of the Orient. Poch Suzara

The Thing About The Atheists

The thing about the atheists is that they are far more conversant with bible contents than most Christians are. For my part, if I did not discover the lies, inconsistencies, contradictions, absurdities, obscenities, and cruelties written in the bible, I never would have lost my faith in God. And that would have been my life's greatest tragedy - not to have ended up as a happy and devout atheist that I
am today and tomorrow and for eternity to come. Poch Suzara

According to DENR

According to the Department of Energy and Natural Resources, the Marikina river, San Juan river, Navotas-Malabon, and Tullahan river have all already died. Fortunately, we Filipinos do not care for dead rivers. What's more important to us are the dead ideas behind our dead values and dead beliefs that's keeping our culture dead? Poch Suzara

College Professors

College professors in the Philippines are among the first to admit that the scientific way is just one of the ways of thinking. That there are others, such as the religious way. Science, however, has already junked the claims of religion, and religion in retaliation has not yet done the same with the findings of science. In fact today, religion is in a very poor situation desperately trying to save its face. It is seeking an accommodation with science. Well, can science and religion reconcile? Yes! They can! But religion must first reconcile with other religions. Science knows that such a merger is not possible as religions, since for the love of God up there, are too busy hating and fighting each other down here. Poch Suzara

How Sad of God

How sad of God in the Garden of Eden. He had more on the side of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil than he was on the side with the education for Adam and Eve. Both deprived of childhood years without loving parents to guide them. Is it possible that God ignored the opportunity to give our first parents a healthy kind of upbringing in order to give the devil a head start in the business of evil for the future of the human race? Poch Suzara

Poverty Kills

As a matter of plain truth we are all poor as we all suffer from poverty of the worst kind: the poverty of the human mind and heart. Thanks to our sick system of education that taught us to believe that life after death with God in heaven up there is much better than life after birth in our country down here. In the meantime, Poverty kills. Specially children - horribly. One of the simplest, most effective way to help lift a population out of poverty is to give women total and educated freedom to control their own reproductive fertility. Indeed, when fertility indicates that a child is likely to be the result of sex and that child will be born under a life of suffering and little joy, the choice is clear: allow the child to remain in nothingness. No child should be forced to live in a sick world of pain and suffering and early death to please the greedy stupid morons behind the priesthood industry. In the meantime, overpopulation is forcing an incredible rise in malnutrition, illiteracy, political mediocrity, and social insanity. Poch Suzara

The Bible Says

The bible says: "Dust art thou and unto dust thou shalt return." Well, if God made man in his own image and likeness, then God must be made of dust too. And to think that we have not ceased praying daily to a dusty God to save our dusty little souls to end up in dusty kingdom of heaven. Poch Suzara

The Power of Prayer

We Filipinos are, indeed, the Sick Man of Asia. For centuries, we enjoyed the colonial mentality. Today, in the world of modern science and technology, we are enjoying even more the loser's mentality. Thanks to the power of prayer and theology, in the race to achieve the higher standard of living and thinking, our Asian neighbors are way ahead of the Philippines - the only Christian country in Asia since the 16th century Poch Suzara

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Children of God

If we were all children of God, then Jesus was not the Son, but the Grandson of God, as Mary, his mother, was the daughter of God. Jesus had the power to perform miracles. He made the blind see, the deft hear, the lame walk. He multiplied loaves of bread to feed the multitude. He could walk on water, change water into wine; cured leprosy, and even raised the dead back to life. Curiously enough, not a single one of those grateful individuals appeared in court to testify that Jesus was a miracle healer; not a trouble-maker. Even his own apostles abandoned Jesus. They all disappeared out of sight. Nevertheless, crucified on the cross, Jesus cried out: "My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?" Jesus could have been more honest with himself if He had instead cried out: "My God, as your only grandson on this earth, this crucifixion business is a little bit absurd. How can I die to save the world today if I will be able to resurrect myself back to life tomorrow?" Jesus was indeed a failure. His mission to destroy the devil did not materialize. The devil is still alive and quite a success living in the only Christian country in Asia. The devil continues to inspire the Philippine government to solve problems of the nation with prayers. Indeed, the devil must be so proud of his achievements; especially since it is turning out more obvious that God is not omni-present, but only always omni-absent and always holding the hands of Jesus not to get lost again. Poch Suzara

The Day The Philippines

The day the Philippines became the only Christian country in Asia, it ceased to be a part of Asia and we Filipinos ceased to be Asian. Indeed, we Filipinos loved and still do love to be identified only as devout and faithful Christians. We have been educated to ignore our Asian roots.Poch Suzara

Degraded Women

According to the bible, degraded women are best left degraded. Indeed, the bible authors blamed Eve as the primary source of all evils, responsible for the Fall of Man through Eve's Original Sin. As if there never was the Original Creator. The story of Eve is the corner stone of Christianity. Without the Doctrine of the Fall, the whole Christian superstructure collapses together with the devil. And how wonderful of God to have given the devil a major role to play in the Christian scheme for eternal salvation. Poch Suzara Twitter# Facebook# Google#

Neither the Church Nor Government

Neither the church nor the government would lift a finger to assist women with unwanted pregnancy; yet, both the church and the government would not ceased dominating the reproductive system of millions of women in this poverty-stricken, spiritually poor, and morally bankrupt only Christian country in Asia. Poch Suzara

As a Little Boy

As a little boy then, each time my parents or grandparents brought me inside a cathedral, fear overwhelmed me. As I got to be older and I fell in love with the search of the truth, I found out why: A Cathedral is a monument to human stupidity
as erected by the everlasting inspiration of deviltry. Poch Suzara

Scientific Knowledge

Scientific knowledge cannot be denied. It can only be proved; or, as the case may be - disproved. However the case may be, scientific knowledge is always subject to improvement. The theologians, foolishly, denied that the earth rotates around the sun; denied that it is billions of years old; and denied that man evolved from other apes. Hell, the theologians even deny that science could cure diseases such as tuberculosis, measles, or even appendicitis. Poch Suzara

Anti-nature of Religion

The ideas of religion are anti-life, anti-human, anti-peace, anti-female, and anti-pleasure. Such religious ideas must be analyzed, dissected, challenged, and discarded in the public intellectual arena. Then once defeated, dead and buried, and no more of a burden,it should give mankind a chance to grow up and mature and stop hating and killing each other specially often in God's name. Poch Suzara

The Poor Filipino

The Filipino is poor as a people and bankrupt as a nation. This is caused by religion and superstition on the one hand; and the lack of science and the scientific way of thinking on the other. In this God-forsaken country, we Filipinos believe that ignorance is bliss. This we believe because we cannot help but be proud of our spiritual poverty, moral bankruptcy, and the way we enjoy social insanity in our country. Poch Suzara

I do not feel Guilty

I do not feel guilty nor do I fear punishment of eternal damnatio for not believing in God. Like everyone else, I too was born an atheist; and whether we like it or not, we shall all die oneday as an atheist. It is impossible to believe in the existence of anything after we, ourselves, have no more existence. Poch Suzara

The Primary Aim

The primary aim of most schools, colleges, and universities in the Philippines is to assist students grow up physically; but not to grow intellectually. In this way, there will be no one to upset the system of corruption going on economically, politically, and morally in this God-forsaken, faith-soaked country. Poch Suzara

The Sciences

the sciences have taken over total control in the advancement of human knowledge. The poor theologians of God, lost and confused as ever, are left behind holdng on to a bag filled with nothing but worthless intuition, if not the absurdities of superstition. Poch Suzara

Friday, March 12, 2004

Our Stupid Politicians

Instead of being anti-poverty by way of anti-stupidity, our stupid politicians would rather pretend at being pro-poor in order to get elected or re-elected into government office. Instead of nourishing the joys of liberty, our stupid politicians would rather enjoy the liberty to promote stupidity and poverty. Poch Suzara

Atheism and Humanism

The atheist giving atheism a bad name by ignoring his sense of passion and compassion, his sense of humanity, is not a genuine atheist at all. After all, atheism and humanism amount to one and the same realism as created by heroism behind ameliorism. Poch Suzara

I have More Respect

I have more love and respect for the irreligious animals than I have love and respect for the religious man. Irreligious animals do not hate not kill each other over some silly faith. The Jews and the Christians and the Muslims have not ceased hating and killing each other in God's name and for his glory. Poch Suzara

The Leaders

Our leaders in government are no leaders. They are more like fugitives always running far away from reason. And what is the point of reason if it were not true and useful. Poch Suzara

The Chosen People of God

The Jews are the Chosen people of God. The Americans are the Brazen people of God. The Eskimos are the Frozen people of God. The Arabs are the Broken people of God. The Filipinos are the Forgotten people of God. Others are the rotten people of God. No wonder our world is still in such a silly mess? Poch Suzara


Research involves entertaining more ideas about a fact; involves more questions than answers. After all, in time, the answers become obsolete. There is no end to research especially that of the truth. Poch suzara

What Does it Matter

Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour the Lord is coming. Matt. 24:42. Well, after 2,000 years or 730,000 days or 17,520,000 hours of waiting, not to mention the billions upon billions of people who have already lived and died on this earth, what does it matter now if the Lord does not arrive at all? Poch Suzara

Feed Your Doubt

Instead of feeding your faith by starving your doubt, what is more beneficial is to starve your faith by feeding your doubt. Doubt, not faith, generates the power of reason behind the power of knowledge. Poch Suzara

Distinctive Human Quality

The most distinctive of human quality is the need to find out, the need to know, and the need to understand. It is exactly what science and the scientific way of thinking are all about. Poch Suzara

Sunday, March 07, 2004

According to Science

According to science, there exist about 20 billion different kinds of bacteria, germs, and viruses inside my body eating up my vital organs for their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These little creatures will eventually kill me oneday. In the meantime, for me to believe that my body is a temple of God is pure hokum, if not adulterated bunkum. Poch Suzara

Catholic Doctrne

According to a Catholic doctrine Free Will is God's greatest gift to man; and yet, in Catholic schools, the first thing that's destroyed is free will.This is by way of obedience to authority; amen to hierarchy; and submit always to divinity via Catholic theology. As matter of fact, the greatest gift of nature to man is not his free will, but his free mind. At any rate, instead of free will, let's have, instead, for one another - the good will. Poch Suzara

Saturday, March 06, 2004

We Honor God

We honor God our father when we live like his son! This is pure hokum! Who wants to live like a Jew if one were born a Filipino in the Philippines? Moreover, whatever happened to honoring our own father and grandfathers and great-grandfathers. We are more related to them by blood than we are related to a Son of God. Poch Suzara

To Find Your Find

To find your way through life follow Jesus? This is the same Jesus who preached that unless you behave like a child, you will never enter the kngdom of God. Poch Suzara

Peace On Earth

If you want peace on earth and goodwill to all men you must kill not the believers, but kill his stupid religion. After all, believers of religions have not ceased killimg each other in God's name and for his glory. Poch suzara

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Evil of religion

An evil can never be isolated because evils are all closely related to each other. Take the evil of religion. It could never have existed without the evil of fear that gave birth to the evil of ignorance which in turn gave birth to the evil named Satan who gave birth to the evils of hate and war among the Jewish, Christian, and the Muslim religion. Poch Suzara

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Jesus Died On The Cross

Jesus died on the cross to save mankind from sin. It does not matter who killed him. What's important is that the Jews in cahoots with the Romans did play their role in getting him crucified on the cross. Otherwise, Jesus would not have accomplished his mission to destroy the devil. I say, the Jews and the Romans should be given postumously an academy award for their excellent performance. Of course this award will only make sense as soon as Jesus finally saves the world. It is still in a mess. Thanks to the existence of the devil whom Jesus utterly failed to destroy. Poch Suzara

Bertrand Russell

In his long career Bertrand Russell touched little which he has not upset. For example, as a mathematician, he turned mathematics upside down. As a logician, he turned logic inside out. As a philosopher, he frankly admitted that he had not found the truth though he devoted seventy years of his life in search of it. For my part, I have learned to love and respect Bertrand Russell because, among other things, he was also a sceptic, rationalist, defender of scientific rationalism, and he certainly inspired in me to hate war and the H-Bomb. Russell once admitted that: "No one is perfect, and we should never be bothered by the fact that we are not perfect." Hell, I didn't know it then; but that's exactly what I tried to impart to my teachers then in school at De La Salle college. And to prove I was wrong, they all agreed to have me expelled out high-school. Poch Suzara

History and Philosophy

History is written not by the losers, but by the winners in war or conquest. It proves that winners can be liars too. There are perhaps exceptions. For example, the historians of philosophy. They have no motive to withhold the truth since in philosophy no philosopher has yet to discover the truth. Poch Suzara

Jesus Could Violate

Jesus could violate natural laws. However, since he was so engrossed with his power to perform miracles, he totally forgot to perform the one and only miracle that could have made Christrianity the one and only religion in the world today. Jesus could have made not diseases, but only health contagious. Poch Suzara

Three Things

Three things - contemplation with joy, reverence, and a sense of decency seem essential to constitute any of the higher forms of admiration. I should know since I have the greatest admiration for Bertrand Russell. Poch Suzara

In the Modern World

In the modern world of science and the scientific way of thinking, anything recognizable as Christianity has become extinct except in the Philippines - the biggest Christian country in Asia. Poch Suzara


Contrary to the basic assumptions of our times, it is not material circumstances that shape our lives, but human consciousness. Since we hardly have any, thanks to our obsolete system of education, and except for our great accomplishment in corruption as a way of life, we continue to live empty, if not broken lives accomplishing nothing as a people or even going anywhere as a nation. Poch Suzara

In My Search For the Truth

In my search for the truth, I discovered this truth from Bertrand Russell: "Almost all the progress in the world from ancient times is attributable to science and the scientific temper; almost all the major ills are attributable to religion." I entirely agree. Poch Suzara

What is so Saintly

What is so saintly about turning the other cheek, if one knows that each time he does so, he is piling up greater heavenly rewards, while the one who strikes is earning his rewards in hell? In the meantime, there were those frowning and those smiling among the dead whom Jesus raised back to life. Those frowning back to life were already enjoying eternal salvation in heaven, and those smiling back to life were already those suffering eternal damnation in hell. As the song goes: "what's going on?" Poch Suzara

There is only one Teacher

There is only one teacher that I have learned to love and respect: Bertrand Russell. He never said to me: "Do this, because if you do not, I will give you failing grades." The exact words my Catholic teachers often said to me when I was a little boy acquiring a so-called "education" at La Salle grade school and high school. Poch Suzara