Saturday, May 29, 2010

Atheism is the Absence of God-belief

Atheism is the absence of god-belief. All else is embellishment. Atheism has no dogma, no rites, no holy books, no places of worship, no commandments, and we have no priesthood industry to fear. We atheist have no daily TV or daily radio programs. No daily newspapers. No magazines. No army, navy, air force. We have no schools, colleges, and universities that teach students to believe that our Savior is not ourselves born right here in the Philippines, but that our savior is a God-forsaken Jewish fellow born and died in a Jewish land some 2,000 years ago. Who also resurrected back to life from death! Atheism is not a religion. Religion encourages social stupidity as it inspires political insanity. We atheists know that life after birth is real and life after death is not real. We have no desire to believe that immortality is the condition of a dead man who refuses to believe that he is already dead. Is there life after death? Please, next time you visit a cemetery - try to explore if there is life after death. As for me, I have no wish to insult my dead love-ones by believing that they are still alive buried in the cemetery. Indeed, I refuse to pretend that I know anything about life after death since we even know nothing about life after birth. I ask: should stupidity be as long lasting as eternity for the sake of a divinity always in cahoots with deviltry?? Indeed, I am an atheist. I care about leaving this world one day a better place than I found it. In the meantime, I have no need to believe in your lesser God up there because I already believe in something greater: My family, my country, and the whole of humanity down here! Poch Suzara

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Atheist and the Agnostic

The agnostic is a cousin - a cowardly relative of the atheist. Moreover, the agnostic suffers from pain in the ass always sitting on a fence playing it safe just in case. Indeed, just in case that there really is God who will provide especially in life after death, but not in life after birth.

I was once a cowardly agnostic myself. Until I properly read the bible while sitting
on a fence. Happily, I fell off on the side of intelligent unbelief, not on the side
of stupid beliefs. Indeed, when we ignore decision; indecision takes over. And nothing could be more tiresome, and in the long more exasperating than indecision. It prevents us from taking a stand as grown up men and women to live a life of courage, dignity and self-respect.

As for me, I refuse to believe that God will forever burn me in hell for being an atheist; but that he loves me! Poch Suzara

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our Sick Society Under Christianity

Here are sick messages published daily in the Philippine Star. They inspire our government officials and employees; our teachers in schools and professors in colleges and universities; our legislators, lawyers, judges in court; our managers in trade and commerce; our social workers, doctors, nurses, and dentists; farmers, fishermen, policemen, firemen, and salesmen; single mothers stuck with their malnourished children. Indeed, such holy messages inspire our college educated top economists who been indoctrinated to believe that with faith in God - the millions of our homeless and jobless will economically survive daily existence. Specially by poking their hands into trash cans for food, begging, hoping, while they must only wait for the kind and loving God who will soon provide for them. Just keep on praying! Never mind the power of work while thinking.

So here is Philippines Star that daily inspires millions of Filipino readers to be more attentive to the development of insufficiency, incompetence, corruption as a people; and diminished self-reliance as a nation. Especially to keep the faith in our sick society as blessed by Christianity down here for the sake of prosperity later after death with a silly divinity up there:

"Our greatest riches are the richest we have
from Christ."

"A world in darkness need the light of Jesus."

"God's timing is always perfect."

"A well-read bible is a well-fed soul."

"Even the ordinary and the outcast can make
the cut to follow Jesus."

"First make sure you are with Him, then you
can be sure that He'll be with you."

"Death is gained because it means heaven,
holiness, and Him."

"No matter how much you give, you can't
outgive God."

"To be with Jesus is the sum of all happiness."

"God's work is done by those who pray."

"There is no privilege than to be a subject
of the King of Kings."

"When Satan strikes, strike back with the
Word of God."

"Repentance clears the way for our relationship
with the King."

The Jesuits bragged: "Give me a child for his first seven years, and I will give you the man." The Jesuits could have been more truthful had they instead bragged: "Give us Filipino children for their first seven years, and we will give you - the Sick Man of Asia."

Today, in this already age of science and technology we Filipinos still feel so blessed for being Jesuitic, biblical, infantile, frightened, and psychotic. In the meantime, far more damaging than child sexual abuse is the intellectual abuse of our children by the priesthood industry in the first seven years of basic education in the Philippines.

It is self-evident that if a Filipino contributes toward the welfare, change, and improvement for his country, the Philippines will grow and strengthen and the Filipino will reap the rewards of living in a better and a sane society. But thanks to our Jesuitic mentality, however, - the average Filipino does not contribute to his society. We therefore enjoy no national conscience or love of country. Only every Filipino-for-himself syndrome and therefore poverty as our way of life. We must only struggle for our survival as the Sick Man of Asia.

It is, indeed, incredible that in this already 21st century both our government and the media are doing a hell of a fantastic job in pretending that Christian values and beliefs are still functionally precious in the Philippines.

I said it before, and I say it again: if our system of education were purely based upon the wonders of science and the power of technology - we Filipinos need no longer be living under poverty as blessed daily by Christianity. On the contrary, we could learn to be the healthiest, wealthiest, and the sanest people in the whole of Asia today without having to believe and to have faith in childish biblical lies and deceptions. Poch Suzara

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Dear Manolo

My Dear Manolo,

Do you really believe that we atheists are just kidding? Manolo,
even of there is God, I do not care to believe, love, worship
such a supernatural monster.

We atheists do not give a shit about the next life, if any. We
only care about this life and how we can leave this world a
better place than how we found it.

Really Manolo, it is you and people like you who should stop
kidding yourselves. So God exists. So what?

After 400 years of daily prayers by millions upon millions of
Filipinos to this silly God of yours where has it taken the
Filipino as a people
and as a nation? We are still as poor and as backward as ever.
We are still as childish as ever. Whatever happened to our growth
as a people and maturity as a nation with the so-called daily
prayers to such a powerful God, huh?

Manolo, please stop living a life of fear. Fear of God, fear
of the mysteries, and fear of the unknown only makes us famous
as the Sick Man of Asia. Are you telling me that we should continue
to be more famous as the Sick Man of Asia over the next 400 years?
Manolo, please exclude me from your religious insanity! Your infantile
pursuits only makes you and your gang of faithfools a disgrace to
the human race!

Poch Suzara, Atheist

Our Religiously Tragic World

What if, after blowing themselves up killing faithful Christians,
the faithful Muslims end up in paradise rewarded not with 72 virgins
but with virgins who are already 72 years old?

In the meantime, in our religiously tragic world, it is turning out
that the war between good against evil is really about a war between
two evils. As an example - the Christians against the Christians;
Muslims against the Muslims - but both the Christians and the Muslims
also against each other.

As for me, I thank both God and Allah that I am an atheist. After all,
I do not care to fuck virgins in this world neither do I care to fuck
virgins in the next world.

In the meantime, I said it before and I say it again. World peace, love,
and sanity can only become a reality as soon as we all begin to embrace
the beauty of atheism. Indeed, our loyalty is not to this or that insane
theism, but only to the whole of mankind living in the only home we all
got - known as the blue planet earth. Poch Suzara

Thursday, May 13, 2010

King of the Jews or King of Filipinos

Could any of you please explain what exactly has the KING OF THE JEWS got anything to do with Filipinos as citizens of the Republic of the Philippines in this already 21st century? Set up over his head his accusation, written, THIS IS JESUS THE KING OF THE JEWS. Matt. 27:37 And the superscription of his accusation was written over, THE KING OF THE JEWS. Mark 15:26 And a superscription also was written over him in letters of Greek, and Latin, and Hebrew, THIS IS THE KING OF THE JEWS. Luke 23:38 And Pilate wrote a title, and put it on the cross. And the writing was JESUS OF NAZARETH THE KING OF THE JEWS. John 19:19. Thanking you in advance for your response through Christ, our Lord Savior, amen! Poch Suzara

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Election, Education, Population

Not only an intelligent system of election but
more so an intelligent system of education can
unify the Filipino to become healthy as a people
and to become wealthy as a nation.

With intelligent education we can begin to learn
to appreciate the values of family planning and
the beauty of birth control measures - indeed
how to manage a decent growth of our population.

In the meantime, due to a poor system of
education, the Pinoy's sense of masculinity
has only to do with his ability at thoughtless
sexuality. The Pinay's sense of femininity has
only to do with her ability at needless pregnancy.

Such male potency, however, combined with
female fertility, does not guarantee quality
of life, but only quantity of life. Alas, most
Pinoys are not educated for a career in
fatherhood. Most Pinays are not educated for a
career in motherhood. Most Filipino children,
therefore, are not the sane result of parental
education, but are the mere by-products of
mindless, if not reckless - copulation. Poch

Monday, May 10, 2010

Overpopulation via Endless Fecundation

The greatest threat to world peace and global sanity
today is not nuclear energy but sexual energy. Indeed,
the pleasures derived not from endless thinking, but
from mindless fucking. Especially for the glory of
a divinity always in cahoots with deviltry spreading
poverty globally, and indeed, locally in the Philippines
to insure the growth of ecclesiastical stupidity
perpetually. Poch Suzara

Friday, May 07, 2010

72 Virgins

72 virgins will get fucked by 72 religious criminals
for killing 72 other religious morons speak more
of heaven not as a decent paradise but as a fucking
arena. Specially for the 72 virgins finally getting
deflowered by stupid religious criminals. Poch

Monday, May 03, 2010

Who Created God

The problem with the First Cause Argument lies in its assumption
that this almighty creative god exists, something that it is trying
to prove. This is known as begging the question. Even a child can
ask, “If God CREATED the universe, then who CREATED God?” If the
answer is that God is uncaused, then the same answer could certainly
be applied to the existence of the universe — that it is uncaused.
Besides, which almighty creative god are we talking about? People
using the First Cause Argument always make the assumption that their
god did the creating. Catholics think the Lord created the universe.
Muslims think that Allah created the universe. Hindus think that
Brahma did it. The Jews think that Yahweh did it. Most religions
have a story of how their god created the universe. As to what the
universe stands for, who knows? Even the scientists have not the
foggiest as to how to define the word "universe." The idea of a
god as creator of the universe makes for a fantastic tale, but it
obviously tells us little about the characteristics of that god.
Even the theologians know nothing about the existence of God.
What they are doing, however, is explaining one mystery with
another mystery, and that is fallacious logic. Or, explaining
the unknown by means of the unknowable. Indeed, religion, by
and large, encourages sacred stupidity perpetually in order
for faith to continue to exist as a sort of a holy absurdity
ternally. Poch Suzara

Saturday, May 01, 2010

God and the Universe

The existence of God as the creator of
the universe is not possible for logical
discussion. After all, both God and the
universe are beyond human knowledge.
Indeed, it is. Nobody knows what God is
or what God stands for. Nobody knows what
the universe is or what it stands for. In
the meantime, if there is anything that
is beyond human understanding, beyond
human knowledge, it must only have a lot
to do with human stupidity. Poch Suzara

A Baneful Life

Destructive family life. Destructive home life.
Destructive upbringing. Destructive education.
Destructive beliefs. Destructive values. Destructive
human relationships. Destructive habits. Destructive
attitudes. Destructive impulses. Destructive politics.
Destructive ethics. Destructive entertainment.
Destructive leisure. Destructive humor. Destructive
faith. Destructive delays. Destructive dealings.
Destructive promises. Destructive lies. Destructive

Indeed, our destructive way of life pretty
much describes why the Philippines is a chaotic
theatre of decay, a gloomy drama of energy in
human degradation so lacking in social, cultural,
and political integration.

I ask: Is it still possible that one day, by
some strange miracle from out there, we will
begin to love one another in our own country
down here? So that we can begin to grow up
gracefully as a people and indeed develop
creatively, efficiently, and peacefully as
a nation? Poch Suzara