Sunday, April 15, 2007

God’s Chosen People

That the Filipino today is also among the chosen People of God says little about the Filipino. In fact, it says a great deal more about God and the ways of his sick partner – the devil gifted with a more efficient free will than yours or mine. To be God’s Chosen means to be subjected to persecution as well as degradation. Consider the Jews then popular as the Chosen People of God: they have been driven from their natural home by the Roman capture of Jerusalem ( 70 a.d. ), scattered, persecuted, and decimated by Christianity and Islam – which have been born of their scriptures; barred by the feudal system from owning land; shut up in congested ghettos; mobbed by people and robbed by kings; outcast and excommunicated, insulted, and injured; and in modern times in Germany, they were isolated, mutilated, decapitated , asphyxiated, cremated, and granulated. These are some of the horrors Chosen people of God must experience in this world. I said it before, I say it again: - so long as we continue to have faith in divinity, so long as we continue to be frightened of deviltry, so long as we continue saving our stupid souls with prayer and theology, so long as we continue degrading the evolution of our intelligent minds, so long as we continue degrading the power of science and technology, we Filipinos, in the centuries to come, shall surely be even more famous as the Sicken People of a Sick God in Asia... Poch Suzara Twitter# Facebook# Google#

Monday, April 09, 2007

God Debate Letter to Newsweek

April 10, 2007 Newsweek Letter to the Editor Gentlemen: In the God Debate (April 9 issue) between Sam Harris and Rick Warren, this much I should say: It does not bother me to realize that for millions of years before my birth, I was a nothing. Why then should it bother me to realize also that after my death, I will again be a nothing? In the meantime, just like everyone else, I too was born an atheist. Indeed, no child is born a Christian or a Jew or a Muslim or what-not. That a creator made me in his own image is no burden to me. It’s the problem of the creator. After all, we are all born on a planet so tiny in that one million planets the size of earth can fit inside the sun. More than a trillion of such suns otherwise called “stars” comprise the cosmos. If the creator is also like a speck of dust floating aimlessly in space – what’s all this fear and guilt about behind man’s silly religious beliefs? If there be a purpose to life, that purpose must be those of the atheists – to leave this world a little better than we found it, or there is little reason for our having lived. Sincerely, Poch Suzara, San Lorenzo Village, Makati city, Philippines Cellphone: 09165724788

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Philippine College Education

College education in the Philippines is about having two goals in life: 1) to be prepared to go abroad to earn your living. 2) to be prepared to go to heaven after death to earn your believing.
In the meantime, the Filipinos are the poorest people on this earth. Imagine for centuries us Filipinos impoverished with our brains washed with original sin and our hearts dry-cleaned with Christianity. Poch Suzara

Face Death

I am asked if I can face death without faith? What a silly question. After death, we have no more eyes to see, no more ears to hear, no more nose to smell, no more skin to feel, no more palete to taste. The better question to ask: what conceivable value has your faith after you are already faceless and indeed, - lifeless? Poch Suzara

Sam Harris

Sam Harris wrote a most interesting piece on the 10 myths and the 10 truths about Atheism. If you wish to read it, I’d be happy to email to you.
In the meantime, I have discovered the 11th truth about Atheism: - No one ever became filthy rich for believing that God is bad. Yet, millions upon millions upon millions of people are filthy poor for believing that God is good. Poch Suzara

World Insanity

During the Second World War, 1941–l946 American factories built 94,000 planes and launched 30 aircraft carriers. The question is not what happened to those planes and aircraft carriers after the war ended, but what happened to those factories, including those producing other weapons of destruction for battle in the field and in sea and in the air?
Notice in the meantime civil war has been the most frequent kind of war since 1946: something like two-thirds of all postwar conflicts have been within, rather than between, - states. And weapons used in these conflicts are “Made in America.” Not to mention American troops involved also taking them further and further away from home, though presumably in the cause of “homeland security.”
Indeed, more and more American kids are shipped overseas to fight terrorism or more specifically to drain the breeding grounds of anti- Americanism.
It seems to me clear that if America was truly the land of the free and the home of the brave, we Americans should bring the world together in putting an end to the worst of Anglo-American commercialism: the production of weapons of mass destruction to defend and protect nothing but capitalism. Poch Suzara

Scientist and Theologian

Better a scientist dissatisfied than a theologian satisfied. A scientist dissatisfied never threatens any one with eternal damnation if you do not believe in his tentative conclusions. Indeed, in science, far more questions are entertained than answers retained. Science is a never-ending search of the truth. Science is honest enough to admit openly and publicly that it understands only a little bit more than 1 per cent of the nature of reality
In theology, however, there are only answers. No questions are allowed. Moreover, there is also the threat of eternal damnation if you do not believe in the theological dogmatic claims. Theology is the study of the unknown for the sake of having faith in the unknowable. Who benefits in this religious mess? The silly theologians, who else, specially as they act in their respective churches, schools, colleges, and universities Poch Suzara

Women of the Philippines

Our women are still on their knees before the alter of mediocrity. They are always frightened to believe that someone died on the cross for their Original Sin. Indeed, the majority of our women prefer delusion to truth. It sooths. It is easy to grasp. They embrace faith; not reason. Faith, after all, is nothing but the free will to lazily avoid discovering what is true. Sadly, the intellectual capacity of our women to seek the truth has been damaged by stupid religious beliefs and values as taught to them in our schools, colleges, and universities. Poch Suzara

War as Big Business

As the number one supplier of arms in the world, the US government abhors the idea of peace agreement between countries at war. The US government loves to hear of conflicts or killings such as those between the Christians and the Muslims in the Philippines. Such evils create profitable opportunities to sell weapons to both parties at war within or even between, states. Such terrors keep the existence of US industrial-military-university complex on high gear. The war against terrorism is nothing but a business concoction of American capitalism. Decades ago, it was known as the war against communism. It was all a joke on the global scale. Today, the war against terrorism is another joke on the global scale. All thanks to the wealth, power, and glory of American Capitalism. Poch Suzara

Bertrand Russell

Russell’s intellectual life was devoted to three main quests. He sought impersonal objective truth successively in Religion, Mathematics, and Science.
I ask: can you name another scientist who lived to be ninety eight years, and devoted seventy years of it in the search of truth in Religion, Mathematics, and Science? In his remaining years, however, involved in global affairs, Bertrand Russell – the philosopher-humanist – worked very hard for peace on earth and goodwill to all governments, especially those headed by homicidal maniacs like the US government under the power of the industrial-military-university complex. Poch Suzara

Created Equal

If all men were created equal in the sight of God, what was God’s purpose in giving men free will? Especially to white men to wage war against non-white men in order to prove white men are free, rich, intelligent, and God-loving; while non-white men are slaves, poor, stupid and God-loving too. Poch Suzara

Rich in Spirit

Bless not those poor in spirit for they shall inherit lies. Bless instead those rich in spirit for they shall inherit the truth. Poch Suzara

Diminishing Faith

Nick fatool writes in the Manila Standard Today: “Faith is something that is sadly diminishing among us.” Sir, a man of faith is like a drunkard who clings to a lamppost for support, not illumination. Moreover, faith is never wanting to know what is true. Do you speak of faith that 2 plus 2 equals 4? Or that the earth is round? No, you only speak of faith when you do not know and hope to remain ignorant by letting others in authority do the thinking for you. This is wrong and childish . Faith in our childish religion has kept us spiritually stagnant as a people and morally malignant as a nation. In this 21st century, isn’t time for Filipinos to ask: where is our national health as a people and where is our national wealth as a nation under the power of Christian faith during these past 500 years in the Philippines? Sir, Christianity thrives not on love, but on guilt? Guilt, not love, is the fundamental emotion that Christianity seeks to induce – and this is symptomatic of a viciousness in Christianity that few Filipinos care to acknowledge. For all of its alleged concern for the “poor in spirit,” Christianity has only done its best to perpetuate spiritual poverty and intellectual stagnancy in the Philippines. Indeed, to be moral, according to Jesus, we must shackle the beauty of reason. We must force ourselves to believe that which we cannot understand. In the name of morality, we must always suppress doubts. We must never subject religious beliefs to critical examination. Less criticism leads to more faith – and faith – Jesus declares is the hallmark of virtue. Indeed, “unless you turn and become like little children, you will never the enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matt. 18:3. Children, after all will believe anything; even the promises of the mediocre politicians running for government office. In the final analysis, Christianity must first destroy reason before it can introduce faith, so it must destroy joys of the heart and happiness of the mind before it can introduce salvation. Thus, we are neither growing as a people nor developing as a nation. We are not even reasonable in the race to achieve higher civilization; only faithful in the rat-race for eternal salvation. I say: to hell with faith in that biblical corruption called faith in the Original Sin. After all, none of us ever originated anything in this world to begin with. Poch Suzara