Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bertrand Russell book about the Philippines

Poch Suzara's Bertrand Russell to the Rescue: Can the Wit and Wisdom of ... Reviews Standard depicting the (now deposed) president of the ... Whatever the overall effectiveness of SUZARA’S book, it has the field virtually to itself. Forthcoming Books in Russell Studies 2003, Ramon ("Poch") Suzara. Bertrand Russell to the Rescue: Can the Wit and Wisdom ... About half the book concerns Russell and the philosophy of logical atomism. ..... Russell in Review: the Bertrand Russell Centenary Celebrations - It is also about what a high school expelled student can accomplish in life with the power of self-education as he enrolled as a life time student in the greatest of all universities - it is but a collection of books. Poch Suzara

Saturday, August 22, 2009

BR versus JC

To the saints Bertrand Russell was such a liar and so hard to read or to admire. He wrote: “The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. What the world needs now is not only love but also greater knowledge about the nature of love, in all its complexity.”

To the sinners, however, Jesus Christ was much more truthful and so easy to obey. Jesus said: “If any man come to me and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, yea, ad his own life also, he cannot be my disciple. Luke 14:26

Take a good look at our sick society. Look how as saints or as sinners we all love Jesus up there while we hate one another down here. And to think that Jesus never went to college. He never attended high school. Golly, Jesus never even attended grade school. Yet, we love, worship, and adore Jesus who was not even a Filipino. He was a Jew born in a foreign land that never even got to be converted into embracing with deep faith Christian values and beliefs. Poch Suzara

Friday, August 21, 2009

Donating to Philippine Charity

I have donated on the average 100,00 pesos a year to Philippine charity. I started doing so since I arrived from the USA in 1986 having lived and worked in both Southern and Northern California for some 17 years.

Thus far, I have already donated a total of almost TWO MILLION PESOS ( 2,000,000 pesos ) to Philippine charity during these past 20 years. I have on hand the official receipts as proof to show to any one who thinks that I am such a “liar.” Indeed, most people have the impression that just because I am an atheist, I have neither a sense of morality nor in my heart a sense of charity. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t care less for the existence of a divinity. I care more about the spread of common human decency existing under a sane and a healthy society. Poch Suzara

Church and State

If you can believe in the existence of the separation between State and church, you might as well believe too in the existence of the separation between fear and ignorance.

Indeed, the job of the State is to keep the people living in ignorance. The job of the Church is to keep the people living in fear.

Thus, inspired by the corrupt state in cahoots with the corrupt church – is the corrupt system of education.

Look how we come out of our schools, colleges, and universities all at home with corruption than we are prepared to work for human civilization. Poch Suzara

Sunday, August 16, 2009

College educated Jose Rizal

Indeed, Jose Rizal was college educated. High school expelled students, however, did not plan to put him to death in public. On the contrary, what I am saying is - if the college educated morons in power and authority did not get him executed, Jose Rizal could have done more, much more to show the way what real college education can do to accomplish health for the Filipino as a people and accomplish wealth for the Philippines as a nation. As it is, what we have accomplished as a college educated people and as a college educated nation is not love of country, but love of divinity.
And all for the sake of promoting in the Philippines social, religious, and political insanity.

As a non-believer of the Christian faith, indeed, as an atheist, and a high school expelled student, I rest my case. Poch Suzara

Comment from Bob Bernardo: - The so-called Philippine-education graduate Rizal vehemently dropped out of it, as vehemently as did, well-you-know-whom-I-mean. He described with contempt the intellectually stunting and morally degrading education he was getting at Sto.Tomas Pontifical University in the Filibusterismo historical novel. So, at 18, as indicated by his prize-winning ode to free thought and study(for one's perfection), he resolved to drop out for continuing modern advanced studies in Europe, including liberalizing Madrid. But most of it was self-study in the free air of scientific humanist Europe.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Most of the ideas I write on this Blog, admittedly, have already been already expressed by other thinkers both in the ancient and in the modern world. Indeed, there is no such thing as an original idea as all ideas are but an imitation from various sources. Oh well, if you copy from one author, you are a plagiarist. If, however, you copy from 2 authors, you are a scholar. But if you copy from 3 different authors you are a researcher. With me I copy from the plagiarist and I copy from the scholar and I also copy from the researcher. In fact, I copy from 100 different authors. I am known as Poch Suara famous as a " catholic high-school Expelled Student" of some 65 years ago. Poch Suzara Facebook# Twitter# Google#

The Unholy Trinity

Mediocrity, Insanity, and corruptibility pretty much comprise the unholy trinity in this only Christian country in Asia since the 16th century. In the meantime, in line with Luke 14:26 - look how we love God, the Father; love God, the Son; and love God, the Holy Spirit up there, while we all hate the Filipino father, hate the Filipino son, and indeed, hate the Filipino family down here! Poch Suzara

The Problem with God

The problem with God is that only after you are dead will God impress you with something. For as long as you live, however, to God you are a nothing but a piece of nothing. Well, the problem with being dead is that you won’t be able to realize that you are already dead! Indeed, with what brain will you think? With what eyes will you see? With what ears will you hear? With what palate will you taste? With what nose will you smell? With what heart will you feel? With what sex organ will you be replenishing religious morons for heaven or multiplying more of them for hell? Poch Suzara


For as long as we are still living, there is always tomorrow. But as soon as we are dead – there will be no more tomorrows. There will only be nothing. millions of years before birth we were existing as a nothing. Millions of years after death we shall be existing again as a nothing.

In the meantime, life’s meaning is that we must eventually say good-bye to our loved-ones we shall never see ever again. Poch Suzara

Our Troubled World

For as long as we waste time and energy believing, fearing, venerating, and having faith in a troubled God, we shall never solve the problems of our troubled world. We shall only always need a Savior. But Bertrand Russell had a more creative alternative: He wrote: “The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge." "What the world needs now is not only love, but also the greater knowledge of the nature of love, in all its complexity. “ And if I may add, the world also needs not more fear, but more courage - the courage to achieve enlightenment in order to bring more light into this world of darkness. . . Poch Suzara Twitter# Facebook# Google#


A personality or a celebrity can never be the enduring symbol of democracy. Democracy can only be born of, then grow, mature, and develop with, - the power of new and fresh ideas.

Hope for the Filipino as a people can also come not from God’s kingdom, but only from the power of scientific knowledge and earthly wisdom.

Indeed, democracy can neither be reformed by a personality nor transformed by a celebrity. Democracy can only be freely functional with the power of the radical reform of ideals. Poch Suzara

Rat-Race for Salvation

Many of my college educated friends and associates and relatives envy me – a high school expelled student. Specially as I managed, somehow, to happily pull myself out of the rat-race for eternal salvation. I decided to drop out of the rat-race because I clearly saw, even if I win – and gain eternal salvation with God - I would still be a rat. Poch Suzara

College-educated Morons

Most of the college educated men and women, especially those from any of the 1,000 Catholic colleges and universities know virtually nothing of the real Jose Rizal. Specially Rizal as a scientific thinker and as a freedom-fighter humanist.

The one and only thing they know, however, is that hours before he was executed by inspired Catholic friars - Jose Rizal “retracted” and that he died as a penitent Catholic believing in the existence of a Catholic God. Shame on all of you college educated morons. Rizal was not even given a Catholic burial. His remains was just
put inside an old sack and like a dead dog thrown inside Paco Cemetery. Poch Suzara

Natural Evil

Natural evil may not come from God but from Satan and his fallen angels. But then the question arises: Why did God create Satan and his fallen angels gifted with free will too?

In the meantime, how useful is our free will if it is utterly useless in the fight against the rest of our human body preventing it from dying vulnerable to germs, bacteria, viruses and other malignant tumors? Poch Suzara

A Text Message

My Dear: A fucking moron sexually desired you. Like a tuti-patutie that you are, you recklessly yielded. He got you pregnant. As a single mother you are now charging other morons to fuck you in order for you to support yourself and his child? No thanks.I may be a moron, but God thank I am not that kind of a moron. Poch Suzara

They all Loved God

These religious morons all loved God: Bishop Cyril who had Hypatia killed loved God. The Catholic authority that jailed scientist Galileo loved God. The killers who had Bruno burned alive loved God. The Spanish Inquisitors loved God. The Spanish Catholic friars who had Jose Rizal executed loved God. The Christians who burned witches loved God. Promoters of the Children’s Crusade loved God. Martin Luther loved God when he proposed driving the Jews out of Germany. Hitler who had millions of Jews killed loved God. Parents who produce unloved and unwanted children existing under subhuman conditions in the Philippines love God. All the high US government officials who supported the Marcos dictatorship in the Philippines loved God. Abraham loved God when he was willing to murder his son. Moses loved God when he ordered his soldiers to kill the older women and the male children of the Midianites, but to keep the virgin girls for themselves [Numbers 31]. In all the bloody wars between Christians and Muslims, between Protestants and Catholics, all sides love God. The poor spiritually, bankrupt morally, and politically sick Filipinos in the Philippines – the only Christian country in Asia since the 16th century all love God up there by hating one another down here. Poch Suzara


The day we arrived into this world via mother’s womb, we neither believed in the existence of God nor even believed in the existence of mother, and indeed, father. Now to believe that God created man in his own image and likeness has got to be some sort of a sacred hooey-phooey, or an ecclesiastical absurdity, if not based upon a holy baloney theology.

Indeed, we are all the stupid victims, not the intelligent masters, - of organized religion. Poch Suzara


All of my God-fearing Catholic friends and Catholic relatives have not ceased being worried about the salvation of my silly soul. Each time, however, they see me emulating the life of a dumbstruck moron they become so proud of me. As I fuck around with them, get drunk around with them, and eat like pigs around with them, and I appear to them as someone who is now idiotic, if not moronic, indeed, now back to being a good Catholic - they feel I am now once again getting closer to God who will diminish my silly years in a silly Purgatory before I finally make it to a silly heaven.

In the meantime, being selfish, greedy, stupid, and insane tantamount to what love of God is all about. Poch Suzara

It is Incredible

How a high-school expelled student who eventually enrolled in the greatest of all universities – ( it is but a collection of books ), could easily provoke the thoughts of college educated men and women comprising for the most part our sick society. Indeed, a sick society established by sick values and sick beliefs as products of a sick system of education. Poch Suzara

Who are the Religious Morons

They all want to be rewarded with heavenly salvation but none want to experience earthly termination. Or to put it simply: they all want to go to heaven, but like religious morons none of them want to die. Poch Suzara

Notes on the Supernatural

Isn't it funny that God blames man for the original sin when he himself originated everything to begin with? Obviously such a God, if he does exist, is a supernatural moron at best, at worst a supernatural monster. For my part, I refuse to love, worship, and adore such a queer God! I also refuse to live in fear of the devil - who is another supernatural queer! Poch Suzara

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Garbage and Trash

Except perhaps for Hollywood garbage that is still garbage, for decades now garbage and trash used to be nothing but garbage and trash. Today, due to the power of science and technology, garbage and trash is a multi-trillion dollar industry.

Diesel fuel, compost/fertilizer/ artificial wood/lumber, and recycled paper and plastic and glass can easily be transformed from precious garbage and valuable trash. I am most proud to be involved with the inventor/innovator of this machine and hopefully, one day soon, we will be cleaning up dirty cities of the world off their garbage and trash. Any one interested to learn more about this business venture, please contact me for more information at my email – or at my celphone 0916-572-4788 Poch Suzara

Monday, August 10, 2009

What's the Matter With You God

Oh God, my dear God, what is the matter with you? Are you really that cold-blooded in perfection, and so lost in self-admiration? Don't you have other more important things to do for a healthy humanity other than just continue endlessly to be in cahoots destructively with a sick deviltry? Oh God, my dear God, what kind of a supernatural monster are you? To hell with you God. Believe me God, you will not be forgiving us. We will, instead, be forgiving you. In the meantime, please tell your friend the devil to stop fucking around. After all, you are way ahead of the devil in the fucking around business in order to accomplish nothing! Poch Suzara

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

College Educated Fools

Most of the college educated men and women, especially those from any of the 1,000 Catholic schools, colleges, and universities established in this poor and backward country virtually know nothing of the real Jose Rizal as a scientific thinker and, indeed, as a freedom-fighter humanist.

The one and only thing they know, however, is that hours before he was executed by inspired
Catholic friars - Jose Rizal “retracted” and that he died as a penitent Catholic.

Shame on all of you college educated fools for believing such historical lies..

Poch Suzara, high school expelled student of De La Salle University.