Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dear Mar

Mariano Patalinjug
New York City, USA
June 27,2010

Dear Mar,

A great many thanks for the phrase: "The more you use your brains, the more brains you will have to use." How very true. For my part, I still find it incredible to have began to deeply appreciate my brain, the little of it that I possessed - after I was expelled out of La Salle high school. Especially after I also started reading seriously the so-called "bad books" that I was told must never never read.

May I, however, add: - "When the brain is troubled, men believe everything and examine nothing." We can see this truth on these pages. Most men are afraid when
in darkness - physical or moral. Fear is habitual to most men and becomes a necessity: they would believe that something precious is missing in life if they have nothing to fear. Sadly, this is what so-called "education" has basically been all about in the Philippines. Indeed, for the most part, schools, colleges, and universities in the Philippines are places where intelligent minds are damned, but stupid souls are saved.

Bertrand Russell summarized it: "Fear is the principal reason why men are so unwilling to admit facts and so anxious to wrap themselves round a garment of myth."

Yours Truly,
Poch Suzara

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Filipino Genuine Leader

Show me a Pinoy who loves his wife and children, loves his country, and loves fellow-citizens, and I will show a Pinoy with all the potentials to be a genuine leader of our country. Show me, however, a Pinoy who believes in God and his angels, believes in Jesus and his apostles, believes in the Pope as the head of the Catholic church and his cardinals, believes in the power of prayer, believes in the promises of the priesthood industry about a better world to come after death, but does not believe in the intellectual growth of the Filipino as a people nor in the moral or political maturity of the Philippines as a nation, I will show you college-educated jerks as the corrupt officials today in the Philippine government. Poch Suzara Facebook# Twitter# Google#

Corruption and Prostitution

Of all forms of corruption active at all levels of our sick society the mostly deadly has been and still is transpiring inside the Department of Education. Consider two among the many deadly results that are produced by both private and public schools in our country: For our poor women, to be financially successful in life, they must only be active in the business of prostitution. For our poor men, to be financially successful in life, they must only be active in the business of corruption. It is said that behind every fortune is a crime. This is, indeed, true. However, let us not forget what is also true: Behind humanity suffering endlessly from earthly poverty comes from having too much silly faith in a heavenly divinity. Welcome to the Philippines. The land where corruption tends to corrupt not only sexually, not only medically, not only politically, not only legislatively, not only executively, not only in the judiciary, not only, especially, educationally. Indeed, in our blessed by God sick society, behind every fortune is not only a crime, also, especially, a corrupt woman's behind. Poch Suzara


Prosperity in life is delightful. It’s the path towards growth of one’s personality. Especially when accompanied with self-respect and dignity. Otherwise, say a poor woman, who enjoys prosperity but only by getting impregnated by a bigger dick and the bigger cash payment that goes along with it – is not prosperity. It is the corruption of her personal identity – the way of life of a tuti-frutie-patutie.

This human tragedy comes not because of destiny, but from the simple reason that most poor women are concerned mostly about surviving. Even at the cost of one’s reputation. They have neither the taste nor the emotion to appreciate the power of love or the values of affection via the decent way of living and thinking and hard working. They would rather seek more and better opportunities not at emancipation, or intellectual stimulation, but only by being active in the business of prostitution. It is all about selling what most stupid men are always eager to be buying. Poch Suzara

The Truth

The truth did not set me free. It set me mad. Especially as I discovered, much
to my consternation, that the “Revealed Truth” has yet to be revealed. By whom? Nobody as yet knows? The most that I am told is that the truth goes marching on.
As to where exactly it is going, again, who knows? Poch Suzara

Human Life

Human life, indeed, is valuable and meaningful for the sake of human life on
this earth. I find it silly to believe, however, that human life is valuable
and meaningful to God but only after we are dead with our souls in purgatory,
in heaven, or in hell. Poch Suzara

In Our Sick Society

We are more concerned with babies not yet born. We do not, however, give a hoot
about babies already born living in squalor and in poverty. Sick as we all are as
the Sick Children of Asia, we encourage our women to give birth to more babies. We pretend to love babies. We let them grow up a bit, give them a fighting, and then
we kill them with rotten hygiene, filthy sanitation and indeed, malnutrition.

Of course, somehow, many of these poor and abandoned children manage to survive.
And so, we enroll them to be students of our sick and corrupt system of education.
On earth as it is in heaven, the human tragedy goes on and on. It is all about social insanity traditionally generated in our country for the sake of Christianity. Poch Suzara

God’s Will

Most Pinoys cannot, will not, could not believe that impregnating a woman with a
child has anything to do by sexual penetration. Most Pinoys therefore have no worries whatsoever about the population explosion. They have been taught to believe that a woman getting pregnant with a baby has nothing to do with sexual thrill. It has only something to do with God’s Will. After all, after all these past centuries, in our schools, colleges, and universities - we are still taught to believe that God created all Filipinos in his own image and likeness. Poch Suzara

The Sick Children of Asia

Everything is a failure in the Philippines; except Christianity. Christianity has been and still is the only thing that’s quite a success in our way of life. Everything else is a total failure; especially the system education – rotten to the core as it has always been.

Consider in this already 21st century. We Filipinos still believe, as we have been frightened to believe in fantasy, that there is a better world to come after death. Never mind the work and discipline needed by way of a better system of education to acknowledge the reality that we can all have, in the here and now, a better country to come after birth.

We are no longer the Sick Man of Asia. We are now known as the Sick Children of Asia. Poch Suzara

Sunday, June 20, 2010

For Louie Fernandez

Dear Louie, you are entirely correct. Right on target. I entirely agree. May I add, however, that among the many heroes, including our unsung heroes, Rizal was about the only one who had the intellectual capacity to see not only the minor evil called "Spanish Authority, but mainly the major evil called "Christianity in the Philippines." Indeed, even our teachers in schools and professors in colleges and universities have yet to see and acknowledge the evils of Christian beliefs and values. That up to today in this already 21st century Christianity is still pretty much well-established here keeping us Filipinos spiritually poor as a people and the Philippines morally backward as a nation. Especially for the glory of a divinity in heaven.

No doubt, Christianity today does not any more execute to death in public rare Filipino thinker. It is worst. Christianity executes to death the minds and hearts of our nation's youth via the same old corrupt system of Christian education.

As for me, I say it again: If Christianity did not get Rizal arrested, jailed, and executed in public, never would I have ever entertained the beauty and sanity of Atheism always on the side of humanity. Poch Suzara