Friday, September 30, 2011

The Greatest Failures in Life

The greatest failures in life are those who live with the right answers to wrong questions. The greatest success, however, are those who question everything as the answers, with few exceptions, in time, become obsolete. Only the few have the courage to question what has always been taken for granted. The many, always living in fear, question nothing. Indeed, they hate the power of thought. What they love is faith. Faith has the power to make people feel timid comfortably, if not feel lazy conveniently. In the Philippines, however, faith has been and still is quite a success. Faith is the engine that generates the failure of our values that promotes the success in what makes us the Sick Man of Asia. . . Poch Suzara

Thursday, September 29, 2011


We may enjoy anytime, anywhere in our sick society the FREEDOM of corruption, deceptions, degradation, perversion, confusion, illusion, extortion, temptation, falsification, imitation, erection, sensation, devotion, pollution, delusion, fornication, ill-sanitation, not to mention the circus-like freedom of investigation in aid for legislation... Never, however, must we ever enjoy the FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION; especially if you have discovered something truthful to share. The truth hurts. In the Philippines, however, the truth as revealed in the bible hurts even more! Therefore, if we expose the revealed Truth in the bible - we shall only be thought of as "atheist." "failure," a "loser," "a homosexual," a "lost soul," or one not "blessed by God" For my part, already known to be a failure, a loser, a lost soul, and an atheist, etc. - never do I dream of winning more new title attached to my name. But I feel proud when I am told that I am the "appointed Son" of the Talking Serpent. Wow, what an "honor." Poch Suzara Twitter# Facebook# Google#

Fuicking Truth Against Thinking Truth

The Thinking truth is all about the search of the truth. The fucking truth is all about the TRUTH in the bible known as the "Revealed Truth" that has yet to

When Pontius Pilate asked: WHAT IS TRUTH - who amongst the inspired writers of God including the million of readers of the bible KNOW the answer?

Now you asked me what is truth to me? Well, among other things, simply this: SCIENCE takes you on a flight to the moon to prove the truth of TECHNOLOGY. RELIGION takes you on a flight to destroy buildings to prove the truth of THEOLOGY.

See what I mean about the FUCKING TRUTH against the THINKING TRUTH? Poch Suzara

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Religion - the ORGANIZED marketing of fear

Blessed are the poor ( donate heavily ).
Blessed are the meek ( obey faithfully ).
Blessed are the humble ( don’t question authority ).
Blessed are the hungry ( make us rich until it hurts spiritually ).
Blessed are the merciful ( if you catch us fucking choir boys, let it go ).
Blessed are the pure of heart ( because your brains are switched off ).
Blessed are the timid, the cowardly, the fearful.
Blessed are those who give us their power and become our slaves.
Indeed, Blessed are the fucking truth, fuck the thinking truth.
Do not Think! Poch Suzara

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


There is a treasure existing that's far more precious than happiness. It is the discovery of one's inner self. Indeed, the thoughtless life is not worth living for man. It is not what you are or where you are that matters. It is how you are able to enjoy the power of thought that counts. Poch Suzara

My Beloved Teacher

After I was expelled out of La Salle high school some 60 years ago, I enrolled in the greatest of all universities - a collection of books. I decided to go on for life on an endless self-study course. I only had one teacher that I could love and respect - Bertrand Russell. With much joy and pleasure Russell taught me how, in life, I should aim high, so that if I missed, I won't be far below.

Well, my teacher Russell never knew it, but I already aimed that in this life, I will play a part in bringing down and out of my country - the evils known as Christianity. In this way, in case I missed, I could also play a lesser part in abolishing what keeps Christianity in complete control of the Filipino minds and hearts - schools, colleges, and universities in the Philippines. Poch Suzara

World Peace

World peace can never be a reality with a smile. World peace can be achieved one day when the good fights and defeats evil. And not evil fighting evil as has been going for centuries now. Poch Suzara

Sunday, September 25, 2011

System of Education in the Philippines

It is mainly due to the power of education, especially during formative years in
grade school that inspires millions of Pinoys and Pinays to readily believe as true the childish claims of the religious leaders of our sick society. Such characters known as the Catholic bishops; Bro. Mike Velarde of El Shaddai; Bro, Eli Soriano of Dating Daan; Bro. Eddie Manalo of Tamang Daan; Bro. Eddie Villanueva of Jesus is Lord Movement; and the new face in the religious circus today keeping the Philippines spiritually poor and morally backward - Fr. Fernando Suarez and his Healing Rosary Money-making business.

Indeed, religion encourages human stupidity that culminates into social insanity.
And to think that we are all already born ignorant, not stupid. We are made stupid via our schools, colleges, and universities under the strict supervision of Christianity in the Philippines.

For with me, personally, to the end of my days in this world, I shall continue to brag with self-respect and dignity that I was expelled out of such commercial and/or religious enterprises otherwise more popularly known as the "system of education in the Philippines." Poch Suzara

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Which is Better

Which is better: to become what we THINK, or, to become what we BELIEVE? Here is a hint for you: Any child during formative years in school can be frightened to BELIEVE in a lot of nonsense. Do you know that millions of college-educated Filipinos today believe that the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening as something true and real and not actually just an illusion? Indeed, these are the same millions of college-educated Filipinos who believe that God exist and will provide for them for as long they believe and have faith. I asked it before, I ask it again: God will provide such college-educated Filipinos with What? Poch Suzara

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Faith in Human Stupidity

We Filipinos have been taught to believe that: a man of faith is more likely to be successful, loved, and respected in society than if he is a man of reason. So our college educated men and women including our corrupt politicians in government and our corrupt bishops in church take advantage of this mess by being even more faithful than how Catholic schools, colleges, and universities have twisted, distorted, indeed, molded them to be. In the Philippines, have we never heard of a faithful Filipino who got to be FILTHY RICH while believing that God is BAD? And yet, right before our eyes, we see millions of Filipinos are FILTHY POOR while they have faith in a God is GOOD. Poch Suzara

Monday, September 19, 2011

Evils of Christianity in the Philippines

When the foreigners arrived here in the 16th century, we had the land, and they had the bible. Today in the 21st century, we Filipinos still have the bible and the foreigners own not only most of our land, but are also the owners of schools, colleges, and universities in the Philippines. Not to mention the media. Such commercial enterprises continue to teach us Filipinos to be proud of our Christian faith. Especially for as long as we do not bother to read what’s precisely written n the bible. A book written not by Filipinos but written by foreigners – the Jews – the “elect,” God’s “chosen people.” My dear reader, I ask: have you ever wondered why we Filipinos feel so proud and lucky to be employed by foreigners right here in our own country? If not feel even more proud and luckier to be employed in foreign countries? In the meantime, a great number of poverty-stricken jobless Filipinos nevertheless feel so blessed by God as the bible declares: “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the land." Also, "For in much wisdom is much grief; and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow." Or even more socially disastrous, the bible warns - "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge." On the contrary, when one allows one kind of fear to dominate him, he soon comes to be dominated by other kinds of fear also. Listen to our own Jose Rizal - arrested, jailed, and publicly executed for writing two book that shook the foundation of Christianity in the Philippines. He stressed the worth of the Filipino. He emphasized the fact that human dignity is a person’s worth, that which makes him stand above all other creatures. In his exchange of ideas on human rights and freedom with Fr. Pablo Pastells, Rizal said: “ Man’s dignity is precious to him. He carries within him a feeling of importance, a regard for his value and worth. When man ceases to value his dignity as a human being, he ceases to be a man. He forgets that nothing, indeed, is more excellent than humanity. . . Deprive a man of his dignity, and you not only deprive him of his moral stamina, but you also render him useless even to those who want to make use of him. . . Man in his self-respect; take it away from him and he becomes a corpse.” There is, indeed, something feeble, if not despicable, about a Filipino who cannot live his life unless sustained by the belief in deadly superstitions. Such as - one need not bother with poverty, disease, and population growth because God will provide. Or, that "blessed are those who are poor in spirit. They shall inherit the kingdom of God in heaven." It is time for us Filipinos to be receptive to the values of science and scientific way of thinking, and technology. Such values should help us extricate ourselves out of poverty by generating our intellectual growth as a people, and development as a civilized and a matured nation. It is also time to realize that we have been educated to only be amenable to more of the same blind faith in the Christian way of life. It has, indeed, turned out to be our worst enemy: faith kills the mind before other diseases kill the body. Faith is just another sacred word we have been taught to employ to justify a lazy mentality, rationalize our lack of creativity, if not to maintain and to support the ways of our sick society. So deeply rooted in the teachings of Christianity. The test of a true religion, however, has nothing to do with a holy book, or how Old or New are its Testaments. It has nothing to do with prayer rally part 1, 2, and 3. It has nothing to do with bombastic preaching delivered by real estate brokers devouring financial offerings from blind and ignorant Jesus followers. It has nothing to do with a pie in the sky or an ally in the sky. On the contrary, a true religion should generate human love and compassion in the here and now that binds the human family together in this precious life. Indeed, a true religion does not inspire stupidity or insecurity; neither does it encourage running away from the problems of human society. A true religion knows full well that the truth hurts, but knows even more that lies and deceptions are far more damaging and can last for a thousand years. As for me, an atheist, what have I to offer fellow-Filipinos in this biblically sick country of ours. Only one thing creative as it is constructive: I offer you the courage to take back what was stolen away from you during school days - the most priceless treasure in the world – your precious mind and precious hearts as Filipinos! In this way, we need no longer waste our time loving a foreign God up out there, and wasting even more time by hating one another down here! Indeed, our need to remedy the ills of our sick society is not only intellectual revolution, but the evolution of our precious minds and hearts to learn to become proud Filipinos. To be proud of our women. To be proud of our children. to be proud of our government. Indeed, to be proud of the one and only country we were all born into - the Philippines! The aim of Christian education in the Philippines has always been about the pursuit of learning for the "Greater Glory of God." Here, however, is how the bible describes God and the glory of his temper and his tantrum: "I will sweep away everything in all your land," says the LORD. "I will sweep away both people and animals alike. Even the birds of the air and the fish in the sea will die. I will reduce the wicked to heaps of rubble, along with the rest of humanity," says the LORD. "I will crush Judah and Jerusalem with my fist and destroy every last trace of their Baal worship. I will put an end to all the idolatrous priests, so that even the memory of them will disappear. For they go up to their roofs and bow to the sun, moon, and stars. They claim to follow the LORD, but then they worship Molech, too. So now I will destroy them! And I will destroy those who used to worship me but now no longer do. They no longer ask for the LORD's guidance or seek my blessings." (Zephaniah 1:2-6) Today, throughout the Christian world, except in the Philippines - Christianity is tearing itself apart externally as it is collapsing internally. Today, throughout the Christian world, except in the Philippines, priestly authority and priestly respect exist no more or have been sensibly diminished. Today, throughout the Christian world, except in the Philippines, the superstructure of ecclesiastical privilege is tottering. Its fall is inevitable as its foundation has largely been based upon sacred lies and holy deceptions. It is time to educate ourselves to establish right here on our land a sane and a healthy society. It is time we promote in our country nothing but the beauty of common Filipino decency. It is also time to read properly and thoroughly the bible. In this way, as we begin to learn and understand just exactly how destructive bible messages have been and still are - we can begin to rock the Christian boat and courageously sink it. Poch Suzara

Sunday, September 18, 2011

So-called Educated Pinoys and Pinays

To go against the dominant standard of thinking of friends, associates, relatives,
or most of the people you see daily is not only a sign of spiritual growth but also
a show of intellectual development.

In the meantime, millions of our youth in schools, colleges, and universities have their minds twisted and hearts distorted by being frightened to believe in a lot of religious nonsense. So much so that these millions of so-called "educated" Pinoys and Pinays are among the first to readily give credence to the fantastic promises made on Television by Bro. Mike Velarde of el Shaddai, Bro. Eli Soriano of Datning Daan, Bro. Eddie Villanueva of Jesus is Lord Movement, the evangelists of Iglesia Ni Cristo daily on TV, the religious morons behind the 700 Club of the Philippines. Not to mention the Catholic bishops virtually running the show in Congress endlessly deliberating on the HR Bill. Poch Suzara

Two Separate Laws in the Philippines

There are two separate laws in the Philippines: the law of God and the law of man. Filipino lawyers believe that the law of man should be under the law of God. And to think that these brilliant lawyers have been highly trained in law school to be experts in the art of cross examination.

In the meantime, the power of prayer is a reality even among top lawyers in the Philippines. Inside Law office - prominently displayed on top of law bookshelves
or shinning on art tables are the statues of baby Jesus, Mama Mary, Crucified Christ, Mama Mary carrying Baby Jesus. Not to mention photo of Jose Rizal with a scapular around his neck and a holy rosary around his wrists.

Well, I say, let's be more specific: In the Philippines, Filipino lawyers are the Sick lawyers of Asia! Instead of defending our growth as a people and development as a nation enjoying love, beauty, knowledge and the joys in life, they would rather defend, for money, or for the glory of a divinity - corruption, lies, and deceptions so prevalent in our sick country. Poch Suzara

Saturday, September 17, 2011

On the Future

Of the many horrors transpiring daily in our schools, colleges, and universities the most harmful is the teaching that the future is something that happens to us, not something that we can create.

Imagine how much more powerful education could be if we are daily told in class that the life we conceive as a people is the life we can achieve as a nation.

God has absolutely nothing to do with it. To begin with God is never omni-present. God is only always omni-absent. Poch Suzara

Friday, September 16, 2011

Trees Created by God

The billions of trees created by God on this earth are still existing today. All sorts of trees – big and small, tall and short, colorful and colorless, fruitful and fruitless. Unfortunately, according to Genesis, in the Garden of Eden, God planted only one kind of tree called the “Tree of Knowledge.” Before any one, however, could partake of its power, to acquire knowledge and wisdom from that tree, indeed to develop the human mind and to cultivate the human heart – for no reason at all - the tree vanished into thin air. No such tree exists anywhere on this earth. Imagine if the tree of Knowledge was uprooted and transplanted via Noah's Ark to the Philippines to teach the Filipino growth with knowledge as a people and development with wisdom as a nation. We would have no need of stupid theologians and no need of stupid politicians to keep us spiritually fucked as a people and to keep us morally fucked as a nation. At any rate, such is the Wisdom of God according to the sick primitives more known as the inspired authors of God in the bible. Poch Suzara Facebook# Twitter# Google#

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Miss Universe Contest

It is really all about the same old recycled garbage. Thanks to our system of education, we Filipinos continue to get excited over the contest of beauty queens
of the losers and the failures.

Via our schools, colleges, and universities we have yet to learn how to get equally excited over the development of the beauty of our own natural resources - the most beautiful and most powerful of which is the Filipino brain. Poch Suzara

The tree of Knowledge

According to the bible, Satan wanted us to eat from the tree of knowledge, but God wanted us to stay Ignorant?

For my part, I ask: How did it matter either way? Forget God. Forget Satan. The intelligent question to ask, however, is where, in fact, is that tree of knowledge located to be found on this earth today? For Christ's sake, even the Catholic theologians haven't the foggiest where in hell is that tree existing! Poch Suzara

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Beauty Queen Contest - Recycled garbage

It is really all about the same old recycled garbage. Thanks to our system of education, we Filipinos continue to get excited over the contest of beauty queens of the losers and the failures.

We have yet to learn how to get equally excited over the development of the beauty of our own natural resources - the most beautiful and most powerful of which is the Filipino brain. Poch Suzara

Monday, September 12, 2011

Is there Hope for the Philippines

Let us look at ourselves as Filipinos not as the masters of intelligent education, but only as the victims of malevolent indoctrination. Year in and year out millions of us Filipinos are on the same rudderless boat together. Our officials in the government just as directionless. They keep our country poor and backward. Especially to please the Catholic church - the owner of schools, colleges, and universities. Indeed, the religious enemy that sees to it that we must never learn to build tools that will help us build our minds as a people and hearts as a nation able to explore our own natural resources, especially the most powerful of natural resources - the human brain - the only way our country could achieve a higher standard of living via a higher standard of thinking. Is there is hope for the Philippines to extricate itself out of its historical quagmire? Yes, there is. It must first defeat its greatest enemy simply known as "Christianity" in general, the "Catholic church" in particular. Via ownership of schools, colleges, and universities in the Philippines, they are places where we Filipinos learn to believe that life after death is far more precious than life after birth. Indeed, that there is a better world to come later. That the only things of true value are those found in the heavenly world of God. That our world, this world of Filipinos and nature and the flesh should be seen as low, depraved and worthless. Therefore of little importance to those of us with more faith in God. That this natural world is but a stopover on our journey to the next world. Therefore, the less attention placed on it and the more attention placed on God's kingdom - we can all look forward to our eternal salvation. In the meantime, the Catholic Vatican bank on this earth is far richer than the US Federal Reserve bank of America. I said it before, I say it again: With love in our hearts for this life, in this world, our world, let us stand on our own two feet, accept responsibility for our actions, and solve our own problems without needlessly confusing the issues with meaningless words, or with destructive Catholic teachings such as "love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of God is not in him." 1John 2:25 I am an atheist and listen to my atheist teacher - Bertrand Russell: "What the world needs now is not only love, but also the greater knowledge about the nature of love, in all it complexity." Indeed, "The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge." Poch Suzara

Friday, September 09, 2011

Painful Truth

Dear Consuelo, As a matter of historical fact, the painful truth is that our schools, colleges, and universities are still pretty much in the business of lies and deceptions. Such horror is keeping us Filipinos poor as a people and backward as a nation. Look how millions of our college-educated men and women are eager and prepared to migrate and be "employees" in foreign countries. More than 18,000,000 (million) Filipinos are now living and working in some 168 countries around the world. They are there in foreign countries enjoying not only a higher standard of living, but also a higher standard of thinking. A lot of them branded as "undocumented aliens" in such countries. But these overseas Filipinos are able to remit an average of some $10 Billion dollars yearly to keep afloat the Philippine economy. In the meantime, our government officials continue only to declare to the world that the Philippines is open for business to foreign investors! Indeed, open to take advantage of the business of corruption in our country. Whatever happened to the power of thought as basic in any system of education? Indeed, why is stupid believing far more important in our country than intelligent thinking? And why is faith in life after death far more precious than faith in life after birth in our country. When Catholicism arrived in our land in the 16th century, it had its bible. We had the land. Today, in the 21st century, we Filipinos have the bible, while Catholicism owns not only our land, but also is the owner of some 1,000 schools, colleges, and universities established throughout the Philippines. Oh Consuelo - as a product of La Salle education myself, I refuse to believe that we Filipinos need six years of grade school, four years of high school, and another four more years of college just to be able to learn how to pray and to love God up there while we are also being taught to hate one another down here! So much so that we even learned to hate to work for the growth and development of our own country - the country of our birth. Poch Suzara

Read Your Multiplication Table

Have any of you ever heard of the different versions of the MULTIPLICATION TABLE sold in bookstore? Indeed, the MULTIPLICATION TABLE is the perfect model of truth. It is precise, certain, and free from contradictions, inconsistencies, and absurdities.

In the meantime, there are some 57 different versions of the holy bible sold in bookstores today.

Well, think of it: The MULTIPLICATION TABLE was never formulated by inspired authors of God. So how come God could not inspire his bible authors to be just as precise, if not just as consistent and rational as the truthful authors of the MULTIPLICATION TABLE? Poch Suzara

Thursday, September 08, 2011


Sept. 9,2011 Philippine Daily Inquirer Letter to the Editors Dear Sirs: After 4 centuries of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly prayers to God to "give us this day our daily bread," and to "lead us not into temptation," and prayers to Mary, Mother of God, to "pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death," how come the results have been nothing but only for us to keep on praying for more of the same old nothing? Praying is like rocking a chair. It inspires us to do something. But how come prayers have not, as yet, gotten us anywhere? We remain directionless as a people and rudderless as a nation? Indeed, in this already 21st century, we Filipinos are only getting more famous as the Sick Man of Asia! In the meantime, when you talk to God or to Mary, the Mother of God it is called "praying." When God, or Mary, the Mother of God talks to you God talks to us, it is known as "hallucinating?" Poch Suzara

Jesus was also Born-again

It must be nice to be Born-again. But have you people tried GROWING UP first? Believe me, it is useful, applicable, and more to do with dignity and self-respect. Look at Jesus, He too was Born-again. At the age of 30 he was still a bachelor and living with his mom and dad and then got crucified on a cross while crying "FATHER, FATHER, WHY HAST THOU FORSAKEN ME?" See what I mean by being Born-again? Poch Suzara

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Jesus in our Insane World

We live in such an insane world that God had to offer his only begotten son to write not a sane book but only to get Himself crucified on a piece of wood. This, in order to straighten the mess out of our insane world. Well, that was more than 2,000 years ago and our world, especially in this only JESUS IS LOVE AND LOVE IS JESUS country in all of Asia has actually been getting more insane as ever, if not worst! But there is more to this fantastic "I SHALL RETURN" biblical promise: Millions of Pinoys and Pinays with college education from such Catholic universities like La Salle, Ateneo, San Beda, Letran, UST, Assumption college, Miriam college, AIM, and also the University of the Philippines are all waiting for the arrival of Jesus to establish peace and prosperity in the Philippines - the only Catholic country in Asia since the 16th century. Poch Suzara

Monday, September 05, 2011

Catholicism, Capitalism, and Criminalism

Catholicism and Capitalism survived profitably together during these past centuries not because either have been successful in selling the truth; on the contrary, both have been dealing with nothing but lies, deceptions, and indeed, corruption. The
victims of Catholicism are called the "faithful" "obedient" or "devout." The victims of Capitalism are called the "customers" "clients" "employees" or "laborers."

Countries victimized by Catholicism or by Capitalism or by both remain poor and backward. Look at the Philippines. Still stuck as a nation not only with
Catholicism, not only with Capitalism, but also with criminalism.

We are even proud to address our rich and powerful criminals in the government as "Your Honor." Those rich and powerful criminals behind the Church, we address them as "Your Holiness."

Indeed, life in general in the Philippines can be characterized as the competition to be the criminal or be the victim of the criminals. This, while daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly - we all feel blessed by God. Poch Suzara


Right on Poch! You have a darnd good point here! All these "Your Honor" and "Your Holiness" is total crap when applied here! And to think that we truly honor these people and bow and salute them everywhere! It would be so funny if it wasn't so sad

Peewee Guerrero

The Bible - Throw it Out the Window

You believe in a book that has talking animals, wizards, witches, demons, sticks turning into snakes, food falling from the sky, people walking on water, dead people raised back to life, and all sorts of magical, absurd, and primitive stories, and you are asking me to explain why there is something wrong with me as I say that the bible is a book that is best thrown out the window?

Sir, to label atheism as a psychological problem is a feeble, indeed, a laughable attempt to evade the real issue of truth versus falsehoods. Are your beliefs true? What reasons have you people to believe in the existence of God? Your dismal attempts to defeat my atheism by evading the power of thought reveals only one shameless thing: your contempt for man's ability to think! Poch Suzara

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Politician and the Theologian

A good politician is quite as unthinkable as a good theologian. In the Philippines, however, if either were good, both are usually good for something; unfortunately, to accomplish for our poor and backward country - plenty of nothing. Poch Suzara

Thursday, September 01, 2011

I love the Devil

When I got to be an atheist, I began to respect the devil more and more. He bothered me less and less; especially, during my childhood years - he was always leading me into temptation to always love, worship, and adore God . Poch Suzara

Big Business globally

To frighten and to disunite people, via religion, is big business. In the Philippines it is otherwise more known as Catholicism.

To divide and to kill people, via war, is also big business. In America, it is more known as freedom to protect or the democracy to defend - capitalism. Poch Suzara

The Power to Think

A man of faith is simply one who has lost the intellectual capacity to understand that what differs a man from the animal is his power to think. Indeed, the power to think strengthens not only the human character, but also sustains human dignity and self-respect. Poch Suzara

Nothing is at Rest

Everything in the universe is in constant motion. Nothing is at rest. In fact, life
is nothing but tired energy that nature thoughtlessly makes it believe that energy has found the time to rest. There is no such luck anywhere in the universe. Poch Suzara

Stupidity same as Infinity

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe." Albert Einstein If I may add, isn't it sad that our schools, colleges, and universities in the Philippines, for the most part, have been mostly about how to learn to have faith in human stupidity; specially for the sake of embracing, protecting, and defending Christianity otherwise more mysteriously known as the Holy Trinity. Poch Suzara