Saturday, January 30, 2010

Anti-Christ messages in the BIBLE :

1 John 2:18-19 "Children, it is the last hour; and just as you heard that antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have arisen; from this we know that it is the last hour. They went out from us, but they were not really of us; for if they had been of us, they would have remained with us; but they went out, in order that it might be shown that they all are not of us." 1 John 2:22-23 "Who is the liar but the one who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, the one who denies the Father and the Son. Whoever denies the Son does not have the Father; the one who confesses the Son has the Father also." 1 John 4:2-3 "By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God; and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God; and this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming, and now it is already in the world." John 1:7 "For many deceivers have gone out into the world, those who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh. This is the deceiver and the antichrist." As written in the Bible we can clearly see people against Jesus. First, the "antichrist" is defined as anyone who doesn't believe Jesus is the divine son of God. Second, "antichrists" appear to actively teach against Christ. Third, there were many "antichrists" in the world when John wrote the book. This directly contradicts the teaching of modern prophets who say that one antichrist will arise at some still future time. As for me, as it turned out, the Indians, Chinese, Malaysians, Japanese, Indonesians, etc more than 3 BILLION OF THEM have never heard of Jesus; only the Philippines since the 16th century, and East Timor in 2002 have been frightened to believe that Jesus died on the cross to save a lot of Catholics - there have been more anti-Christ than pro-Christ in this world. Including the place where Christ was born - it has never been converted into a Catholic country, it is still, more than ever, a Jewish place! Poch Suzara

Organized Insanity

Christianity is based upon organized absurdity in its teachings; in its values, however, it is based upon organized absurdity. Listen to God and then listen to Jesus - the Son of God. First God: “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. John. 3:1. Now listen to Jesus - the Son of God: “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not with him.” 1 John 2:15. Well, if the Revealed Truths have been revealed, which truth should we believe in – the truth from God, the Father; or, the truth from the Son of God Jesus? Poch Suzara

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Howard Zinn, American Historian

Oh yes, I have read with much joy, pleasure, and gusto Howard Zinn’s A PEOPLE’s HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES. I still do read it as it is one of my bedside books. As an American citizen, I have developed the greatest respect for Howard Zinn. He was indeed not only a great and a rare historian, but also a rare and an admirable American worthy of affection and emulation. Evil passions make Americans incapable of seeing the truth, and false beliefs afford excuses for evil passions. If we Americans were to maintain our sense of human decency throughout the world, we require both clear thinking and kindly feeling. Thank you Mr. Howard Zinn for giving us Americans more enlightenment to see more light in our world affairs. Indeed, to have the guts to be truthful and honest as you have been truthful and honest with your writings. My own end is near – just around the corner. If there is, however, life after death, I would like to meet and shake the hands of Howard Zinn alongside Bertrand Russell, Carl Sagan, Will Durant, Thomas Paine, and Jose Rizal. Otherwise, I don’t give two hoots for the hereafter if I am just to be mingling around with lesser beings like Moses, Jesus and his apostles, the bible writers Matthew, Luke, Mark, and John, or meet with Jaime Cardinal Sin, Archbishop of Manila, or to be with my La Salle grade school and high school teachers. To Howard Zinn - in life and in death, I stand to salute you my dear Sir. You have been, indeed, a genuine American scholar and a rare citizen of the USA. Poch Suzara


Heaven has always been imagined as a place where no one needs to do any kind of thinking, only praying. Indeed, heaven is a place where no one has the need to do any kind of work. That is why, fantastically, everybody wants to go to heaven. Realistically, however, nobody wants to die. Whatever or however the case may be, how come our dead relatives, dead friends, and dead associates already in heaven have neither the right nor the free will to visit us on this earth even for a day; or, we who are still alive also have neither the right nor the free to visit them in heaven? So, I ask it again: what's the big fucking mystery? Poch Suzara Twitter# Facebook# Google#

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jesus – Not Conversant with Bible Contents

Jesus, crucified on the cross with Barabas, a murderer and thief, but nevertheless a believer, said: “Lord, remember me when thou comest unto thy kingdom.” Jesus said unto him, verily, I say unto thee, Today shalt thou be with me in paradise.” Luke 23: 42-43

Obviously, Jesus did nor know what was already declared in the bible. In Eccl: 9:5, it clearly states: “The dead know not anything, neither have they any more a reward for the memory of them is forgotten.”

So if there were no life after death what paradise after death was Jesus talking about or promising a thief dying alongside with him?

Well, here’s more convoluted truth revealed in the bible: Just before he resurrected Lazarus, Jesus likened death to sleep. John 11:11-14. Which brings up another question, if the best friend of Jesus Lazarus was already dead and already enjoying eternal salvation in the kingdom of God, why from heaven bring him back to life on earth? Wasn't that malicious cruelty on the part of Jesus. Poch Suzara

Monday, January 25, 2010

Alicia Britt Chole - a Former Atheist

“Truth is dead. God never lived. Life is filled with pain. Death is the end of life.” These beliefs formed Alicia Britt Chole's worldview as a young woman. "I sincerely believed that there was no God," she says. "As a young Atheist, I simply considered myself a realist who preferred unanswered questions over fairy tales." Then one day, without warning, Alicia's Atheistic worldview was shattered. Creatively written, Finding an Unseen God opens a window into Alicia's surprising spiritual journey. With warmth, intellect, and compassion, Alicia invites us to carefully consider what we believe and do not believe, while she paints a vivid portrait of a God who relentlessly pursues even those who deny him.

FINDING AN UNSEEN GOD (Reflections of a Former Atheist) is, indeed, an impressive title for a book. For my part, however, as a die-hard atheist, I find it utterly useless to be looking for God because I have been told a great many times before that God is everywhere. Well, if such a warmth, loving and compassionate God were already everywhere, why on earth would any one need to find God? Poch Suzara

Sunday, January 24, 2010


According to the National Statistics Office, 3 Filipinos are born every minute of the day and night in the Philippines . That’s 180 Filipinos born hourly; 4,320 Filipinos born daily; 30,296 Filipinos born weekly; 129,600 Filipinos born monthly; and about 1,555,200 Filipinos born in the Philippines yearly . Among other things, what does this prove? It proves that our women, from grade school to high school to college, have been taught to believe that to get pregnant and to contribute to the population explosion is the greatest thing they can do for the development and progress of our country. Well, it also proves that most of our men even without wages are busy enjoying their job working in the baby factory. But then again, why is it that as our population is increasing, instead of growing richer as a people, we are only getting poorer as nation? Decent job opportunities are rarity in our country. The exodus of Filipinos for employment overseas continue daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly? What is wrong with our economy? Why it is unable to provide every single citizen of our country with adequate food, proper housing, public health and sanitation, and a better tomorrow? It is, indeed, easy to indoctrinate the Filipino to accept poverty as a way of Christian life and devotion. Especially to embrace poverty of the worst kind - the poverty of the mind and heart. All that is needed to be done is to teach our boys and girls at home, in school, in the streets, and in the slums of our major cities to believe and to have faith: 1. that God created the Filipino gifted with free will; 2. that only Jesus, the Jewish Son of God, can save the Filipino; 3. that we are free to obey the will of God, but not free to practice the virtues of free thought, self-respect, and dignity; 4. that we Filipinos have much to be grateful for because God will always provide for our women and children; 5. that it is more productive to be active in the sexual revolution than to be creative in the knowledge evolution; 6. that morality consists in obedience to the will of God even if nobody knows where God comes from; 7. that we must always have the courage to believe, but we must never have the courage to think; 8. that Christian charity does not mean the spread of more bread for prosperity. It only means more threat to spread more poverty in our sick society; 9. that biblical instruction is far more useful than scientific information technology transformation; 10. that if we hate not our mother and father, and hate not our wife and children, and yea, if we hate not our own life also – we cannot be the followers of Jesus; 11. that even if our government officials were all corrupt and wicked, it is all forgivable. For as long as they continue to love, worship, and adore God. 12. that in this only Christian country in Asia, even a God-fearing ex-convict can be qualified to be re-elected President of our Republic. 13. that the Black Nazarene sensationalism has plenty to do with mysticism; but also much profit for the priestly commercialism; 14. that in our sick society of the homeless, jobless, landless, and the moneyless - these are signs enough that our women must produce more and more babies for God's greater glory; 15. that in much wisdom is much grief; and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow; 16. that everybody is a nobody in our country including our own Jose Rizal. Except Jesus. Jesus is the way, the life, and truth for all Filipinos to follow and to obey; to think that Jesus was not a Filipino; 17. that it is easier for a poor camel to enter the eye of a needle than for a rich Filipino to enter the gates of heaven; 18. that God will always love us, will always protect us for as long as we have faith in his power, in his kingdom, and in his glory; 19. that organized crimes is less destructive and the power of organized prayer rallies is more constructive in our sick society; 20. that the good Christian life must always be founded upon the love of fear and devotion to ignorance because the wisdom of the world is foolishness with God. For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent. My dear reader, what I am saying is that we need not look far or wide in order to understand why we are the “Sick Children of Asia .” We have only to look closer at the failure of our education under the success of Christianity in the Philippines. Let's look closer at our own ignorance especially as it prevents its own enlightenment. From the historical perspective, what good did it do us Filipinos to get the colonizers thrown out of our shores – the Spaniards, the Americans, the Japanese during World War 11, including Marcos and his gang of thieves? As a matter of historical fact, those colonizers were all a bunch of midget monsters. What is still here with us today is the giant monster that subjugated the Filipino by conquering the Philippines in the 16th century. Such an evil monster now owns and controls most of what is called “the Philippines ” in this 21st century. I am referring to the gigantic monstrosity well-established in our sick society popularly known as CHRISTIANITY! I said it before, and I say it again: if we Filipinos have neither the ability to think for ourselves; nor have the capacity to love one another; and especially to love our own country, we have only Christianity and its destructive teachings to blame totally. And as soon as we discard Christianity and its harmful values and childish beliefs out of our system of education, then and only then can there be real hope for the Philippines. Specially to grow and to develop as a decent nation. Indeed, to begin playing a real role as a decent nation in the race among decent nations to achieve world sanity, economic growth and prosperity under science and technology enhancing the life of humanity globally. Poch Suzara

Friday, January 22, 2010

For Brother Bert Numez

Brother Bert, as you claim to be a messenger of God / delivery boy for God, please, I would appreciate it, if you could deliver this message to God from me:

Please God, I beg of you, please come down from heaven and visit the Philippines. Millions of Pinays and Pinoys (all faithful and loving to you) are in a desperate
hand to mouth level of existence. They need your help to provide for them. After all, you did promise to do so when you were last living in Israel some 2,000 years ago. Thank you. Poch Suzara

God – the Creator

As an atheist, I do not believe God created the world. I do believe, however, that the devil created the Philippines, especially created the Philippine government - when God was busy elsewhere trying to figure out also what to do exactly with US government! Poch Suzara

Deadly Priorities

If we could only produce not 3 Filipino babies every minute of the day and night, but precisely produce 3 fryers and broilers, 3 cows, 3 pigs, 3 goats, 3 carabaos, 3 deers, 3 sheeps, 3 tons of abaca, 3 tons of fruits, 3 tons of onions and garlic, 3 tons of rice and corn every minute of the day and night - we need not worry about "globalization" as a complex issue.

Indeed, instead of exporting the world over our production of milk, butter, cheese, eggs, ham, bacon, beef steaks, pork steaks, ground beef, onions, garlic, rice and corn, and indeed textile materials - what do we, instead, export in God's name and for his glory in heaven? We export Filipino workers and laborers to help in the progress and development of non-Christian foreign countries.

Really, whatever happened to our duty and responsibility as citizens under a system of education to work and achieve progress as a people, and indeed, growth and maturity as a nation? Poch Suzara

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Devil in Christianity

In Christianity, the Devil is named Satan, sometimes Lucifer. He is a fallen angel who rebelled against God, and is now roaming the Earth. He is identified by Christians with the serpent in the Garden of Eden, whose lies led to original sin and the need for Jesus Christ's redemption. He is also identified as the Accuser of Job, the tempter of the Gospels, and the dragon in the Book of Revelation. Traditionally, Christians have understood the Devil to be the author of lies and promoter of evil. Many liberal Christians view the devil metaphorically[1]. It should be noted, however, that much of this history is not biblical; instead, it is a post-medieval Christian reading of the scriptures influenced by medieval and pre-medieval Christian popular mythology.

Whatever the case may be, isn’t it getting more and more obvious that you Christians, more than a billion of you as an army in this world today with your powerful God and wonderful Son of God Jesus together have dismally failed to put an end to the existence of the stupid devil – the promoter of lies and deception? Indeed, you are all the losers and the failures in the war against evil.

What is wrong with you people? What kind of a God do you people love, worship, and adore? A God who cannot even handle a simple problem like putting an end to the existence of silly, if not a childish devil? Golly, God could kill you, could kill me, and could kill our parents and grandparents and could kill the rest of our loved ones, but God could not kill the devil? Why? is the devil really another supernatural moron?

As for me, I want no more to be a part of this religious bullshit. I would rather be a humanist on the side of humanity; and, an atheist on the side for the achievement of global sanity. Poch Suzara

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Human Brain

The mammalian side of brain, an amazingly complicated product of evolution, created God? But then again, there is also the reptilian side of the brain. It too was created by the devil? For my part I say, nature created the brain. The brain created fear. Fear created both God and the devil. The former as a projection of ourselves; the latter as a projection of our enemies. Let’s ask a deeper question. Does it matter? Humanity has a penchant for creating abstract forces that, for all of their actual nonexistence, wield power and get things done. First we created communities, then tribes, then governments, and nations that created the army, navy, and air force. From absolutely nothing, we have created conceptual entities that have reshaped the world and the way we live. Would a real existing God and his partner the devil who created all these for us make any sense at all? In the ultimate analysis, I say, there exists, no doubt, bigger entities and higher power than we are and that we must always embrace with truth, love, and respect: - I mean - our family, our country, and indeed, this planet, our world. These should be the kind of Gods that we should fully recognize as something bigger, greater, and higher than we all are. Nothing else matters. Nothing else counts! Poch Suzara

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Son Know Not His Father

One would think that as the Son of God Jesus could have easily disclosed to his hearers, followers, and disciples - everything there is to know - the real nature of the existence of God - His Father. So how come the existence of God is still a mystery? Is God a He or a She or an It? Why is God a Father and not a Mother? Even the theologians know nothing worthwhile about such a Being? T

The most Jesus admitted was that "I and my father are one." In the meantime, God's existence is still perpetual mystery which is really a euphemism for stupidity. Really, I ask: If Jesus and God were one, how come while crucified on the cross Jesus cried out loud: “ My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?”

Now my dear reader, ask yourselves: what do you really know anything worth knowing about the existence of God? Take a closer look at the greatest miracle mentioned in the holy bible - the Revealed Truth. It has yet to be revealed! That's how miraculous it is??? Poch Suzara

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Jesus – the Jewish Savior of Filipinos

In John 2: 13-17 - Jesus found in the temple courts people selling oxen and sheep and doves, and the money changers sitting at tables. So he made a whip of cords and drove them all out of the temple, with the sheep and the oxen. He scattered the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables. To those who sold the doves he said, “Take these things away from here! Do not make my Father’s house a marketplace!”

Can any of you faithful religious morons please explain what has this episode with money changers in the temple somewhere in Israel some 2,000 years ago got anything to do with Jesus as the Son of a Jewish God - Savior of the Filipinos in the Philippines? Poch Suzara

The Faitheists

The Faitheists of our poor, sick, and insane society have not ceased chastising me as to why am I angry at God? I also have not ceased asking them which God am I suppose to be angry at? Poch Suzara

Monday, January 04, 2010

The Death of the Human Race

Religion is ignorance. Ignorance is religion. Indeed, religion supports ignorance and ignorance supports religion. In either case, no matter what happens, both are always in cahoots together defending and protecting each for the sake of the other; at a price too dear to pay: the eventual death of the human race in disgrace for the sake of a divine grace. Poch Suzara

Friday, January 01, 2010

Great Monuments

The Coliseum in Rome was, indeed, famous as one of the greatest monuments, especially, to human sadism.

On the other side of the world, however, in the Philippines, the Manila Cathedral was and still is also famous as one of the greatest monuments; unfortunately, to human stupidity. More people have lost their minds and hearts inside the Manila Cathedral than people lost their lives in the Coliseum of Rome. Poch Suzara


Man is both a rational and an irrational animal. Man is rational when he is thinking. Man, however, is irrational like an animal when he is only believing.

Thus, the irrational man is a man of faith. He enjoys his free will; especially the will to freely avoid knowing what is actual or factual or what is true. Poch Suzara

The Greatest of all Miracles

A great many miracles are revealed in the holy bible both in the Old and in the New Testament.

Amazingly, however, the greatest is the miracle known as the Revealed Truth. It has yet to be revealed. Poch Suzara

The Great Religions

Thanks to the great religions of the world – Christianity, Judaism, and Islam – the human race continues to live under the welter of organized hatreds and threats of mutual extermination.

As atheists, we are growing sick and tired of this grim way of life on this planet. We atheists are against war. War is not the way to settle conflicts of superstitions. Conflicts of any kind should be settled with the power of reason.

As atheists, we never run away; on the contrary, we would rather cultivate self-conscious sensitivity to the troubles of our world. It is you, the religious morons everywhere, that’s destroying our world. We atheists are the ones saving it. We do not hate this world. We do not hate other atheists; neither have we ever declared war and killed other atheists for not believing in the existence of a silly God! And you religious morons have the gall to say that we atheists are the ones arrogant in this world of troubles and hate that you yourselves created for each other. Poch Suzara

Poverty and Mystery

“It is easier for a camel to enter the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God “ Luke 18:25. Well now, consider the rich man. Jesus said: “Sell all you have and distribute it to the poor, and you will have treasures in heaven: and come, follow me. Luke 18:22. I ask: if what truly matters in the end is treasures in heaven, what do the poor gain if treasures were given to them on this earth? Here, however, is another mystery: if the kingdom is not of this world, John 18:36, if there were already existing a perfect heaven, why would Jesus promise that when he makes his Second Coming He will insure peace and happiness in this world that will last for a thousand years? In the meantime, I ask: have any of you ever met a dumbstruck camel insane enough to want to enter the eye of a needle? Poch Suzara

Oh Jesus, My Sweet Jesus

It is incredible to believe that in this 21st century, 15,000,000 (million) Pinoys and Pinays have already migrated to some 168 countries around the world. A lot of these places are non-Christian countries. Our workers overseas are now enjoying not only the higher standard of living, but also the higher standard of thinking.

In the meantime, back home, we are taught to believe that Christ is not only real, but that “Without Christ we can do nothing. With Him we can do everything he wants us to do.” Phil Star Dec. 11, 2009.

Well, for my part, I find it painful to believe that the Filipino is the poorest people on this earth. Even the Philippines – is no longer his own country. It is now own by foreigners, especially by the Vatican power. In the meantime, around the Philippines, most of the big farms, big Beach Resorts, 5-star hotels, prime properties, girlie Bars, shopping malls, schools, colleges, and universities, and other commercial enterprises are owned by Spaniards, Americans, Australians, Koreans, Japanese, British, Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis, Saudis, Malaysian, and what-have-you businessmen and traders married to Pinays. Poch Suzara

In Heaven

No need to do anything in heaven. It is a perfect place and therefore utterly boring. No need to sleep. No need to wake up. No need to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner. No need to do the dishes. No need to throw out trash and garbage. No need to brush teeth. No need for sex, or go to the bathroom, or dress up, or comb your hair, or make-up, or clean up, or take a shower, or watch TV, or read books, or go to your computer, or walk a dog, or drive your child to school, or go to church, or cook a meal, or go shopping, or have your motor vehicle checked for maintenance.

And you religious morons are hoping, nay, praying to end up in heaven one day? What is the matter with you people? Why do you still allow yourselves to be frightened by a lot of childish religious malarkey? Poch Suzara


We are told that soldiering is like writing, teaching, preaching, faith-healing, or trading. But what gives the soldier nobility is this: only he pledges to die for his country.

No doubt, a soldier has the courage to die in the battlefield. Sadly, however, he has no courage to ask what it is exactly he is told to give up his life for.

In the meantime, listen to Bertrand Russell: “There is no more horrible crime against liberty than to compel men to kill each other when their conscience tells them to live in peace.” Poch Suzara

We are Sick even in Death

Look how we all have been taught during our formative yearws to look forward after death to meeting only God, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Moses and all the rest of the famous characters in the bible written not by Filipinos, but by Jewish authors. Never, however, are we ever to entertain the thought that we might again be re-united with our mother and father, grandparents, brothers and sisters, wife and children, and other relatives and friends and associates in the hereafter. Indeed, in life as well as in death we were all sick with sick values and sick beliefs. We prefer not the truth. We prefer sick lies and sick deceptions. They are more comforting, if not more soothing, and easier to grasp. And that is why there exist schools, colleges, and universities to teach us how to be frightened of such holy baloney to benefit those who are in control of our minds and hearts. Poch Suzara


Ever since I became an atheist, I began to stop hating myself. In fact, I gradually learned to love myself. So much so that I have no need of lies and deceptions to make me happy, or to make me feel that life has meaning or is worth living. Indeed, loving myself has made me feel more creative, not destructive. I have no need of a God to love me. I am neither afraid of life nor death. I am ready for any change or development in my life. I have no need of a silly God like a silly child who needs to be friendly to a silly Santa Claus. "Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' (Matthew 5:43). On the contrary, I say, Hate divinity and hate deviltry as both are one and the same hooey phooey. Let us, instead, love humanity; especially with the power of thought. The power of thought is far more crucial, if not more beneficial, than the power of love; for, without thought, love cannot exist. Poch Suzara

The gods of the Kangaroos

If kangaroos had gods they would look like kangaroos. No kangaroo can conceptualize beyond its own limits or its own being. A kangaroo cannot think or imagine beyond the experience of a kangaroo.

Despite our human pretensions, this is also true of human beings. We human beings have gods, and they look and act remarkably like us human beings.

For my part, I envy the kangaroos. They never have to multiply and replenish the earth with kangaroos that need to go to grade school, high school, and to go for a college education to learn how to love and worship and adore a god Kangaroo. Poch Suzara