Sunday, December 26, 2004

Divinity, US Marines, and Humanity

December 25, 2004

Dear Sir:

Mankind has suffered much and continues to suffer much from a disease called “divinity.” If we want a cure, we should only take the medicine called “humanity.”

Thanks for emailing me a photo of the U.S. Marines fervently praying to God in Iraq. Happily, the bible claims that: “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” James 5:6. Unhappily, however, the same bible also admits: “There is none righteous, no, not one.” Rom. 3:10.

Abraham was willing to kill his son out of obedience to God. Fighting armies too are willing to obey the word of command without question to their Commander in Chief. The soldier who kills, the bomber pilot that destroys thousands of lives and properties in a minute are indeed heroes due to, if not because of, the principle of unquestioning obedience.

In child sacrifice, the father kills the child for the sake of obedience. In war, however, parents on both sides have an arrangement to kill each other’s sons and daughters for the sake of obedience.

I ask: who benefits from such horrors? Obviously not humanity. Only the church or synagogue or mosque officials in search for more glory on the one hand; and, on the other hand, the homicidal maniacs as heads of government in search for more power. But let’s not exclude the corrupt businessmen in search for more freedom to make more profit. Whatever the case may be, what prevails is not love of humanity, but only more hate and violence and war to please divinity.

Now let’s take a good look at the fighting armies on both side fervently praying to God for victory. The army that is victorious thanks God for the victory. The army that is defeated, however, continues to pray to God for vengeance. Thus, as soon as war is over, we lay the foundation of another. Indeed, there has yet to be a war to end all wars - the war against poverty – especially poverty of the worst kind: - poverty of the human mind and the poverty of the human heart.

Here is Bertrand Russell and I urge you readers to deeply reflect on what this great man simply wrote: “Many a man will have the courage to die gallantly in battle, but will not have the courage to say, or even to think, that the cause for which he is asked to die is an unworthy one.” Meanwhile . . . “Few men seem to realize how many of the evils from which we suffer are wholly unnecessary, and that they could be abolished by a united effort within a few years. If the majority of every civilized country so desired, we could, within twenty years, abolish all abject poverty, quite half the illness in the world, the whole economic slavery which binds down nine tenths of our population; we could fill the world with beauty and joy, and secure the reign of universal peace. It is only because men are apathetic that this is not achieved, only because imagination is sluggish, and what always has been is regarded as what always must be. With good-will, generosity, intelligence, these things could be brought about.” Poch Suzara, Chairman, Bertrand Russell Society, Philippines

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Jesus was an Ignorant Fellow

Jesus said: “Love not this world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the father is not with him.” John 2:15. Poor Jesus. He was such an ignorant fellow. He obviously knew nothing of his own father’s creation. Jesus never knew that this world is but a speck of dust in the galaxies. Our Milky Way galaxy is comprised of some 400,000.000,000 stars and planets and according to the science of astronomy – there are more than 100 billion of other galaxies out there. Astronomer Carl Sagan put it quite informatively. In his book COSMOS, he writes: “A handful of sand contains about 10,000 grains, more than the number of stars we can see with the naked eye on a clear night. But the number of stars we can SEE is only the tiniest fraction of the number of stars that ARE. What we see at night is the merest smattering of the nearest stars. Meanwhile, the Cosmos is rich beyond measure: the total number of stars in the universe is greater than all the grains of sand on all the beaches of the planet earth.” Poor Jesus, What a silly waste to preach to parasites living on this insignificant grain of sand somewhere in just one galaxy alone - to love not this grain of sand neither the things that are on this silly grain of sand. Poch Suzara

The Burning Bush In the Catholic Bible

Moses asked the Burning Bush about its identity. In the Catholic bible, the bush replies: I AM WHO AM. Ex.3:4. This is the same Burning Bush whose first commandment says: "I am the Lord thy God. Thou shalt not have other Gods before me." Poch Suzara

Silly Immortality

As an atheist I do not believe in immortality consisting of a “hereafter” because there is no evidence of a “herebefore.” Immortality must connect hereafter and herebefore together or else there is no such thing as immortality. Poch Suzara

Everybody is an Agnostic

The Catholics are agnostic to the Protestant creed. The Protestants are agnostic to the Catholic creed. Christianity is agnostic to Islam as the Muslims are agnostic to the Jewish creed. In the meantime, the enemy of religion the power of reason under the power of knowledge. For my part, I am not an agnostic but an atheist: I have no respect for any of great religions of the world as all, each and every one of them, have been based on sacred traditional lies. Poch Suzara

The Fear of the Lord

The fear of the Lord is not the life of wisdom; on the contrary, it is the death of wisdom. Wisdom comes from doubt as it produced the modern world of science and technology. The ancient world was the child of fear, faith, and primitive beliefs and values. Science is the Savior of mankind; and if mankind is still in trouble, what is needed is not less, but more science. Poch Suzara

Freedom FROM Religion

To enjoy to the fullest the freedom of religion one must first and foremost enjoy the freedom from religion. Poch Suzara


Creationism is not science. It is a religion because of its direct dependence on things supernatural, not naturaL. Science, when it has no explanation for anything at the moment, is quite honest enough to admit its limitation. Poch Suzara

The Most Meaningful

The most meaningful of all conflicts is between the scientists and the theologians because it is a serious dispute over the proper method are arriving at the truth by reasoning and observation. The theologians claim that factual knowledge can be attained by what is revealed in the bible. They use the bible to arrive at a vast array of claims which are unverifiable by the scientists. Science is simply the search for purely naturalistic description and explainable of everything in the natural world. Science claims to know nothing of the supernatural world as it cannot be verified or even falsified. Poch Suzara

Paul Contradicts Jesus

“And Jesus said, Verily, I say unto you, except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the Kingdom of heaven. Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3 - 4. Now Paul says exactly the opposite: “When I was a child, I spake like a child, I understood like a child, I thought like a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” 1 Cor. 13:11 Poch Suzara

Atheist Turning Back to God

There is no such thing as an atheist turning back to God. Which God? Of which religion? Indeed, we atheists respect ourselves always thinking while we are standing up to something. We have no sympathy for those always kneeling down while praying to nothing.
Poch Suzara

Be Like God

The bible tells us to be like God, then on page after page it describes God as Aristotle once put it: “A cold blooded perfection lost in self-admiration.” Isn’t it hard enough for man that God already made man in His own image and likeness?

Guilt Not Love

Christianity thrives not on love but on guilt. For all of its alleged concern for the “poor in spirit,” Christianity does its best to perpetuate spiritual poverty, social misery, and intellectual vacuity. Thus, “Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Poch Suzara

It is a Miracle

It is indeed a miracle that in every war, soldiers on both sides pray fervently for victory, but only one side wins. Yet those victorious believe their prayers have been answered, and those defeated do not cease to pray to kill the enemy in the future. God must be so proud of Himself. Poch Suzara

The Death of Christ

There are six descriptions of the death and burial of Jesus Christ and the discovery of his empty tomb and all six do not harmonize with either consistency or uniformity. See the 4 gospel writers; plus the speech of Paul in Acts 13:26-34; and Acts 5:30 where Jesus was not crucified on a cross, but hanged on a tree. Poch Suzara

The Price of Superstition

If you think education is expensive, consider not only the price of ignorance but more so the price of superstition always in friendly terms with ignorance. Poch Suzara

Bible Absurdities

“Every son that is born ye shall cast into the river, and every daughter ye shall save alive.” Ex. 1:22 "But if she bear a maid child, then she shall be unclean two weeks, as in her separation: and she shall continue in the blood of her purifying threescore and six days." (Leviticus 12:5) “And now Moses said unto them, Have ye saved all the women alive? . . . Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. But the women chlldren, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves. Lev. 31: 15, 18,19. “Come, let us make our father drink wine, and we will lie with him, that we may preserve seed of our father. . . And they made their drink wine that night also; and the daughter arose, and lay with him; and he perceived not when she lay down, nor when she arose. . . Thus were both the daughters of Lot with child by their father.” Genesis 19: 32-36. “For this Melchisedec, King of Salem, priest of the most high God, who met Abraham returning from the slaughter of the kings, and blessed him; . . . Without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life; but made like unto the Son of God; abideth a priest continually.” Heb. 7:1-3. Where in hell is Melchisedec? How come nobody has seen this fellow anywhere in the world? Obviously, he is still alive. Why Is he like God out there always hiding away from the problems and troubles of our world down here? “. . . Hath he not sent me to the men which sit on the wall, that they may eat their own dung, and drink their own piss with you?” ll Kings 18:27 Another author was equally inspired by God to write down exactly the same silly sacred words: “. . . Hath he not sent me to the mean which sit on the wall that they may eat their own dung, and drink their own piss with you?” Isaiah 36:12 Poch Suzara Twitter# Facebook# Google#

Jesus Was Not a Writer

Jesus never wrote a book or even an article or an essay or even a letter. He wrote, however, on the ground with his finger. See John 8:6. Imagine the Son of the Creator of the universe. He had neither paper nor pencil in the community where He lived. And this is the Savior of the world who could raise the dead back to life, but he could not write down the medical information to help raise the standard of the medical profession of his time and place. Poch Suzara

Free Will

If God gifted man with a free will it means that we have the free choice to choose which religion to embrace or to have faith in. In the meantime, in this world, hate and violence and war are rooted precisely due to, if not because of, none of us have the free will to choose which religion to accept to which to reject, or, for that matter to reject all of the great religions of the world. Poch Suzara


It seems clear enough that the logic of the theists is based upon the logic of Aristotle made obsolete with the power of Christian ethics. The logic of the atheists, however, is derived from the logic of Bertrand Russell made modern with
the power of mathematics. Poch Suzara

Designer of Nature

There are beauties and ugliness in nature. To believe that there exists a designer means that there is also a manufacturer of nature. Obviously, if there were a manufacturer, it is certainly bereft of taste or quality control. It just continues doing its job manufacturing recklessly, if not meaninglessly, not to mention aimlessly. I ask: where is nature heading? Neither its designer nor its manufacturer, if were there any, knows. Poch Suzara

At The Heart of Everything

At the heart of everything is not an answer, but a simple question leading to even more complex questions. That is how I try to look at everything. No, I am not a scientist or a philosopher or even a mathematician. I just enjoy playing, rightly or wrongly, with my mind – free as it is. Poch Suzara

Poor and Notorious

I have met Filipino women who dropped out of high school in order to support their parents, brothers and sisters. A few have even ended up to be rich and famous. For my part, I dropped out of high school because I wanted to learn and to embark on a lifetime adventure in learning. No, I did not become rich and famous. However, in the world of mediocrity supported by gullibility, I certainly got to be poor and notorious; specially,
as I got to be more studious. Poch Suzara

The idiot Box

Whenever I turn on the TV set I feel like I am really the Sick Man of Asia. After I turned it off watching the morons in action and saying nothing to each other, I feel like I am one of the healthiest man in Asia. Poch Suzara

Saturday, December 18, 2004

American Evil

The love of money is the root of all evil. If evil were spreading worldwide, we can only blame the Americans. They love not only making money but also love investing in order to make more money. Indeed, since a century ago, America ceased to be a nation. It has developed to be one gigantic corporation. In fact, Americans, especially via the US government will create real enemies for themselves just for the sake of driving the gears of its economy by going to war against other nations as war is big business. There is money to be made in the business of killing people, if not each other. It used to be known a century ago as the evils of Fascism, then the evils of Nazism, then evils of communism, now it is known as the evils of terrorism. Hidden behind the historical scene, however - is the big business of the same and usual evil of American capitalism. Poch Suzara Twitter# Facebook# Google

Talking to God

We are told that U.S. President George W. Bush of the United States and the Pope of the Catholic Church talks directly to God everyday. We are not told, however, what exactly God says to either of these world famous crackpots. Indeed, when people talk to God, it is called prayer. When God talks to people, it is called "psycho-ceramics." Poch Suzara


Sin is what we must do first before we can take advantage of the sacrament of forgiveness. Meantime, as Christ died for our sins, let us make His martyrdom more meaningful by the welcome of temptations to commit more sins. Poch Suzara

The Poor Filipino

No doubt, the poor Filipino needs all the break it deserves from the Church and from the
government. But the poor Filipino must also be told to stop fecundating seriously. Do it for fun. Stop producing 1.8 million babies every year for the glory of God in this already very poor only Christian country in Asia. Poch Suzara

Hate and Violence and War

Hate and violence and war are rooted in religion, not in science because in science questioning knowledge is always encouraged and indeed, welcomed. In religion there is only unquestionable revelation as inspired by superstition. If, however, religion would really like to contribute to world peace and goodwill to all men, it must begin to reveal precisely the Revealed Truths. Poch Suzara

Worthless Wisdom

There is no such thing as a worthless wisdom. Anything that’s worthless, to begin with, cannot be wisdom. Unless of course things that are worthless can serve as a horrible example of what wisdom ought not to be. Poch Suzara


The worst kind of poverty is the poverty of the mind. A mind is richer not in its simplicity, but in its multiplicity. The Cosmos did not evolved from thought. Thought evolved from the Cosmos. Poch Suzara

Philospher and Priest

The priest has always wallowed in superstition. And thanks to this horror, priests have even managed to drag nations, like the Philippines, down after them enjoying deadly illusion, if not destructive delusions. In the meantime, I love philosophers as I hate the priest. To make his point, a philospher has never killed any priest, whereas the priest, for the glory of God, has killed a great many philosophers. Poch Suzara

The Ultimate Question

The ultimate question, the one that lurks behind all other question is: “Why is there something rather than nothing? It is, indeed, a thrill to know that the main business of science is to deal with that something. It is, however, a threat to know that the main business of religion is to handle the nothing part of that something. Poch Suzara


Science is the only discipline that has reduced the mysteries of religion into nothing but trivialities. In the meantime, if God’s wisdom were beyond human understanding, it follows that there is no one, not even scientists who can claim to know anything about God’s wisdom. Happily, scientists make no such silly claims. In fact, in the scientific community, there is so much lively disagreement as the latest change needed to refine the scientiic enterprise. Poch Suzara

Nothing Is Impossible

Nothing is impossible? Perhaps it is more accurate to admit that the impossible, as far as it goes, is as yet a nothing. Poch Suzara

As a Little Boy

As a little boy at home and in school I prayed often to God to please destroy the devil once and for all. In this way, I will stop praying to God to lead me no more into temptation so that I will commit no more sins. Sadly, God never answered my prayers. Can any one blame me for being a happy and a proud atheist today? Poch Suzara

Our powerful God

Thanks to the powerful prayer to our powerful God during these past centuries the results have been powerful too. We are today the most powerful loser as a people and the most powerful failure as a nation in this only Christian country in Asia today. Golly, in this 21st century, we continue to pray daily to God to give us this day our daily bread and to lead us not into temptation. Poch Suzara

A natiion of Prayers

I ask: how can we become a nation of readers if, on the whole, we lack the basic necessities of life - food, clothing, and especially shelter? Such is the situation in the Philippines. In this the only Christian country in Asia, however, we have no cause for alarm. After all, we would rather be a nation of prayers. Poch Suzara

Non-Reading Filipino

There are, indeed, millions of Filipinos who are holders of college degrees. It is easy to tell who they are. They all have something in common. They hate to read books. In fact, ask any Filipino employed in the government or is in business for himself in the private sector, they will proudly admit that praying daily to God is much more beneficial, more reliable than reading books. Poch Suzara

Having Your Own Mind

Among the wealthiest individuals I have met are those who are in possession of most priceless treasure on this earth: a mind of their own. In this country, prove to the authority of both State and Church that you are willing to be mindless for the rest of your life and you are awarded a college diploma. Poch Suzara

The Truth as Discovered

I hate the theologians. They invent the truth. I love instead the scientists. They discover the truth. Scientists are even honest enough to admit that there are more truths to be discovered. Of course there are exceptions. The scientists together with the college professors who sell their talents and abilities for money to the Military-Industrial-University Complex in the United States of America. I have no respect for such dangerous men who makes a mockery of science. Poch Suzara

Two Great Americans

As far as I am aware, there are only two great Americans that I admire these days: Michael Moore and Ramsey Clark. Both men, in their respective fields, have not ceased telling the world that the United States government at present is headed by a homicidal maniac. If Bertrand Russell were alive today, he would, in the name of humanity, embrace these two courageous Americans with love and respect, and friendship. And to think that in the United States today, there exists a Bertrand Russell Society. Nobody, however, anywhere in the world hears of them, or from them, or even about them. Bertrand Russell himself, in his own lifetime, was consistently outspoken in the global arena against homicidal maniacs as head of government that’s keeping the human race hungry for peace on earth and starving for goodwill to all men, women, and children. Poch Suzara

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

You Can Play

You can play all kinds of indoor or outdoor games: golf, basketball, football, tennis, poker, scrabble, and even play with yourself. But you must never ever play with your mind; especially if you ain't got any. Poch Suzara

The Power of the Press

The power of the press is derived from human igorance. Just exactly like the power of God. Poch suzara


Prayers and creeds are diseases of the free will. Whatever the case may be, for centuries, not health, but diseases have always supported the life of the church. Look at its churches and cathedrals. They are monuments of another diseases called human stupidity. Poch suzara

The Religious People

Religious people tell me that as an atheist I am like a blind man going inside a dark room looking black cat that is not there. I am most happy to report that at least the religious people who are even more blind than I am, have. at least, found the cat. Poch Suzara

Anti-Christ Movementt in the Land where Jesus was Born

Jesus Christ was not born in Europe. He was born in Israel that today is not a Christian, but still is a Jewish State. The Anti-Christ movement in Europe seems utterly ridiculous as compared to the anti-Christ movement in Israel which has long been quite a success. The Jews are still Jewish. During these past 2,000 years, the Jews have never been converted into being Christians or Catholics like the Filipinos have been successfully converted since the 16th century. The term anti-Christ refers to those who deny the divinity of Jesus Christ. Who deny His Gospel as truth. Who deny Jesus and his teachings. Well, if that were so, it follows that there are many more anti-Christ people existing in Israel than anywhere else in the world. Israel, the land where Jesus was born during the 1st century, never got to be converted into a Christian or into a Catholic country. It is still a Jewish State. What could be more anti-Christ than that in this already 21st century? Listen, however, to this famous Filipino columnist - Chief Justice Antonio V. Panganiban. In the Daily Inquirer today, March 2, 2014, he writes: "As I contemplate my life and move toward the sunset, I know that God has woven my many pains and gains into a magnificent tapestry showing His mystical presence. Truly, there is one constancy in my life: the presence, care and providence of our Lord Jesus Christ. To Him, I dedicate all I was, all I am, and all I will ever be." In the meantime, I say to Chief Justice Antonio V. Panganiban, Sir: you sound exactly like the rotten and corrupt politicians always installed in our government - all of them college-educated. All of them MAKA-JESUS. Indeed, in this only Christian country in Asia, there is always Jesus, sweet Jesus, who is always out to forgive all of our stupid sins as a people, and to forgive all of our stupid crimes as a nation. Historian Teodoro A. Agoncillo, in his HISTORY OF THE FILIPINO PEOPLE, wrote: "Self-deception is the worst tragedy of the Filipinos as a people." I say it again: Self-deception comes only from a sick system of education that teach millions of us Filipinos to be faithful and proud to endlessly enjoy poverty in our country; specially, poverty of the worst kind - the poverty of the mind and heart... Poch Suzara Twitter# Facebook# Google#


Again, another storm hit the Philippines. Again, more death and destruction this year than it was last year. Again, in order to remedy the situation only more prayers and so things are just getting worse. Again, we all have the courage to blame Mother Nature, but hardly have we also the courage to blame the original Creator of Mother Nature. Poch Suzara

Philippine Education

Schools, colleges and universities in the Philippines are doing its very best in the business of multiplying more educated losers and educated failures that's keeping the Filipino poor as a people and backward as a nation.Indeed, education in the Philippines has more to do with love for divinity rather than love of country for the sake of common humanity. With college degrees, we Filipinos are not only looking for a better job to come in a foreign country, but also a better life to come in the next world. Poch Suzara

Filipino Bible Scholars

Filipino bible scholars often tell me to stop reading the bible for myself. I should only attend bible study if I should wish to understand fully what's written in the bible. Are they admitting that the bible is not a public book written by inspired authors of God, but a private book written only by Jewish authors. Poch Suzara

If Only Christians

If only Christians would only take the bible seriously by reading it seriously for themselves, they might learn that raising the dead back to life was alrady a common practice in the Old Testament. Raising the dead back to life therefore was no unique miracle from Jesus in the New Testament. For my part, I could not care less about having lost my faith in Jesus. What thrilled me the most was having gained the courage of reason to begin my joyous search for the truth - the world's most noblest of profession. Poch Suzara

Faith in Jesus

Bertrand Russell wrote: "The whole idea of throwing away your life blindly as an imagined service to Christ is a form of glorifying masochism and self-abasement before power." For my part, If christ on the cross had only asked not God to forgive man, but asked instead Man to forgive God - I never would have abandoned my faith in Jesus. Moreover, I certainly still would have the highest respect and greatest admiration of Him as the Son of God. Poch Suzara

The Biggest Bigots

The most sanctimonious of biggots and lunatics in this only Christian country in Asia are the wealthy Filipino criminals - the Drug Lords, the Gambling Lords, the Jesus is Lord Movement, the evangelists, etc. They have not ceased proclaiming in public that God has been good enough to provide for them too. Poch Suzara

The Worst Kind of Poverty

We are repeatedly told that poverty in the Philippines has nothing to do with the population explosion. It has mostly to do with unequal distribution of wealth due to, if not the result of – corruption. As a matter of fact, in this country, we all suffer from poverty of the worst kind – the poverty of the mind and heart. Otherwise, if we were blessed with healthy minds, and healthy hearts - we would not find ourselves: Too poor to solve the problem of our overcrowded barrios, towns, and cities. Too poor to solve the problem of our overcrowded hospitals and health clinics and cemeteries. Too poor to solve the problem of our overcrowded schools, colleges, and universities. Too poor to solve the problem of our overcrowded buses, jeeps, trains, planes, and ships. Too poor to solve the problem of our overcrowded roads, streets, and highways. Too poor to solve the problem of our overcrowded slum and squatter areas. Yes, indeed, we are a corrupt people under a corrupt government blessed by an equally corrupt church. But what could be more corrupt than men and women irresponsible and insensible enough to bring forth unwanted children into our sick and corrupt society? Meanwhile, ask any of the nation’s children who or what or where their parents are – they do not know. Most of these children do know, however, that their parents are busy working in the baby factory. Indeed, millions upon millions of our men have far more job openings for unskilled work in the baby factory than job openings for skilled work in the business of nation building. The fact is, due to population explosion, the Philippine economic pie is getting smaller and smaller. What is getting bigger and bigger however is only the “Pie in the Sky, by and by.” Sadly, not the living, but only the dead, if at all, can partake of this non-existing pie. Is it such a complicated mathematical equation to figure out that It is more practical to feed, cloth, house, and educate children as they are planned products of planned copulation rather than babies to exist as reckless products of reckless fecundation? We are a people still mired in Third World mentality because millions of our mothers and fathers still believe that God will provide. As a matter of fact, even our high government officials have high hopes for the Philippines but not with or from science education, but only from divine intervention. In there hope for the Philippines? Yes there is if we can only learn to be more constructive intellectually, more creative culturally, and more productive scientifically - by being less destructive sexually. Poch Suzara

Atheists Love to Think

I am an atheist. This means I do not live a life of fear and even after I am dead, if at all possible, I hope to carry on my fight against the devils in heaven; or, as the case may be, my fight against the angels in hell. In the meantime, there is no such thing as an atheist turning back to God. Which God? of which religion? Indeed, we atheists have the highest respect for our thinking brains. We think the bended knees in prayers is unworthy of human dignity or self-respect. Poch Suzara

A Failure in Life

I consider myself a failure in life. After all, I am just a high-school dropout; though I am chairman of the Bertrand Russell Society in the Philippnes. However, when a college philosophy professor would ask me which book written by Bertrand Russell did my Russell quotations come from - I certainly feel like a great success; specially as I am also the chairman of the High School Dropout Association of the Philippines. Poch Suzara

In Bible Study

In Bible study, the faithful students believe only those things they cannot understand. They even call it divine wisdom. Others call it being "spiritual." For my part, I call it spiritual stupidity.In the meantime, Christians always brag about verses here and there written in the bible. Hardly, however, do they know the real nature of the whole thematic statements that run through the bible as a web of entangled absurdities, if not shocking
inconsistenceis. Poch suzara

Christ Died

Christ died on the cross on a friday but resurrected back to life on a sunday.He certainly proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that death can be a temporary joke by those gifted with supernatural power able to violate the laws of nature. Poch Suzara

Something to Think About

In their own time, our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents faithfully believed in the Second Coming of Christ. Should we as well inspire our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren to faithfully believe also in the same old religious nonsense? What’s the purpose of a Second Coming if the First Coming were already a great success? Where is Jesus? How come it is taking him so long to make the trip? Perhaps, he is scared as he might be crucified all over again! Was it really important for God to inspire the authors of the bible? Isn’t it far more important to inspire the best part of any book – the readers? Was it really that important for God to have created the planet Earth so tiny that 1,000 of it can fit inside the planet Jupiter and Jupiter so tiny that 100,000 of it can fit inside the sun and the sun small as well in that 500 of our suns can fit inside a bigger sun called “star” out there? If the Christian theologians were under the inspiration of an all-knowing God, how come the theologians have not ceased explaining the unknowable in terms of the not worth knowing? Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife. What about thy neighbor’s husband; especially if his wife is out of town. My La Salle teachers were more eager about the neighbor’s wife leaving town. There was a time when everybody loved, worshipped, and adored God and the church ruled. The historians refer to it as the Dark Ages. What’s so terrible about being an atheist? Like you and everyone else, I too was born an atheist. Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; give him religion and he will starve to death while praying for a fish. Christ died for our sins. Go ahead – dare to make his martyrdom meaningless by not committing more sins. A man of faith is life a drunkard who clings to a lamppost for support; not illumination. Immortality is the condition of a dead man who does not know that he is dead. Why should we allow God to tell us how to raise our children, who had drowned his own? What kind of an all-knowing and all-powerful God is that who creates faulty humans, and then blames them for his careless mistakes? The believers who believes that the unbeliever of the faith will go to hell after death have the brain of a pig, the heart of a snake, and the conscience of a crocodile. I was expelled out of La Salle high school because since grade school, I consistently refused to believe in anything sacred especially in the teachings I could not fathom nor understand. Indeed, I was thrown out of school for believing precisely that the most priceless treasure anyone can possess in this world is not a stupid soul, but an open heart and an intelligent human mind.

Sex, the Bible, and Bertrand Russell

Motherhood is an offense against God, if the baby is a girl. Lev. 12: 1-5 Eunuchs and virgins are superior to father and mothers, according to the New Testament. Jesus: “There be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake. Matt. 19:10-12 The doctrine of the Virgin Birth brands every natural mother as impure. Though Mary got pregnant by God while she was still married to Joseph. The so-called Word of God says ( Paul speaking, 1 Cor. 7:1 ): “It is good for a man not to touch a women.” So birth control or family planning is not a sin after all. 1 Cor. 7 is a course dissertation on marriage. Jesus and Paul preached asceticism – renunciation of the world and its pleasures for a problematical hereafter. They suffered from the failure of guts. The refused to face the realities of life. There are in heaven 144,000 virgin men whom woman has never “defiled.” Rev. 14:1-4 sex is insane. Probably written by an impotent saint. Jesus preached no divorce. Mark 10:2-12 and Luke 16:18. This anti-sociaL teaching has been repudiated by every American state, except the most backward of nations like the Philippines. All the men of the Old Testament were polygamists, and Christ and Paul, the central figures of the New Testament, were celibates, and condemned marriage by both precept and example. Modern prophylaxis and conception control information have revolutionized sex relations, robbing them of terror and fear. The tribal taboos embedded in the bible may be safely abandoned. Let’s be guided by reason rather than by faith or tradition. Genesis 2:16: “Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children.” When a Christian hears a women screaming with pain in childbirth, he reflects that God is getting even with Eve for eating an apple. For my part, I would take any day or night the sexual views of Bertrand Russell as more sane and healthy. Russell saw thru the cruel state of affairs as regards the sexual relationship between men and women: In his MARRIAGE AND MORALS, Russell wrote: “The doctrine that there is something sinful about sex is one which has done untold harm to individual character – a harm beginning in early childhood and continuing throughout life. By keeping sex love in a prison, conventional morality has done much to imprison all other forms of friendly feelings, and to make men less generous, less kindly, more assertive and more cruel. Whatever sexual ethics may come to be ultimately accepted must be free from superstition and must have recognizable and demonstrable grounds in its favor.” Poch Suzara

Sick Kind of Love From Jesus For Filipinos as the Sick Man of Asia

Here’s love, peace on earth, and goodwill to all men, women, and children from Jesus Christ – the Prince of Peace – the God of Love – the loving Savior of Mankind, specially of Filipinos as the Sick Man of Asia: Matt. 8:21-22 “And another of His disciple said unto Him, Lord, suffer me first to go and bury my father. But Jesus said unto him, Follow me; and let the dead bury the dead. Matt. 10:34-35 “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth. I came not to send peace, but a sword,” “For I am come to set a
Man at variance against his father, and daughter against her mother.” Matt. 19:29 “And everyone that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name’s sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life.” Mark 10:29-30 “There is no man that hath left house, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my sake, and the gospel’s. But he shall receive a hundredfold now in time… with persecutions; and in the world to come eternal life.” Mark 13:12 “Now the brother shall betray the brother to death, and the father the son; and children shall rise up against their parents, and shall cause them to be put to death.” Luke 12:51-53 :Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division. For from henceforth there shall be five to one house divided, three against two, and two against three. The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father, and the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother…” Luke 14:26 “ If any man come to me and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, and yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.” Luke 14:33 “So likewise, whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not that all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple.” Luke 19:27 “But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them for me.” St John 12:25-25 “He that loveth his life shall lose it; he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal; . . . If any man serve me, him will my father honor.” No wonder Jesus got crucified on the cross by his own brothers and sisters created in His own image and likeness. But then again, who was crucified on the cross? If it was God, why would God cry out” “My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?” If it was a man on the cross, what right had he to cry out: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Luke 22:34. Again, Jesus in the bible, prays to: “God, the Father.” Yet, Father and Son and the Holy Spirit are one and the same person according to the doctrine of the Holy Trinity. In fact, Jesus admitted that “I and my father are one.” John 10:30. If Jesus could pray to Himself, wasn’t it rather silly that as a God Himself, he could not answer his own prayer? This was 2,000 years ago. Today in the 21st century, I am told that an ANTI-CHRIST movement is on the rise in Europe. But Christ was not born in Europe, he was born in Israel that today is not a Christian, but a Jewish State. How come the Anti-Christ movement in Israel, the land where Christ was born, has been quite a success? Poch Suzara

Saturday, November 27, 2004

The Kingdom of the Lord

If the Kingdom of the Lord down here on earth has been a history of hate, violence, and war, what nust be the Kingdom of the Lord up there in heaven? In the meantime, hate, violence, and war have always been the first and last refuge of nations whose motto is:
"In God We trust." Poch Suzara

The Miracles from Jesus

Jesus cured leprosy, made the blind see, the deft hear, the lame walk, and indeed he could even raise the dead back to life. If Jesus, however, had only the deeper sense to remedy the sick mess by making not diseases, but made instead health contagious - there would exist no atheist like me in the world today. Poch Suzara

Jesus and the Truth

If Jesus had only told the truth, whole truth, and nothing but the truth as to when exactly He will be coming back to earth, especially to the Philippines, He need not have admitted to the multitude such foolish claims like: "I am the way, the life, and the truth."

Oh well, what can we expect of the Jewish Savior who also said, especially to Filipinos, that we need not worry or even take thought of tomorrow because tomorrow will take care of itself. Besides, as the Sick Man of Asia in this already 21st century - God will always provide! Poch Suzara

Friday, November 26, 2004

I Hate crowd

As a little boy, I always hated to be in a crowd. I hated to be inside a classroom, a church, a movie theatre, auditorium, etc. I also hated to be with the crowd visiting dead relatives in the crowded cemetery. As more than 100 billion people have already lived and died on this planet, I wlll surely hate the crowd if I end up to be in heaven; or, as the case may be, in hell. It is not possible to enjoy the joys of thought if one were always stuck in a thoughtless, if not mindless - crowd. Poch Suzara


Any knowledge than can stand improvement is clearly not a form of knowledge that is complete, perfect and infalible. Such is not the case with the multiplication table. Bertrand Russell wrote: "The perfect model of truth is the multiplication table, which is precise and certain and free from all temporal dross." Poch Suzara

I Love Bertrand Russell

I love Bertrand Russell. He had the extra ordinary ability to formulate beliefs and assemble evidence for and against them. He also turned Ancient and Catholic philosophy into Modern philosophy. He did the same thing with logic. Now I am neither a mathematician nor a logician, but experts tell me that Russell turned logic inside out and turned mathematics upside down as he succeeded to mathematized logic and logicized mathematics. But I love Bertrand Russell for an even greater reason. He rescued me away from the road to self-destruction by helping me recapture the most priceless treasure stolen away from me when I was a little boy in school - my precious mind. Poch Suzara

The Search for happiness

For a great many painful years I searched desperately for happiness. I traveled in many countries in Southeast Asia and in the Far East. By the time I found happiness, much to my surprise, I found something even greater: - I found myself. The Greek thinker Socrates said it in brief: "The unexamined life is not worth living for man." Poch Suzara

Sick Sex maniac

Genesis 19:32 must have been written by a sick sex maniac as inspired by the devil: "Come, let us make our father drink wine, and we shall lie with him, that we may preserve seed of our father." Poch Suzara

Avoid Temptation

To avoid being tempted by the forbidden fruit, stay away from the Devil's orchard. Now isn't this suggestion rather silly? Who created the forbidden fruit and the devil and the orchard to begin with? Poch Suzara

he Master Architect

If the universe had to be designed by a Master Architect, it follows that the Master Architect himself must have been an even more complex a design than his creation. Now who or what designed God? In the meantime, the concept of God did not come from God, it came from human ignorance. Now isn't it rather silly to have faith in human ignorance? Indeed, if the concept of God came from God so should have been also moral values and people everywhere would believe in the same things. There could never be any dispute as to what is right or wrong. There would be no need for laws, policemen, courts, army, navy, or air force. But the history of the world has the the history of conflicts between moral values! Poch Suzara

Roots of Terrorism

The basic roots of terrorism are mostly derived from religious beliefs. Be it the religious beliefs of the Christians, the Muslims, or the Jews. To begin with, religious beliefs never fail to inspire the hate of each other's religious beliefs, specially in God's name on earth and for His glory in heaven. Poch Suzara

As a Little Boy

As a little boy in a Catholic school, I was taught to believe that my existence is a defect and that the most I could do to please God was to seek not recontruction, but only obliteration. I ask: can honest men and decent women today blame me for walking out of the Catholic church? Poch Suzara

The Cellphone

The power of science, logic and mathematics produced the cellphone. Yet, millions of people use the cellphone to promote bible reading - a book that has nothing at all to say about the power of science, logic and mathematics. Poch Suzara

Reduced freedom

If you believe in something, and you autmatically exclude yourself from believing the exact opposite, a few degrees of your priceless freedom have been needlessly reduced. Poch Suzara

The Summit

The summit of all joys is the joy of courage - facing the fact that nature will strike me dead one day; but that I shall die standing up sober, and not kneeling down drunk with lies. Poch Suzara

The Power of Reason

Neither virtue nor values or principles can be derived from blind faith. Such beauties can only be the outcome of the power of reason. Poch Suzara

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Lee Kwan Yew

Lee Kwan Yew - the Prime Minister of Singapore was not born-raised-educated as a Christian, He was never inspired by the Word of God as written in the holy bible. Yet with sheer guts, intelligence, and discipline, he was able to transform Singapore from a hell of a place into an Asian paradise. How come our own Philippine government officials, who are all born-raised-educated as Christians, all inspired by God, are all corrupt and if they are good, they are only good for nothing? Poch Suzara

The Priesthood Industry

The church hates reason. It only loves faith; especially blind faith. Indeed, the priesthood industry behind the church could not have survived these past centuries with support from the power of reason. The support came only from blind faith. Poch Suzara


Those who are afraid to reason are the bigots. Those who cannot reason are the fools. Those who dare not reason are popularly known as the Christians, the Muslims, and Jews who all unreasonably hate each other in God's name and for His glory in heaven. Poch Suzara

Theological Hogwash

The theologians tell me that God gifted me with a free will; yet, at the same time, they also tell me that my freethought is not a gift from the devil, but a curse from God. What kind of theological hogwash is this? Poch Suzara

Analysis versus paralysis

Those who depreciate the intelligence behind critical analysis are no better off than those who appreciate the stupidity behind mental paralysis. Poch Suzara

Thursday, November 18, 2004


During the last decades, just between the USA and USSR alone, THREE TRILLION DOLLARS have been spent in the arms race. Enough money that could have been used more wisely to alleviate world poverty, medical research in the cure of diseases, and indeed, monies for global education of all children in our world to learn that war is the last refuge of homicidal maniacs specially as they are heads of government. Poch Suzara

College Graduates

Most college graduates, specially in Catholic universities, believe that new knowledge can be discovered by watching CNN or BBC. Indeed, they believe that the truth can be found by just watching television in general. If this were only true, then all schools, colleges, and universities should be abolished. Poch Suzara

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Morality of an Atheist

As an atheist my sense of morality has only to do with the health and wealth of the human family creative and productive as a society. Indeed, morality should have nothing to do with the silly deviltry of the Old Testament; or, with the silly divinity of the New Testament. It should have only to do with the spread of common human decency - globally. Poch Suzara

Karl Marx

As a writer, like an artist, I can only perform my work if I feel free as an individual directed by an inner creative impulse. I cannot write if I feel the pressure or dominated or fettered by some outside authority. In the meantime,I entirely agree with Karl Marx: "One needs money in order to write, but one should never write for money." I am proud that I do not write for money. I write to inspire my readers to think courageously for themselvs. Poch Suzara


Instead of comng down and take over as president of the United States; or, take over as the Secretary General of the United nations; or, just come down to start cracking the whip to straighten the mess of this earth: is it possible that Jesus is stuck in heaven unable to return as He is still crying: "MY GOD, MY GOD, WHY HAST THOU FORSAKEN ME?" Poch Suzara

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Jesus and the thief

Jesus, crucified on the cross, cried out: "My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?"
Then Jesus said to the thief crucified along side Him: "Verily, I say unto thee, "today shalt thou be with me in paradise." The thief could not believe his ears. How can a duly forsaken relative of God promise to paradise to any one? Poch suzara

Nature's Precious Gift

I think my radical ideas are of great value simply because they blend with the most precious gift nature has bestowed upon me - the love of life and love of this world. In the meantime, I would rather have a cultivated mind for wonder and curiosity than have a created brain for silly beliefs and obsolete values. Poch Suzara

WhenThe bible declares

When the bible declares: "Thus, saith the Lord," isn't that proof enough that man's free will is not that free? In the meantime, in the Philippines, the only Christian country in Asia, we certainly need the Lord Jesus Christ. After all, who will forgive us of our sins against God and who will forgive us of our crimes against each other? Poch Suzara

A man prayed

A man prayed and prayed and prayed before he contracted cancer. He contnued on to pray and pray and pray while suffering from cancer. Then he dies of cancer. Can any one please tell me what prayers are for? Poch Suzara

The greatest damage

The greatest damage that can be inflicted against the minds and hearts of children in school is to teach them to believe and have faith in a power popularly known as the sacred divinity that promotes nothing but human stupidity. Indeed, if we were only taught in our respective schools worldwide that the search of the truth is the noblest of human ambitions, none of us Christians, Jews, and Muslims today would hate and kill defending each other's conflicting beliefs based on sacred lies. Poch Suzara

Terrorism and Americanism

What's the difference between Americanism and Terrorism since either believe that violence is the prerogative of the other? As a matter of fact, according to the paradoxical theory of Americanism since the end of the Second World War - nations can only keep alive by preparing to kill each other. Indeed, it is sad to see most Americans hold on to values in life that are promoted by war and not by peace on earth and goodwill to all men, women, and children. I ask: When and where does it all end? Poch Suzara

The Bible and Philosophy


Here are threats from the bible on the danger of philosophy: “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.” Colossians 2:8. If the inspired authors of the bible were not so dumbstruck as to the beauty and value of philosophy, they would have written such extraterrestrial nonsense.
Now compare what Bertrand Russell wrote in his OUTLINE OF PHILOSOPHY:
“Since men first began to think, the forces of nature have oppressed them; earthquakes, floods, pestilences, and famines have filled them with terror. Now at last, thanks to science, mankind are discovering how to avoid much of the suffering that such events have hitherto entailed. The mod in which, as it seems to me, the modern man should face the universe is one of quiet self-respect. The universe as known to science is not in itself either friendly or hostile to man, but it can be made to act as a friend if approached with patient knowledge. Where the universe is concerned, knowledge is the one thing needful. Man, alone of living things, has shown himself capable of the knowledge required to give him a certain mastery over his environment. The dangers to man in the future, or at least in any measurable future, come, not from nature, but from man himself. Will he use his power wisely? Or will he turned the energy liberated from the struggle with nature into struggles with his fellow-men? History, science, and philosophy all make us aware of the great collective achievements of mankind. It would be well if every civilized human being had a sense of these achievements and a realization of the possibility of the greater things to come, with the indifference which must result as regards the petty squabbles upon which the passions of individuals and nations are wastefully squandered.

Philosophy should make us know the ends of life, and the elements in life that have value on their own account. However our freedom may be limited in the causal sphere, we admit no limitations to our freedom in the sphere of values: what we judge good on its own account we may continue to judge good, without regard to anything but our own feeling. Philosophy cannot itself determine the ends of life, but it can free us from the tyranny of prejudice and from distortions due to a narrow view. Love, beauty, knowledge, and joy of life: these things retain their luster however wide our purview. And if philosophy can help us to feel the value of these things, it will have played its part in man’s collective work of bringing more light into a world of darkness.” POCH SUZARA

Ask St. Thomas Aquinas

Ask any Christian saint, like a St. Thomas Aquinas, what is the origin of the world? He will answer that God created the universe. What is God? His reply would be that he does not know anything about it. Why did God create the world? He has no idea.

What is the cause of pestilence, famines, wars, sterility, inundations, and earthquakes? It is God’s wrath. What remedies can prevent these calamities? Prayers, sacrifices, processions, novenas, offerings, ceremonies, are, St Thomas will tell you, the true means to disarm Celestial fury.

But why is heaven angry? Because men are wicked. Why are men wicked? Because their nature is corrupt. What is the cause of this corruption? It is, St. Tomas will reply, because the first man was seduced by the first woman to eat an apple which his God had forbidden him to touch. Who induced this woman to do such a folly?

The devil. Who created the devil? God! Why did God create this devil destined to pervert the human race? We know nothing about it; it is a mystery hidden in the bosom of the Deity. Just accept, believe, and have faith.

And stop asking silly questions. Change your attitude! You might end up with eternal punishment which is eternal revenge that can only be inflicted by an eternal monster.

Do I need to explain any deeper why religion encourages stupidity and promotes social insanity, especially in this Asia’s only Christian country! In the meantime, I am told by no less than college professors themselves and by intellectually bankrupt Americans that I should avoid being a superstitious fellow! POCH SUZARA

Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Wonderful Creator

No matter how wonderful God has been as a Creator, He should occasionally look at the results. Look at the morons in charge of the US government not knowing what to do with their free will to establish peace on earth and goodwill to all men, women and children. Poch Suzara


Cuba can give the world constructive cargo; not, however, while the
United States government continues to impose against Cuba a destructive embargo. For my part, I love , worship, and adore Fidel Castro. Despite the childish foolishness of the US government, Castro has not ceased to lead as a man the Cuban people with dignity and self-respect. Poch Suzara

Friday, November 05, 2004

Open Letter to Kofi Annan of the UN

Nov. 5, 2004
Kofi Annan
Secretary General
New York

Dear Mr. Kofi Annan,

I am most proud of you serving as the Secretary General of the United Nations that just celebrated its 59th year of existence. Congratulations. I sincerely thank you for your leadership and moral integrity through what continues to be a critical era of world history.

Indeed, the United Nations was founded as an instrument of peace, human rights and development. I would like to suggest that in order for the UN to attain its goals: - a world without poverty, without industry for hostility, without crimes against humanity - it should be able to reach out over and above governments and be rightfully supported by ordinary men and women from all over the world. I am suggesting that we all become citizens of the United Nations. The much needed resources for the U.N. can be willingly provided by the citizens of the U.N. I believe the General Assembly can empower you as Secretary General to appoint a small committee to explore this possibility.

In HAS MAN A FUTURE, Bertrand Russell wrote: “Law is a farce unless there is power to enforce it, and power to enforce international law against great states is impossible while each possess vast armaments. Great states have, at present, the privilege of killing members of other States whenever they feel so disposed, though this liberty is disguised as the heroic privilege of dying in defense of what is right and just. Patriots always talk of dying for their country, and never of killing for their country.”

Imagine 2 billion people supporting the UN with $10.00 each as annual citizenship dues of the UN. This would amount to $20 billion dollars a year. Enough I think for the UN to maintain not only its own Peace-Keeping Force, but to gradually expand to the point where the United Nations is in total control of all major weapons of war. It is hard to see any other way by which the human race can survive the weapons of mass extermination owned by an ever increasing number of countries. In the near future add another 2 billion people to make it 4 billion UN citizens, - $40 billions dollars a year. The UN would become the respected and effective enforcer of international law and an irresistible global force for peace and goodwill to all men and women and children. The protection of our natural world from unsustainable population growth could also be addressed. It is dramatic but true - The future of humankind is at stake.

We are in a new era of global community. We need a United Nations which has both the involvement and support of people throughout the world. We can make it come true if we, the ordinary people in our respective countries, can be made a legal part of the UN’s ultimate goals. We have sufficient resources to provide our fellow citizens with adequate food, education and health care. We have the will to treat our brothers and sisters with dignity and self-respect. But this cannot be accomplished by, or entrusted to, a small group of nations representing the interests and prejudices of a small percentage of the peoples of the world; it can only be achieved by the super citizens of the United Nations functioning as a world government.

Yours faithfully

8 Zipper Street, SLV,
Makati City, Philippines

Thursday, November 04, 2004

If God Knows

If God knows for certain how exactly anything works, why does He not share it with the United States of America? After all, IN GOD WE TRUST, has always been the motto of the United States government! Poch Suzara

What do rich

What do rich Americans in America have in common with rich Filipinos in the Philippines? Both enjoy a goverment of the rich, by the richer, and for the richest. The rest of us poor Americans and poor Filipinos are poor dummies of freedom and democracy. Poch Suzara

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Oh Lord

"Oh Lord, hear our prayer." A 100,000,000,000 people already lived and died on this earth and I ask: what if the Lord never heard any of their silly prayers? And if the Lord did, so what? Poch Suzara

If I must believe

If I must believe in anything worth believing, I believe that man is good by nature and that whatever ills or evils there are in human affairs - they are due to corrupt intitutions as inspired by rotten religions that are products themselves of rotten and corrupt system of education. Poch Suzara

Thoughts versus beliefs

Most people have beliefs but no thoughts of their own. Indeed, most people hate to think, and as they practice daily being thoughtless, they eventually become good at it.

In the meantime, if I do not share my thoughts, they wind up being worthless. Sharing is what makes thought beautiful or delightful, or, as the case may be - despicable.
Poch Suzara

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Bertrand Russell Society and Humanist Party

My sister Gemma of the Humanist Party of the Philippines is pretty much involved with helping the poor people of Payatas living off garbage and trash.
The Bertrand Russell Society, Philippines, of which I set up years ago, is involved with helping people precisely to prevent them from ending up in such places like Payatas. Poch Suzara

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Without God

I am told that without God everything is permitted. This is pure hokum. As a matter of fact, with God everything is permitted. Look at the Christians, the Jews, and the Muslims. Look how they all feel not only the permission, but also the inspiration from God to hate and to slaughter each other in His name! Poch Suzara


I believe religion is a disease born of fear, inspired by ignorance, and the main source of superstition that's keeping the Filipino poor as a people and backward as a nation. Poch Suzara

Great Filipinos

I said it before, I say it again, there will never be a generation of great and free Filipino sons unless there is a generation of free and great Filipino mothers answerable not to the priesthood industry, but only to motherhood responsibility and respectability. Poch Suzara

United Religions

The world is now enjoying benefits from the United Nations. I ask: when the world enjoy also benefits from a United Religions? Poch Suzara

What's going on

Filipino Soldiers do not kill, they "salvage" rebels. Israel killers are called "Commandos." Arab fighters are called "Terrorists." But if Crime-fighters fight crime, and Fire-fighters fight fire, what the hell do Freedom-fighters fight? As the song goes... "What's going on?" Poch Suzara


Christians pray to God on Sunday. The Jews pray on Saturday. The Muslims pray on Friday. The Buddhists pray on Thursday. The Hindus pray to God on Wednesday. By
the time the week is over God must be all fed-up, sick and tired of prayers. Therefore God's answer to all of our prayers - JUST KEEP ON PRAYING YOU FOOLS! Poch Suzara

My Kingdom

Jesus said: "My kingdom is not of this world." if this were true, why bother with this world? And to think that Jesus, the Son of the Creator of heaven and earth, allowed himself to be crucified by a bunch of Jewish lunatics? And to think further that the place where Jesus was born has never been a Christian country. Israel today is a Jewish State.

In the meantime, everybody knows that heaven is another word for the "kingdom of God."
However, nobody knows where exactly is heaven or the kingdom of God is located.
Poch Suzara

The Filipino mind

Our teachers in school always said: "Do this, because if you do not not, you will be punished." Is it any wonder that we are a nation not of courageous thinkers, but only frightened believers? In the meantime, every horror that is transpiring daily in our sick society is the exact reflection of the Filipino mind as certified products of our sick system of education. Poch Suzara


The existence of evil before humans arrived on this planet, proves without a shadow of a doubt that an all-powerful, all-good, and all-loving God had already died. If God were still alive today, however, such a God is not worth believing nor loving. Meanwhile, a mystery plus obscurity plus deviltry equals the Holy Trinity invented by silly theology. Poch Suzara

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Christians at War

Christians at war with each other cannot be at peace with their heavenly Father. Christians, however, who are at war with non-Christians make their heavenly Father so proud of them. Poch Suzara

Existence of God

Any debate on the existence of God, not matter how brilliant the arguments for or against, can never be decided at all because even God can never be around to judge who won in the debate. Poch Suzara

Educated Mind and Heart

Our system of education does not encourage human benevolence; on the contrary, it stultifies the potential for human intelligence. education is suppose to promote,
not demote the human mind; indeed, suppose to nourish, not malnourished, the human heart.

In the Philippines, thanks to our schools, colleges, and universities we are mainly taught how to be happy and proud as the Sick Man of Asia. It is, in this way, that we must always have contempt for those others who have the capacity to think. Poch Suzara

One Ambition

As an atheist, I have only one ambition in life. Before I leave this world, I would like to be accused of having corrupted the minds not only of our youth, but also those of the middle-aged, and the senior citizens. If this were ever accomplished, I shall not have died in vain. Poch Suzara

A Banana Republic

Never say that the Philippines is a Banana Republic because that would only be an insult to the Banana. After all, the Banana is a lovely tree that produces delicious fruits. But then again consider a Banana plantation exempted from a system of education that keeps it away from silly politics as inspired by a silly religion. Poch Suzara

Monday, October 18, 2004

If only God's purpose

If only God's purpose in creating the world were to make humans happy, and not to make humans glorify Him, no one would think of God, as I do, as some sort of an egomaniac unworthy of either belief or worship. Poch Suzara

The poor Iraqi people

Why are the Iraqi people today who are fighting for love of country called "rebels" or "terrorists?" In the meantime, this business of the US President Bush crusading as a Christian for American freedom and democracy in Iraq is a crime against the American people who are now the target of Muslim outrage. Poch Suzara

If God did not exist

Imagine if God does not exist. We will all stop looking to heaven for solutions to all our earthly problems down here as we will no longer believe that God will provide from up there. Poch Suzara

Saturday, October 16, 2004

The Second Coming of Christ

"And now, little children, abide in him, that, when he shall appear, we may have confidence and not be ashamed before him at his coming." 1john 2:28. What is the purpose of a second coming if the first coming were already a great and a wonderful success? To begin with, His mission on earth was to destroy the devil. How come the devil is still alive and kicking and residing in the Philippines - the only Christian country in Asia? Poch Suzara

United Nations citizenship

If just 2 billion of us throughtout the world pay $10.00 each as dues for citizenship of the United Nations, the UN will have $20 BILLION dollars every year for expenses to maintain its own Armed Forces as a World Government to insure peace and goodwill among nations of the world. The 21st century view that only the United States of America has the right and the power to be the world's policemen should already be obsolete. Poch Suzara

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Hope for Peace

Is there hope for peace? Yes, there is. The bow and arrow were once weapons of attack and defense with an aim to destroy, but today it is an art of Archery - a pure exercise in skill. Fencing and sword fighting too have become a sport in the Olympic Games. Who knows, one day, our nuclear weapons may be used to offset killer meteors on the way to destroy the planet earth. Poch Suzara


"Terrorism is the best political weapon as nothing drives people harder than the fear of sudden death." Hitler. Today, US President Bush and his gang are saying exactly the same thing to the American people. Poch Suzara


If being destructive were part of human nature, how come we are born crying with mama already on our side? Poch Suzara

Food for body and mind

What is food for the body if it were not ambrosial? The same goes with food for the mind: it has to be controversial. Poch Suzara

Jaime Cardinal Sin

Jaime Cardinal Sin, the Archbishop of Manila, had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital. Nobody, however, thought of rushing him to church. What happened to the power of prayer? Poch Suzara


Why is it that religion has all the answers for everybody and yet has solutions for nobody? Poch Suzara

Love your enemies

Love your enemies according to Jesus and turn the other cheek if someone smite thee on thy right cheek. On the other hand, Jesus also said: "Depart from me you cursed one, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels. Matt. 25:41. Yet we are told that Jesus was the paragon of love, the prince of peace, the savior of the world. Poch Suzara

If we die

If we die, shall we live again? Job 14:14. I ask: If we shall live again after we are dead and gone, doesn't that make death nothing but a sick joke? Poch Suzara

God so loved the world

God so loved the world in that He gave his only begotten Son. Too bad God had no begotten daughter. She could have done a better job in straightening out the mess in this world. Poch Suzara

Washing evil out

Washing evil out of this world is not our business for it is beyond our power to do so. Nevetheless, if we can choose from among the lesser evils as a consolation, why couldn' the Creator choose too from among the lesser evils as a decent reflection? Poch Suzara

The closer we get to God

Why do we need to get closer to God if God were already everywhere? And why is it that the closer we get to God the more he gets farther away from us. And why does God continue to hide away from the problems of his children otherwise also known as the Human Race? In the meantime, the bible says: "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you." James 4:8. I ask: when is it suppose to happen? Poch Suzara

The greatest crime

The greatest crime is the crime of taciturnity; especially as it is encouraged by timidity and inspired by stupidity. Poch Suzara

Instead of killing people

Instead of killing people with stupid beliefs, why not kill instead the stupid beliefs that got people to be stupid to begin with? The power of reason should play a role. Poch Suzara


Women may be selfish, greedy, stupid, and insane. They may be murderers, adulterers, thieves, and liars. But there is one thing that remains totally lovable and highly respectable about women: Not one of them ever wrote a silly line in the silly book known as the holy bible - a silly book written by silly men authors of a silly God. Poch Suzara

Bush and Bin Laden

George W Bush wants to liberate the Arabs in the Middle East away from Islam. Osama Bin Ladin wants to liberate the Americans in America away from Christianity. For my part, I want to thank both God and Allah for having liberated me as I am better off as a faithful atheist. Poch Suzara

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

There is Nothing Tragic


There is nothing tragic about having been raised by ignorant parents at home; or educated by ignorant teachers in school; or indoctrinated into one’s faith by ignorant priests in church.

What’s truly tragic, however, is if, in later life, under the inspiration of more fear and ignorance, we do not search for the truth. We just carry on with our children and grandchildren to have faith in the same old religious mendacity; to believe in the same old political hypocrisy; and to contribute to the same old social insanity – that’s keeping us spiritually poor as a people and morally bankrupt as a nation.

Undoubtedly, our system of education is nothing but a euphemism for the evils of stupidity. Regretfully, however, only by replacing such evils with faith, especially faith in supernatural mediocrity. Who benefits in the end? Obviously not the people in desperate need of a higher standard of living and thinking; but only the superstitious primitives supporting the so-called believers behind the most profitable of commercial enterprises in the Philippines - schools, colleges, and universities! Poch Suzara

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Dear Fellow-Americans

Oct. 4, 2004

Dear Fellow-Americans,

I am a Filipino-American residing in the Philippines. The U.S. Bill of Rights is precious to me. It has made it possible for me to think freely, to articulate my views, however unpopular or heretical they might be. Indeed to write what follows without fear of suppression or repercussion. I should wish to put on public record my shame of the U.S. government. The central government in Washington has become a source of national malady and international ills rather than the potential for local and global sanity.

More than half the population of the world is under-nourished, not because it need be, but because the U.S. government prefers to be in the business of killing rather than helping poorer countries achieve a higher standard of living. For example, instead of sending to the Philippines materials for human welfare, the U.S. government sends materials for enemy warfare. The result, thus far: - the Filipino is becoming more sophisticated in the business of killing fellow-Filipinos. Meanwhile poverty, hunger, disease, unemployment, and the continuing population explosion continue to be problems for divine intervention, and not attention for Philippine government confrontation.

Yesterday, killings were about the fight against “communists,” in possession of weapons of mass destruction. Today, it is called the fight against “terrorists” in possession of weapons of mass destruction. What’s the difference? In fact, many countries possess “weapons of mass destruction.” Half of the world calls it “faith in God.” The other half calls it “faith in Allah.” And under whichever faith, the faithful believers see nothing immoral to cut each other’s throat, especially since both cannot agree as to what will happen to them after their throats have been cut. Now isn’t it obvious that our enemy is not another human being, but organized conflicting faiths based on sacred barbarism?

Bertrand Russell once asked: “Have we all become savage? Why do we turn, inevitably, towards ferocity in dealing with political opponents – towards maiming or killing or sentencing them to disproportionately long imprisonment? I think it is because we live in an atmosphere of fear bred by political policies. We have been conditioned to accept cruelty, even the threat of extermination, as the sole means of defending a way of life that seems to prove itself, by such result, hardly worth defending.”

The greater crime we face today is the crime of silence. It is time to speak up. I am most proud of Michael Moore. In the film document FAHRENHEIT 9/11, he proved it no longer a theory, but a paradoxical fact that as far as the United States government is concerned, nations of this world can only keep alive by preparing to kill each other. The main economy of the United States continues to be based on revenues not for health and community development, but for war, death and destruction, and the preparation for future wars.

Nothing breeds more hate and terror than the spread of fear based on lies. Our young men and women in military uniform, no doubt, have the courage to die in battle; unfortunately, they do not have the courage to question what it is that they are dying for in Iraq today. Immoral acts breed immoral acts. Must we therefore continue to commit atrocities because we cannot discontinue to believe absurdities?

I appeal to fellow-Americans to support Americans with a conscience everywhere today who give the USA a good name. One such thinking American is Ramsey Clark. He referred George W. Bush, James Baker, Richard Cheney, Colin Powell, and others to the International War Crimes Tribunal – a commission of inquiry for evidences of war crimes against Iraq and crimes against humanity.

Let us work and vote for a government of construction and not a government of destruction. In this 21st century, there is no longer any need for American wealth and power to be based upon past wars, present wars, and the preparation for future wars. The power and wealth of America should be founded upon the pursuit of the truth, the spread of liberty, and the advancement of science for peace and goodwill to all men, women, and children throughout the world.

Yours faithfully,

Bertrand Russell Society, Philippines
San Lorenzo Village
Makati city, Philippines

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

It is said

It is said that those who deny God deny Him because of their despair at not finding Him. I believe this to be a delusion born of fear. A God who has not ceased hiding away from the problems of the human race is not worth finding to begin with. Indeed, the important question is not whether we believe in God; but does God believe in the human race? If God does care and provides for us, how so, and where is He? Poch Suzara

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Belief in God

Belief in God is not knowledge; in fact, most people deny knowledge in order to make roon for faith in God. And as long as we continue to cut each other's throat since we cannot agree as to what will happen to us after our throats have been cut, we shall always have faith in God; or, as the case may be, we shall always have "faith in Allah." Poch Suzara


Jesus was a typical Christian. He was comfortable to be around fishermen, sheepherders, and carpenters; but he was not happy to be in the company of writers, thinkers, and philosophers. In fact, not one of his apostles was a recruit from the intellectual community. Poch Suzara

Monday, September 27, 2004

The fool

The fool saith in his heart that there is no God. But who is the bigger fool? The fool or God who created the fools? Poch Suzara

Religion and Television

Religion - the opium of the Filipino yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Television - the opprobrium of the Filipino today, tomorrow, and for years yet to come. Poch Suzara

Rizal's retraction

Rizal's retraction story has been and still is the fairy tale told by the traditional liars of the Catholic Church in order to protect the rule of theocracy in the Philippines. If Rizal indeed retracted, why was he not given a Christian burial? Indeed, Rizal's remains was just put inside a dirty old sack and then thrown in an area reserved for the heretics in Paco Cemetery. Poch Suzara

Jose Rizal

If Jose Rizal's scientific way of thinking have become the shinning light guiding the Filipino way of life, the Philippines could have been the greatest and the most decently developed nation in Asia today. Indeed, Jose Rizal wanted us to be a nation of intelligent readers and honest thinkers, and not a nation of childish prayers. Christianity, however, wanted us to be a nation BOBOS. It has been quite a success. Look at how we are all still waiting for the Second Coming of Christ to bring peace, love, goodwill, and law and order in the Philippines. Poch Suzara

Take from Theology

Take from theology the mystery, the supernatural, the sacred lies, incomprehensible, the impossible, the unthinkable, including the invisible, the absurd, and nothing but a vacuum remains. Poch Suzara

Saturday, September 25, 2004

We have no government

We have no government of the people, by the people, and for the people. We do, however, have a government of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich. But the poor believe they have a government because they are the only ones who are made poorer for paying taxes to the government.In the meantime, in this country, if you steal small, you end up in jail; but if you steal big, however, you immediately qualify to become a candidate for the highest office of the land. Poch Suzara

99 percent of Filipinos

Would you believe that 99 per cent of the population of the Philippines have no idea whatsoever about the contradications, inconsistencies, absurdities, immoralities, and indeed, obcenities written in the holy bible? What could one expect of a nation of daily prayers, not daily readers? Poch Suzara

Thursday, September 23, 2004


Most people love divinity even as they never examine their God-given mediocrity. Indeed, most people believe that God will provide. Thus far, however, God has provided for humanity nothing but the infinity of human stupidity. Look how we all hate one another in this world for the sake of God's glory in heaven. Poch Suzara


Ignorance keeps the Filipino poor as a people and backward as a nation. Mostly because Filipinos have been indoctrinated to emulate Jesus and his twelve apostles who were all quite a success in the spread ignorance throughout Christian countries. Poch Suzara

I am a failure in life

By all standards I am a total failure in life. In the world of the mediocres and the Philistines, I could have been a great success had I been a stupid soothsayer instead of having been a frustrated truthsayer. Poch Suzara

Monday, September 20, 2004

The Poor Filipino

The Filipino is poor because his national economy is based mostly
on sellers of divine grace, brokers of holy sacrament, traders of sacred lies, retailers of superstition, movers of faith, dealers of eternal salvation, and promoters of prayer under the promise that God will provide while graft and corruption goes on perpetually.
Poch Suzara

I love science

I love science. There is no authority in science; there are only experts of science. I hate religion. There is only authority in religion. There are no experts of religion. Poch Suzara

In this world

In this world there is more human stupidity than there is human intelligence. This is only because most people feel at home with human stupidity as they are easily frightened by human intelligence. Poch Suzara

Saturday, September 18, 2004

No college degrees

Women have no college degrees in motherhood. Men have no college degrees in fatherhood. If only mothers and fathers have the right information for family planning and birth control, more and more babies will be born needed, wanted, and loved in this world. Poch Suzara

True Religion

Is there one true religion? This is a grammaticaly correct question but fails to reflect the logical form of its meaning. A better question to ask: Does man need moral and ethical values to evolve farther into a higher level of consciousness? Poch Suzara

As soon as I am dead

As soon as I am dead, I will probably believe in God one more time. After all, God has more fascination for the dead than He feels an obligation for the living.
In the meantime, every year, during ALL SAINTS DAY, we visit the dead in the cemetery. But if man enjoys an immortal life after death, shouldn't it more wonderful if the dead visit us at home rather than we visit the dead in the cemetery? Consider the happy reunion with the dead not only with our immediate love-ones, but also visits from our great-great-grandparents dead centuries ago?
Poch Suzara

The real poor

Rich people have the impression that they are not poor because they are not materially needy. In fact, the poorest among the poor are those who are empty intellectually, bankrupt morally, impoverished spiritually, and socially insane perpetually. Poch Suzara

The Question

The question is not whether religion is worthy or unworthy, but whether religion does not destroy the minds and hearts of children who grow up to be mindless men and heartless in love only of the next world, but not of this life. Poch Suzara

God Loves

God loves the poor. He made so many of them. But God loves the ignorant even more. The many poor are just as ignorant as the many rich. Poch Suzara

The United Nations

The world has already established the United Nations for the sake of humanity. It has yet, however, to establish the United Religions for the sake of divinity. Poch Suzara

The Way, Light, and the Truth

There was a time when the Way, the Light, and the Truth ruled the world. It lasted for a thousand years. It was called the "Dark Ages." Poch Suzara

A thief

According to the bible, there is nothing wrong with being a thief. Look at the thief crucified along side with Jesus. For believing that Jesus was the Son of God, the thief was promised eternal salvation in paradise. Poch Suzara


Not only the Old Testament contradict the New Testament. Not only the gospel of Matthew, Luke, John, and Mark contradict each other; but the Cathlic version, Duane Version, the King James Version, the Good News Version, etc. all contradict each other. Moreover, there are 37 different versions of the bible for sale in the market today. But go to any bookstore, you will find only one version of the Multiplication Table Chart. And to think that the multiplication table - the perfect model of truth - was not written by inspired authors of God. Poch Suzara

In The Search of the Truth

In the search of the truth, since they could not find it, the theologians have taken the back seat. They now let the scientists do the driving. Poch Suzara


Notice how God, soul, heaven, hell, demons, angels, and everything else that is invisible all look exactly alike? Poch Suzara

According to Catholic Teachings

According to Catholic teachings, if you were childlike, innocent, and indeed questionaless, you have a better chance of gaining eternal salvation and be with God in heaven after you are dead. Poch Suzara

If a spiritual God

If a spiritual God designed the material universe, who or what designed the spiritual designer? Poch Suzara

Religion and Politics

Religion is just as worthless as politics because in both, the holding of a belief without evidence is a necessity. Poch Suzara

Friday, September 17, 2004

In schools and Universities

In schools and universities, they teach all sorts of information, except the evidence for its truthfulness. Indeed, they teach WHAT to believe, and not HOW to think. Poch Suzara

Respect for God

How could I respect God who showed more concern for his silly apple tree than showing kind attention to the plight of his children in paradise? Poch Suzara

The Success of Christianity

Christianity owes its great success not so much owing to the teachings of Christ, but owing mostly to the existence of the devil. Indeed, without the devil, there would be no need to save one's soul from eternal damnation. Poch Suzara

Faith in God

The priesthood industry knows full well that if God ever comes out from hiding, there would be no need for faith in God anymore. And so, the priesthood industry sees to it that God never comes out of hiding. Poch Suzara

Most of our Beliefs

If most of our cherished beliefs were wrong a hundred years ago, it follows that our most cherished beliefs today will turn our wrong also a hundred years from now. Poch Suzara

Cholera and faith

Cholera and faith are alike an epidemic; fortunately science has already found the cure for cholera. Religion has yet not found the cure for faith as it is still an evil pretty much inspiring the war between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland, and the killings in God's name going on the Middle East today between the Jews, the Muslimsn and the Christians. Poch Suzara

Believe in God again

Introduce me to a God who can impregnate a virgin; resurrect back to life Bertrand Russell and Carl Sagan; cure the pimples off the face of my 15 year old son, and I will believe in the existence of God once again. Poch Suzara

Monday, September 06, 2004

To err

To err is not only human, it is being religious. To forgive is not only divine, it is to become more religious. Indeed, there is money to be made in the business of errors and forgiveness. Ask Mike Velarde of El Shaddai, now a billionaire in the business of selling religious errors for the sake of forgiveness. Poch Suzara

Where's Jesus

The theologians are suppose to be quite knowledgeable on the subject of God, heaven and hell, including the Gospels and the bible, but ask any of them for the whereabouts of Jesus Christ? They know not. Neither the dead nor the living among the theologians have any idea as to where exactly Jesus is existing at present. Poch Suzara

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The cruelty from Jesus

Jesus seemed not familiar with the writings of the Old Testament.
He obviously did not know that His own father drowned the entire population of the world except for eight people. Otherwise, if Jesus were familiar with the killings, he was not fair to command: "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all of thy heart, with all of thy soul, and with all of thy mind." For my part, I am nost proud to have walked out of the Catholic Church years ago. Specially when I discovered that Jesus himself was a misguided Catholic. Poch Suzara

Monday, August 23, 2004

If God were powerful

If God were indeed all that powerful, he surely is able to find a way to give the creatures he made in his image and likeness some of that power. In this way, we do not have to waste time praying to God to lead us not into temptation or to give us this day our daily bread or to worry about an anti-Christ situation on the rise in the Middle East. Poch Suzara

Curse the Darkness

It is better to light up a candle than to curse the darkness. For my part, I am working daily to make my surroundings cleaner, healthier, and brighter. I have no need of candles. Poch Suzara

Sunday, August 22, 2004

My teachers in La Salle

My teachers in La Salle were not devoted thinkers or passionate researchers of the truth. They were men afraid of new and fresh ideas. My education therefore was not a thrill or a joy, but in fact a threat. Indeed, in school, I was never taught how to think; only what to believe. It was always impressed upon my malleable mind that the frontiers of knowledge are closed. How utterly wrong and pathetic were my teachers in school. But I cried more not my teachers, but for all my classmates and schoolmates. None apparently saw the painful light as I alarmingly did. Poch Suzara

Jesus said

In the bible Jesus said: "Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him." Is it any wonder that we do not love the world, neither the things that are in the world? As a matter of fact, we hate the world and hate the things that are in the world, specially as we are faithful Catholics devoted to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Poch Suzara

If you were miserably married

If you were miserably married to your husband, and God had him killed, you would obviously believe that God's grace never ends. Such was the case of Gracie Burnham, whose husband was killed by bandits in a kidnap ordeal in Mindanao. She admitted openly and publicly that: God's grace never ends." Poch Suzara

Nature cares for Man

The universe may go on uncaring and unknowing of the existence of man. But nature cares. After all, man is a product of nature as it proceeds to be conscious of itself. Nature evolves not aimlessly or purposelessly, but precisely meaningfully for nature created the human mind. Poch Suzara

Religious Leaders

Religious leaders such as Mike Velarde of El Shaddai would urge his poor followers to turn their umbrella upside down in order to catch manna from heaven. What the followers do catch, however, is not manna, not even rotten banana, but a lot of tra-la-la behind the silly religious drama. Poch Suzara

My mind is not a terrible thing

My mind is not a terrible thing. On the contrary, my mind is a wonderful thing. It is only terrible when the potentials of my
mind are utterly wasted. Poch Suzara

I care for Happines

I care for happiness in this world. I do not care for happiness in the next world. There ins't any. Whatever the case may be, I hold
as forever true what Bertrand Russell wrote: "Happiness is the nonethelesss true happiness because it must come to an end, nor do thought and love lose their value because they are not everlasting. Poch Suzara

Nothing before Birth and Nothing After Death

It does not bother to realize that I have arrived into this world as an atheist. I should be happier when I leave this world one day as an atheist too. Before I was conceived, without a brain, I had no capacity to believe. After I am dead, and my brain dead also, I will again have no capacity to believe. Indeed, if it does not bother me to believe that I was a nothing before I was born, why should it bother me to believe that I will again be a nothing after I am dead? Poch Suzara

I have Nothing Against

I have nothing against Filipino scientists except when they are too timid to speak out openly against false values and silly beliefs that continue to promote not only stupidity but also insanity in our already sick society. Poch Suzara

What is the difference?

What is the difference between human creed and human greed when one destroys the body and the other destroys the mind? Poch Suzara

The Human Brain

If God gifted us with a brain and expect us to use it, how come our knowledge of God have not grown with more knowledge of his creation? Indeed, even the theologians in this day and age know not whether God is a He, a She, and It; or, whether Gid a supernatural Tootie Frootie, or just an Almighty Patootie. Poch Suzara

A silly God

Why would a good God incarnate himself as a man knowing full well that man is essentially sinful by nature? But then again, why would God reveal himself to the theologians knowing full well that theology is not a branch of knowledge; it is but a branch of ignorance and with wings at that. Poch Suzara

Science in brief

Science in brief: - today's up-to-date is tomorrow's out-of-date. Indeed, nothing is definite in science as it's findings are tentative and always subject to change or emendations. Poch Suzara

Philippine Presidents

At the rate all presidents of the Philippines, past and present, have prayed for divine intervention to solve the nation's troubles and problems, Malacanang has been transformed into a cathedral, and no longer a presidential palace. Poch Suzara


I have the highest respect, the greatest of admiration, and the deepest affection for the atheists. To begin with, those atheistic friends and atheistic associates of mine are not in Congress. Poch Suzara

Religion and Alzheimer's

Religion is like a disease, exactly like alzheimer's - it destroys the mind. Happily, both evils are curable by science. Poch Suzara

Metaphysics and Religion

Metaphysics and religion are one and the same thing. One is beyond physics and the other beyond reality. It's comforting to believe in either just as long as one does not discover that both metaphysics and religion are based on a lot of unscientific nonsense. Poch Suzara

Jesuit Astronomers

Jesuit astronomers say that astronomy is the study of the universe in order to find God. Apparently, these Jesuit astronomers do not believe that God is here, there, and everywhere. Poch Suzara

Wealthy individuals

There is no such thing as wealthy individuals in the Philippines. Despite their millions, Christianity has stolen away from such wealthy individuals their precious minds and precious hearts.They are just as poor as everyone else in this God-forsaken only Christian country in Asia. Poch Suzara

Our democracy Without Science

Our democracy is a farce, a fraud, and a ceremony. It has yet to flourish in a climate of rationalism that sees ideas and beliefs as true and others as false. Science needs democracy as much as democracy needs science. The two in fact are one and neither exist in the Philippines.

A democracy without science, encourages the cult of mediocrity, fosters vulgarity, generates political stupidity, and enhances infantile religiosity. In the end, what prevails is social insanity, hardly a democracy. Poch Suzara

Theologians tell me

Theologians say that the human body is a temple of God. No kidding?. Right at this very minute there are about 2 billion different kinds of viruses, germs, and bacteria trying to kill your body and my body and such little creatures created by God will eventually succeed to kill us all whether we pray or do not pray to God. Indeed, the day we are born is the day we begin to live in a dying body. There is no escape! None whatsoever! Poch Suzara

God's design

If my pair of eyes were such that it is a product of God's design, I would have no need for a microscope to see things in the small; or, a telescope to see things far away. Science, and not religion, designed the microscope and the telescope. Poch Suzara

No Kingdom

No kingdom has ever had more hate and misery and poverty than the kingdom of Christ. Such is the case in the Philippines. In this only Christian country in Asia, in order to enter the kingdom of Christ, one must use the gates of hell. Poch Suzara

Think of It

Think of it: Our national hero Jose Rizal earned his first class education and earned his membership in first class scientific associations in foreign countries. Poch Suzara

What science cannot discover

What science cannot discover, religion cannot know. In this connection, it will not be religion, but science eventually will discover God, if in fact there is a God. As for religion, it will remain forever a nothing but an unsubstantiated superstition. Poch Suzara

Believers hating other believers

At the rate Christians unhappily hate other Christians, Muslims unhappily hate other Muslims, The Jews unhappily hate other Jews; and the Christians and the Muslims and the Jews all unhappily hate each other, I am most proud and always happy to be an atheist. I have no need to believe and to have faith in the religious monkey that is suppose to be mysteriously existing on my shoulders. Poch Suzara

Guns do not kill people

Not everyone has a gun; but everyone has a doctor. Guns do not kill people; doctors do. In fact, doctors make tons of money off the dying. Poch Suzara

The existence of God

I cannot prove or disprove the existence of God. If God exists however, I do not care love, worship, and adore such a God. I am part of what is natural. I know nothing of the supernatural. How
can I love, worship, and adore something I know nothing about? Poch Suzara

Harmful beliefs

The most harmful of beliefs is belief in God. We hate those who do not believe in the same God as we do. Thus, the Christians, Muslims, and the Jews have not ceased hating each other in God's name or in Allah's name or in Jehovah's name. Poch Suzara

The only Pill

The only pill the Catholic Church approves of in the Philippines is the sleeping pill. In this way, nobody wakes up to the stupidity behind our social insanity perpetually ongoing in this God-forsaken country. Poch Suzara

To the average Pinoy

To the average Pinoy the power of knowledge means nothing, but the power of God means everything. Then we could not even wonder why in this 21st century we are still living in a Third World country deprived of science and the scientific way of thinking. Poch Suzara

I love philosophy and the Bible

I love philosophy as there is no such thing as the revealed truth in philosophy. In fact, philosophy is still searching for the truth. But I love the holy bible even more. It contains so many revealed truths even if such truths have not yet been revealed. Poch Suzara

Our present problems

Our present problems are the products of our present consciousness; but consciousness that create problems cannot solve them. Only a higher degree of consciousness especially with the scientific way of thinking can do that and until that is attained, we shall remain victims of our own stupid problems. Poch Suzara

Free Will Garbage

Most people brag about having free will. They have yet, however, to be liberated from it. How can we ever discover the truth if during our formative years in grade school we were told to believe that the truth has already been revealed as written by inspired authors of God in the holy bible? Poch suzara


According to the Good News bible, Jesus sacrificed himself to die on the cross for the sins of mankind. According to the Bad News bible, Jesus resurrected back to life. Where is the sacrifice? Well, according to the Catholic bible, Jesus was neither killed by the Jews nor by the Romans but by men all precisely created in the image and likeness of God. And to think Jesus never really died as he resurrected back to life. Poch Suzara

Olympic Games

Too bad there are no Olympic games for lies, graft and corruption. Our top politicians in government and our top officials of the Christian churches should easily be the winners for Gold, silver, and bronze Medals. Poch Suzara

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Pray for Satan

My devout friends,catholic relatives, and religious associates have not ceased praying for the salvation of my soul. As for me, I pray to God for the salvation of Satan. After all, Satan should be highly respected. He has never inspired any one to write a book in order to inspire nations to declare war against each other in his name or for his glory. Poch Suzara

Friday, July 30, 2004

Religious happiness

Religious happiness on earth is believing that those who do not share
our religious faith are suffering on this earth, and those who had already died are suffering eternal damnation in hell. Poch Suzara

Filipino scientists

Filipino scientists who should be at home with the scientific way of thinking are among the timid cowards of our sick society. Not one of these learned individuals would come out publicly to speak out clearly against the evils of religion or the evils of politics that's keeping the Filipino poor as a people. Not one of our Filipino scientists would admit publicly that the only thing that will extricate the Philippines out of its eternal backwardness is not more religion or more politics, but only more science and the scientific way of thinking. But then again, who are our Filipino scientists? Where are they? How come nobody hears from these learned individuals? For my part, as a non-scientist, in fact as a high-school dropout, I would look closer at our system of education responsible for more evils in the Philippines than evils from the devil himself. Poch Suzara