Monday, December 31, 2012

Religious mediocrity or Political Stupidity

Most men never rise above viewing things as object of desires- hence their misery under intellectual timidity; but to see things purely as object of understanding is to rise to the freedom of enhancing one's intellectual capacity. Indeed, none of the higher mental processes are required to keep one' faith in Catholicism. However, the advocate of change, progress, and development, on the contrary, must have a certain degree of intellectual courage in order to be able to conceive of anything different from what exists. For my part, under our freedom and democracy, I have the right to write what I want. And it is matched by another right just as powerful: the right of others not to read what I write. My freedom of expression includes the freedom to shake some sense into our college-educated politicians in or out of government that's keeping us Filipinos spiritually poor as a people; and, morally bankrupt as a nation. I said it before, I say it again: the freedom of thought is far more precious than the freedom of expression; for, devoid of thought we can only express, at best, religious mediocrity; or, at worst - political stupidity. Poch Suzara

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rizal's Letter to the Young Women of Malolos

HOLA! In observance of Rizal Day, allow me to share with you my most favorite quote from Gat Jose Rizal's "Letter to the Young Women of Malolos" as well as his suggested points of reflection... ====================== "I do not expect to be believed simply because it is I who am saying this; there are many people who do not listen to reason, but will listen only to those who wear the cassock or have gray hair or no teeth; but while it is true that the aged should be venerated, because of their travails and experience, yet the life I have lived, consecrated to the happiness of the people, adds some years, though not many of my age. I do not pretend to be looked upon as an idol or fetish and to be believed and listened to with the eyes closed, the head bowed, and the arms crossed over the breast; what I ask of all is to reflect on what I tell him, think it over and shift it carefully through the sieve of reasons. FIRST of all. That the tyranny of some is possible only through cowardice and negligence on the part of others. SECOND. What makes one contemptible is lack of dignity and abject fear of him who holds one in contempt. THIRD. Ignorance is servitude, because as a man thinks, so he is; a man who does not think for himself and allowed himself to be guided by the thought of another is like the beast led by a halter. FOURTH. He who loves his independence must first aid his fellowman, because he who refuses protection to others will find himself without it; the isolated rib in the buri is easily broken, but not so the broom made of the ribs of the palm bound together. FIFTH. If the Filipina will not change her mode of being, let her rear no more children, let her merely give birth to them. She must cease to be the mistress of the home, otherwise she will unconsciously betray husband, child, native land, and all. SIXTH. All men are born equal, naked, without bonds. God did not create man to be a slave; nor did he endow him with intelligence to have him hoodwinked, or adorn him with reason to have him deceived by others. It is not fatuous to refuse to worship one's equal, to cultivate one's intellect, and to make use of reason in all things. Fatuous is he who makes a god of him, who makes brutes of others, and who strives to submit to his whims all that is reasonable and just. SEVENTH. Consider well what kind of religion they are teaching you. See whether it is the will of God or according to the teachings of Christ that the poor be succored and those who suffer alleviated. Consider what they preaching to you, the object of the sermon, what is behind the masses, novenas, rosaries, scapularies, images, miracles, candles, belts, etc. etc; which they daily keep before your minds; ears and eyes; jostling, shouting, and coaxing; investigate whence they came and whiter they go and then compare that religion with the pure religion of Christ and see whether the pretended observance of the life of Christ does not remind you of the fat milch cow or the fattened pig, which is encouraged to grow fat nor through love of the animal, but for grossly mercenary motives. Let us, therefore, reflect; let us consider our situation and see how we stand. May these poorly written lines aid you in your good purpose and help you to pursue the plan you have initiated. "May your profit be greater than the capital invested;" and I shall gladly accept the usual reward of all who dare tell your people the truth. May your desire to educate yourself be crowned with success; may you in the garden of learning gather not bitter, but choice fruit, looking well before you eat because on the surface of the globe all is deceit, and the enemy sows weeds in your seedling plot. All this is the ardent desire of your compatriot. JOSÉ RIZAL MINA TENORIO

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Filipinos have yet to be healed by the Apostles

When Jesus had called the Twelve together, he gave them power and authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases, and he sent them out to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick. Luke 9:1 I asked it before, I ask it again: How come, in the whole of Asia, only the Philippines got to be converted to be a Catholic country, but not all Filipinos are Catholics; and, how come the apostles of Jesus dismally failed to cure diseases of Filipinos as they are now more known worldwide as the SICK MAN OF ASIA? Poch Suzara

Friday, December 28, 2012

Sick Belief Creates Sick Society

Respecting false beliefs is just like having faith. It is not wanting to know what is true. For my part, I have neither respect for holy baloney; nor have I faith in sacred salami. After all, it is not healthy disbelief, but sick belief that creates a sick society. And just how sick are we existing under our sick society: Aside from having an Army, Navy, Air force; and having an NBI, CIS, and Philippine National police, and God knows what else - look how we still need to hire security guards to protect life and property everywhere in this only Catholic country in Asia. What's happening to us Filipinos is not due to the dismal failure; on the contrary, it is due to the great success of Catholicism via its schools, colleges, universities, and seminaries in this only Catholic country in Asia since the 16th century. Poch Suzara Twitter # Facebook# Google#

Catholicism - a great success in the Philippines

Dear Lourdes, It is easy to determine who is responsible for the poverty, social insanity, political stupidity, in a word - historical misery keeping our country poor, sick, and backward. NO! It can hardly be the men and women and the high officials installed to work with, or be a part of, - the Philippine government. After all, not one of them is an atheist, or a freethinker, or a humanist, or a scientist, or an unbeliever of the faith - THEY ARE, IN THE MAJORITY, RAISED AND EDUCATED IN CATHOLIC SCHOOLS, COLLEGES, AND UNIVERSITIES; AND, IN THE MINORITY, RAISED AND EDUCATED UNDER THE BELIEFS AND VALUES OF IGLESIA NI CRISTO, DATING DAAN, EL SHADDAI, JESUS IS LORD MOVEMENT, AND GOD KNOWS WHO OR WHAT ELSE. I said it before, I say it again: Catholicism is not a failure in the Philippines. On the contrary, Catholicism has always been and still is a great success in this only Catholic country in Asia since the 16th century! As an Atheist, I rest my case! Best wishes always, Poch Suzara

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Not Hate, but to love our country

For my part, as an atheist, I have no interest in loving a Godup there by hating one another down here. I am not interested in a system of rewards and punishments. I do not see that the purpose of life is to be prepared and secured for death. I live without any sense of heaven as a place of reward; or, hell as a place of punishment. To believe that human life temporary on this earth is but the preparation for the life of eternity after death invites not love, but hate, - of one's country! Poch Suzara

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Jose Rizal and Charles Darwin

To kill an error is as good a service as, and sometimes even better than, establishing of a new truth or fact. - - - Charles Darwin My dear reader, can you name me one Filipino as product of college education in any of our prestigious universities in the Philippines - such as La Salle, Ateneo, AIM, Assumption college, University of the Santo Thomas, and so on - who has substantially contributed to the betterment of our society? Especially by exposing with intellectual guts the religious lies and political deceptions that is keeping us poor and aimless as a people; and, keeping us backward and rudderless as a nation? In fact, who has exposed the religious lies and political deceptions that have historically kept us Filipinos famous only as the Sick Man of Asia? I don't know about you readers. For my part, I can name only one great Filipino - Jose Rizal. To think that the power, wealth, and glory that had him executed is still here with more power, wealth, and glory in our country today - the Catholic Church - the owners of schools, colleges, and universities such as Ateneo and UST where Jose Rizal, as a student, and who had already began to intellectually question the sensibilities of his Catholic education. I said it before, I say it again: the truth hurts; but lies and deceptions are far more damaging and can last for a thousand years. - - - Poch Suzara

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Read the bible critically, seriously, and Judiciously

Why is it that you frightened believers never bother to seriously read your own holy bible from cover to cover? You just depend on us atheists to read for you and to reveal to you the REVEALED TRUTHS as written by INSPIRED AUTHORS of God. Listen: Melchizedek the Priest -Priest of the Most High God. This Melchizedek was king of Salem and priest of God Most High. He met Abraham returning from the defeat of the kings and blessed him, and Abraham gave him a tenth of everything. First, the name Melchizedek means “king of righteousness”; then also, “king of Salem” means “king of peace.” Without father or mother, without genealogy, without beginning of days or end of life, resembling the Son of God, he remains a priest forever." Hebrews 7:1-3 So obviously, when you believers shout to high heavens that everything has a cause and that God is that first cause of everything - then WHO or WHAT caused the existence of Melchizedek - without father or mother, without genealogy, without beginning of days or an end of life..." More to the point: how come Melchizedeck always here, always there and always everywhere present but chooses to imitate God to only ne always OMNI-ABSENT? Hijos de tootie-frootie y patooties! CONIO! When will you frightened religious saps ever going to wake up to the TRUTH that RELIGION ENCOURAGES STUPIDITY AND AN INSUFFICIENT SENSE REALITY. It promotes nothing but dead uniformity under holy baloney mysteriously mixed with sacred salami. All for the sake of a silly divinity always keeping us aimless as a people and rudderless as a nation. Poch Suzara Twitter# Facebook# Google# Atheist#

Monday, December 24, 2012

The Catholic Church in the Philippines

The Philippines is home to many of the world's major religious congregations, and today these include the Augustinians, Recollects, Jesuits, Dominicans, Franciscans, Carmelites, Salesians, and the indigenous Religious of the Virgin Mary. As a matter of truth made simple, however, the Catholic church in the Philippines is no longer a church. It is now more known schools, colleges, and universities. Poch Suzara


I have great respect for General Douglas MacArthur. He was a truthful man. During the Second World War, he promised to return with a bigger army to assist fellow Filipino soldiers fighting the Japanese in the Philippines. He simply said: - “I shall return!” He did so in two years time. Jesus, however, the Son of God, who cured diseases, who could walk on water, who raised the dead back to life, the Savior of Filipinos, after getting crucified on a cross, promised that he will return soon. Jesus made that promise some two thousand years ago. College-educated - Religiously frightened faithfools are still seriously waiting for Jesus to return. I ask: to return to accomplish what? I am sad for my parents, grandparents, great, great, great, grandparents. They all believed this bullcrap promise of Jesus returning within their own lifetime. What a lot of holy bible garbage! But then again, I have more respect, more love and affection, more admiration for Jose Rizal. When he died for his country, he stayed dead. When Jesus died on the cross to destroy the devil, he did not stay dead. He resurrected on the 3rd day back to life presumably to try to find some other ways and means to fuck the stupid devil dead for good. Poch Suzara

Power of Love comes from the Power of thought

Never belittle the power of thought. love comes from the power of thought. Indeed, devoid of thought love has NO power. Poch Suzara

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Oh Jesus, Where are You

Millions of your Filipino followers are filthy poor; but your Filipino leaders-Evangelists are filthy rich. All, however, rich and poor alike, are waiting for your return. What’s holding up the show? Where are you Jesus? It has been more than 2,000 years already. Why did you make a promise you could not deliver in due time? Time has elapsed! Oh Jesus, my dear Jesus, do you know that millions of Filipinos who are college educated Catholics have to earn a living overseas. These are in foreign countries that do not even believe you are the Son of God who performed wonderful miracles or that you are the Savior of the world! Oh Jesus, my dear Jesus, while you lived on this earth, did you really have to squander your supernatural powers on frivolous nonsense? Instead of bringing mankind a cure for heart disease and cancer, you only used magic to curse a fig tree. Instead of ending birth defects and infant mortality, you filled pigs with demons. Instead of ending world hunger and illiteracy, you changed water into wine. Instead of showing men and women how to walk with dignity and self-respect, you only showed them how to walk on water. Instead of raising dead Lazarus back to life, you ignored raising dead minds and hearts to benefit society. Instead a punching to death a boy who had accidentally hit you, wouldn't it been better if you punched to death the devil responsible for the sins, crimes, and in your own community? Oh Jesus, my dear Jesus, the worst kind of poverty is the poverty of the mind and heart. This is the kind of poverty that seems endless as a scandal in the Philippines. Thanks of course to your Catholic church - the owner of more than 1,000 schools, colleges, and universities teaching us Filipinos that you will soon return and we therefore need not worry about tomorrow because, at any rate, God will provide and will take care of our tomorrows. In the meantime, my dear Jesus, the Catholic Vatican bank is the richest, most powerful bank in the world far richer and more powerful today than the United States Federal Reserve Bank. Poch Suzara

Saturday, December 22, 2012

More Finite Garbage written in the Bible by Inspired authors of an INFINITE God

Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves. Numbers 31:17-18 The Lord will strike you with the boils of Egypt, with tumors, with the scab, and with the itch, from which you cannot be healed. Deuteronomy 28:27 Note: could you readers really believe that God could inspire his authors to write such garbage in the holy bible" Indeed, whenever a verse or a chapter in the bible is unreasonable, and you believe it as the word of God,you are considered to be a good Catholic. And if the verse or chapter in the bible were greatly absurd and infinitely stupid, and you believe it, you are a saint. I asked it before, I ask it again: how and why should the INFINITE mind of God inspire such FINITE minds of authors to reveal the REVEALED TRUTH in the bible? And to think that bible messages are the basic information behind our system of education, and also behind the Philippines and its Constitution! Is it any wonder with distorted minds and twisted hearts we Filipinos can not even fathom why precisely we are more known throughout the world as the Sick Man of Asia? Poch Suzara

Friday, December 21, 2012

Sick Bible Messages for our System of Education

Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves. Numbers 31:17-18 Indeed, whenever a verse or a chapter in the bible is unreasonable, and you believe it as the word of God,you are considered to be a good Catholic. And if the verse or chapter in the bible were greatly absurd and infinitely stupid, and you believe it, you are a saint. And to think that bible messages are the basic information behind our system of education, and also behind the Philippines and its Constitution! Is it any wonder with distorted minds and twisted hearts we Filipinos can not fathom why precisely we are more known throughout the world as the Sick Man of Asia? Poch Suzara

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Jesus Loves the Failures and the Losers

Jesus loves the failures and the losers of this world. He couldn't give two hoots for the great men and women who brought enlightenment into this world of darkness. Jesus is a Savior of what? How did he bring light into the world to brighten the hearts and mind of mankind; especially the minds and hearts of Filipinos - the victims, not the masters, of Catholicism in this only Catholic country in Asia? Jesus sought to save the world. Surely no one looking at the world today can say that Jesus succeeded. His plan of salvation was a failure; it did not work out as Jesus intended. An ideal teacher is needed now as much as 2,000 years ago. If the world is gradually improving, as seems probable, it is in spiteof the superstition of the past, not because of them. Jesus did not provide the knowledge so much needed by man today to enable him to shape his course through life. No one knows how to live correctly, how best to meet each situation, what action is suited to the occasion. Jesus did not tell us what to do. His sayings are interpreted in so many different ways. He failed to predict the needs of the future. Jesus did not explain relations between man and wife, nor between employer and employee, nor how to educate children, nor how to preserve health, nor how to make a living, nor how to prevent war, poverty and suffering. Jesus gave little practical information and his spiritual advice was not clearly enough expressed to enable man to apply it to modern conditions. Jesus neglected to instruct people how to live. His knowledge of the world was less than that of a La Salle high school expelled student Hijos de tootie-frootie-patooties, Wake up already! We are now living in the 21st century! Poch Suzara

The Worst Kind of Poverty

The worst kind of poverty is the poverty of the mind and heart. Conversely, the best kind of wealth is the health of the mind and heart. Now what could be more enriching than to throw out the window the lowest form of poverty - more known as "faith?" Indeed, a man of faith is like a drunkard who clings to a lamppost for support, not illumination! Or, to put it in some other words ' Faith is nothing more than pretending to know something that you know nothing about. It is worse than bad thinking, it's antithinking! The bible states that" only a fool says in his heart there is no God." Well, we the wise, say it to the world. As for me, an atheist, I would rather love and respect human intelligence than to always be soaked or be frightened of divine malevolence! Instead of enriching silly divinity, I would rather enrich the intelligence of humanity! In the meantime, life after birth is far more precious than life after death. After all, there isn't any life after death! This is a brutal fact, and most facts are brutal. Poch Suzara

Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Psyco-ceramic at worst; a crack-pot a best

"Prayers never bring anything... They may bring solace to the sap, the bigot, the ignorant, the aboriginal, and the lazy - but to the enlightened it is the same as asking Santa Claus to bring you something for Xmas. --W. C. Fields

 Praying is like a rocking a chair. It will help you do something but won't get you anywhere. -- Gypsy Rose Lee

Imagine, as the Vicar of Christ, the Head of the Catholic church, the CEO of the richest bank in the world - the Vatican Catholic bank - Pope Benedict XV111 offered prayers to the thousands of victims devastated by the Pablo typhoon in Mindanao. What a psycho-ceramic at best; a crackpot at worst! - - Poch Suzara

Friday, December 14, 2012

God will never Forsake you - wow

In the bible, God said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." Heb.13:5 Phil Star Dec. 15, 2012 Oh God, my dear God - are you serious or just kidding? Listen to the cries of your own only begotten Son Jesus crying out loud nailed to a cross: - "MY GOD, MY GOD, WHY HAS THOU FORSAKEN ME?" Matt. 27:46 Poch Suzara

Our Famous Criminals in Jail or out of jail

Famous Filipino criminals in jail or still waiting to be sentenced to jail or pardoned out of jail or executed by fellow criminals in the government or already forgiven by the Lord Jesus Christ on earth as he is in heaven: Marcos and Imelda Rolando Galman Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Mike Arroyo Efraim Genuino Erwin Genuino Sheryl Genuino Antonio Leviste Rolito Go Justice Reynato Corona Mayor Antonio Sanchez Congressman Romeo Jaloslos Cesar Guy Claudio Teehankee Jr. Benjamin Abalos Joseph "Erap" Estrada Congressman "Bingbong" Crisologo and many, many more such as the lawmakers as the lawbreakers, Tax evaders,and evangelical liars, deceivers, and swindlers! Notice however all of these people share something in common: None of them are atheists. None have been known to be atheists.In fact, all of them believe, love, worship, and have deep faith in God who can readily forgive them of their sins and crimes; and, indeed, to forgive our culture of corruption as generated by our Catholic system of education! Amen! Cheers! Poch Suzara

What I want for this christmas 2012

For this Christmas, just like last Christmas, I simply want the Catholic Cardinals, bishops, and the ministers, and the evangelists such as Bro. Eli Soriano of Dating Daan, Bro. Mike Velarde of El Shaddai, Bro. Eddie Villanueva of Jesus is the Lord movement, etc- to openly admit that they know nothing about God; that they know nothing about heaven and hell or the future of mankind; that they know nothing about the virtues of adding to human welfare and happiness. Indeed, that they only pretend to know about the order and harmony in the universe, but they know nothing about the disorder and disharmony created on this earth by so many kinds of stupid religions. Indeed, why is it that everybody wants to go to heaven, and yet, nobody wants to die? This is what I want for this Christmas. For next Christmas I may want the same old hogwash as I never, but never get what I simply want for Christmas! Poch Suzara

God and Cesar are one and the Same

In the Philippines, historically, the Catholic church has always enjoyed the loaf of bread daily and gives back crumbs to the flock as a charity. It is more known as "Give unto Cesar the things that are Cesar's and to God the things that are God's." In the Philippines, however, Cesar and God are one and the same character - the same spoiled Brat. Poch Suzara

The Lord Jesus Must Have Exhorted Manny Pacquiao

Jesus exhorts his followers with these words: “But I say unto you, that ye resists not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.” Matt. 5:39 I ask: what is so noble about turning the other cheek, if one knows that each time he does so, he is earning his salvation in heaven, while the one who strikes is earning his damnation in hell? But then again, look at Manny Pacquiao. Look what happened to him in all humility giving away, for a fee, his right and left cheek to his opponent in the boxing arena! Poch Suzara

Oh Yes, I live a Life of hate

Oh yes, I live a life of hate. I enjoy hating. I hate the love of ignorance. I hate the love of fear, and I hate the love of human stupidity. Such horrors have been keeping my country poor spiritually, backward morally, impoverished economically, stupid politically, and insane socially. And finally, I hate it even more when I am told that since ours is the only JESUS IS LORD country in Asia, the Philippines is the only country in the world that's been always BLESSED BY GOD, specially with silly values and ancient beliefs. I said it before, I say it again: I HATE ILLUSIONS, CONFUSION, DELUSION, LIES AND DECEPTIONS. Such horrors have been what our system of education have been mostly about - I hate our schools, colleges, and universities. Especially those own and operated by the Catholic church. Such establishments, to begin with, are not educational institutions; they are commercial enterprises. It is where poverty of the worst kind comes from, - the poverty of the mind and heart. There is, however, one beauty that I have loved and still do love - the greatest of all universities: it is but a collection of books. At 76 years today - I am still a student of that great university. Oh yes, there is no end to learning. There is only the end of life. However, due to my open mind and open heart, I am ready to die sober, and not drunk with religious lies and ecclesiastical deceptions! Oh yes, I am glad that I have lost my soul; in fact, I am even more glad that I threw my faith out the window. I am, however, most proud that somehow, down through the years - I managed to have saved my precious mind and precious heart as a decent Filipino struggling to spread more human decency in this Jesus is Lord spiritually fucked country. Rightly or wrongly, I am on the side of humanity. I do not give a hoot for a silly divinity. I will continue to expose the religious horrors behind "the revealed truth" that makes for our sick society, perpetually! I said it before, I say it again: FUCK LIFE AFTER DEATH. By hook or by crook, I'd rather love and leave this world a better place than how I found it. Otherwise, I would have had no reason to have lived at all. Poch Suzara

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Oh God, Why is Death more precious to you than Life

I am sometimes asked what will I say after my death if it turned out there is a God? Among other things, I will ask Godwhich of these religions is he or has been the one and only true God behind: Baha'i Buddhism Christianity Confucianism Hinduism Islam Jainism Judaism Shinto Sikhism Taoism Zoroastrianism If God admits to me that he is God behind all of these religions, then I'd happy to tell God to his face that he is a supernatural Jerk - who needs to be forgiven as it is you God - you don't know what you are doing! I said it before, I say it again: religion may offer comfort in a harsh world; it may enhance the community with peace and harmony; it may incite hate and conflict as it often does. It brief, it may have its uses for good or for evil. But the concept of religion was invented by superstitious primitives living in fear and ignorance. This world, however, our world will be a better world if we cease confusing reality with fantasy! Bertrand Russell - one of the fathers of the computer industry, mathematician, logician, philosopher, and atheist summarized it for all of us humans on this planet: “The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. What the world needs now is not only love, but also the greater knowledge of the nature of love, in all its complexity." Cheers! Poch Suzara, Atheist

Religious Morons

I am told that in my writings I should try avoid using the words like “religious morons.” That I should, instead, politely refer to same as the “religious adherents.” I say fuck that shit. Those who had our own hero - Jose Rizal - arrested, jailed, and executed more than a hundred years ago were not the religious adherents. They were the religious morons – the Catholic Spanish friars under the authority of the Catholic church hierarchy. They were out to establish and to enhance not common Filipino decency in our land, but to protect and defend highly profitable big business otherwise more known as the Catholic Church in the Philippines. Ever since then, since there were no more heroes in the likes of a Jose Rizal, in this already 21st century, the Catholic church has become the richest and most powerful corporation existing in the Philippines. The majority of impoverished Filipinos are its clients, especially in buying daily love and indulgences from God through the power of prayer. Indeed, Filipinos have been taught to believe and to have faith in God who will always provide. If not here on this earth, later after death with God in the kingdom of heaven. I ask: What could be more religiously idiotic or spiritually moronic or just plain Jesuitic than that? Poch Suzara

We only know How to Love God up there

As good Catholics, especially good for nothing Catholics, Look at how we only know how to love God up there, by hating one another down here. But consider also in this only Catholic country in Asia we Filipinos - the Sick Children of Asia - look how we have been taught to believe and to have faith and trust in God - the God of love and mercy, justice, and wisdom; and, indeed - the creator and therefore the wealthiest God as owner of heaven and earth and the trillion of stars and planets! Well, I said it before, I say it again: As soon as God-fearing security guards need no longer be employed to assist our God-fearing policemen to help secure and protect the wealth of our God-fearing church officials and their God-fearing partners in commerce and their God-fearing business associates; not to mention security guards to guard government buildings, hospitals, banks, schools, colleges, universities, shopping malls, commercial and residential buildings, hotels, motels, bars, cocktail lounges, bookstores, drug stores, expensive residential villages, movie theaters, restaurants, churches, and cathedrals, public parks, museums, airports, harbors, MRT-LRT stations, mayor's office, governor's office, including the building of the National Bureau of Investigation guarded by security agencies - I believe we can begin to trust each other not as a Catholic but as citizens of our Republic. What need is this God-forsaken country of ours is NOT a bloody revolution, but simply, the revolution of our minds and hearts. Let us grow up as a people and stop believing all those silly beliefs that are not worth believing. Poch Suzara

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Do I Believe in Hell

I am often asked: if I believe in the existence of hell? Yes, I do; especially the hell in the Philippines more known as schools, colleges,and universities owned and managed by the Catholic church. It is where poverty in the Philippines comes from; especially poverty of the worst kind - the poverty of the mind and heart! It includes the state University - university of the Philippines. Its professors are all products during formative years under Catholic so-called "education." Poch Suzara

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I have no wish to Celebrate the Birth of Christxxx

The pleasures in growth and positive achievement, the love of life, happy, expansive, generous, and creative; glad when others happy, and not glad when others are not happy - are the precious things on my mind while I celebrate Christmas this year. Indeed, for this Christmas, I should wish to celebrate the birth of the Filipino capacity to think as a decent people, especially in terms of a decent growth as a people, and decent development of the Philippines as a decent nation. I have no wish to celebrate the birth anniversary of Christ, but to celebrate instead the birth of the Filipino capacity to love the truth, beauty, knowledge, and the joys of this life in this world in the here and now. These will do for Christmas this year; however, for Christmas next year, I may wish to celebrate Christmas with deeper or higher reasons! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU Poch Suzara Twitter# Facebook# Google#

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Open Letter to Pope Benedict XV1

Pope offers prayers for typhoon victims By Evelyn Macairan (The Philippine Star, 12-8-2012) MANILA, Philippines - Pope Benedict XVI has offered prayers for those who perished in typhoon “Pablo,” according to CBCP News, the official news service provider of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP). The message was relayed on Thursday by Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone through the Papal Nuncio in the Philippines, Archbishop Giuseppe Pinto. “He offers fervent prayers for the deceased and for all those who are working to rescue missing persons and to assist the trapped and injured,” said Cardinal Bertone. “Upon the beloved people of the Philippines, as a pledge of consolation, hope, and solidarity, His Holiness invokes God’s abundant blessings,” he added. In a message to the head of the Philippine bishops’ conference, Archbishop Jose Palma, the Pope said he “was deeply saddened to learn of the loss of life and the suffering” caused by the recent typhoon. The Pope sent his “heartfelt condolences to the families of all who mourn, and he assures those in distress of his spiritual closeness and concern.” Oh My Dear Pope Benedict XV1, God must be so happy and proud of you giving NOT food, water, medicines, clothing and shelter - but offered instead PRAYERS and CONDOLENCES to the thousands of Catholic victims in the recent typhoon that destroyed life and property. You are so charitable and generous! Well, I am sure too, that the 60,000,000 Catholics in the Philippines today are also so proud and happy as they have so much love, affection, and admiration for you. Especially when you wear that goofy hat and a red skirt as the CEO, responsibly attending to the business affairs of the Vatican Catholic Bank - the richest and most powerful bank in the world today! God bless you Pope Benedict XV1. Also in the Philippines God bless your Cardinals, bishops, and priests. They too are all great CATHOLIC leaders! Cheers! Poch Suzara

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Jesus Christ - the Savior of the World

I am told that as long as we keep our eyes on Christ, obstacles become opportunities. I ask: opportunities to accomplish what as a people; or, to achieve what as a nation - the only nation in Asia that believes Christ is the Savior of the world! In the meantime, if we take a serious look at the mess in our world today, could any of you religious morons explain how Jesus Christ has saved the world? Poch Suzara