Thursday, April 17, 2008

Man's Insignificance

How microscopic man must be living on this planet as tiny as a speck of dust in the immensity of space and in the eternity of time. A million planets the size of earth can easily fit inside the sun. In the meantime, the largest Black Hole ever discovered by astronomers has a mass equivalent to 18,000,000,000 suns. And to think that on this piece of dust called "earth," some 2,000 years ago, the Son of the Creator of the Universe had to die on a stick of wood so that mankind will learn to "love not this world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him." I John 2:15. Poch Suzara

Heaven and Earth

On earth as it is in heaven? Is this another biblical hogwash? If God could create a heaven without pain, poverty, and suffering, why couldn’t God create the same on earth? Or, why even bother to create earth to begin with? Indeed, why bother to create earth only to be populated by silly Christians, silly Muslims, and silly Jews, not to mention the silly men and silly women of this forum frightened of the power of thought? Poch Suzara

Silly Question

Does God have a place in science class? A silly question, indeed, because there is no God existing in religion class. Well, if God were non-existing in religion class, why should there be a God existing in science class?
In the meantime, evolution is not a theory in religion. Evolution is a fact in science. Poch Suzara

Theological Malarkey

For me, as a finite being, able to admit that I know absolutely nothing of the existence of an infinite Being, but that I know it to be – THE HOLY SPIRIT - is the height of a theological hokum. Poch Suzara

Family Relationship

Family relationship in heaven must be just as screwed up as the family relationship on earth. Indeed, on earth as it is in heaven. We never cease praying to Mary, the Mother of God in heaven to pray for us sinners here on earth. Obviously, Mary and God are not that often together enjoying family chat. It only proves that God has no time to listen to his Mother. This is strange. Since God does not have to fool around away from home, or to leave his mother in order to migrate abroad to earn a living. Poch Suzara

Catholic Bishops

27 million Pinoys have no toilet facilities and no access to clean water. And yet, despite these horrors, the catholic bishops in cooperation with our high government officials have not ceased to inspire our women to have sex not for fun, but to have sex seriously by getting pregnant. Never mind if children were born unwanted or unloved. We must never displease God. Never mind if children were born to exist under subhuman conditions. Let us give them a chance to grow up a little and then kill them with filth, malnutrition, and diseases.
In the meantime, there is also this other daily horror that our high government officials do not give a hoot about since they too believe that God will always provide: Population explosion is forcing a fantastic rise in poverty, malnutrition, illiteracy, and economic perversity in the Philippines. Poch Suzara

God's Mysterious Existence

If we see a cathedral, we assume that it was built by people like us, and since we are acquainted with people, we can assume that the cathedral designer and builder also had loves and hates, hopes, fears, bodily needs like food and sex. But we have never met anyone who designed and created a galaxy. We cannot assume that it still alive, or conscious, or indeed, that it is a spirit without end or a being without a beginning. Much less do we have a right to assume that it too has loves, hates, orgasms, or involved with stupid politics, or with stupid religion that’s keeping our world poor, sick, insane, and backward. In the meantime, a cathedral is nothing but a monument to human stupidity. Poch Suzara

Truly Incredible

It is truly incredible to witness how grown-up men and women still hold with deep faith the religious hogwash frightened into them to believe when they were innocent, gullible children in school and at home. As if those religious morons who frightened us to believe knew exactly what they were blabbering about.

I said it before, and I say it again: we are all victims of human stupidity; specially by our own parents at home and by our teachers in school. For us today
to be as equally stupid to distort and to twist the minds and hearts of our own children and grandchildren to carry on human stupidity should make us no less than those criminals who destroyed our minds and hearts leading us away from the path toward the good life – one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. Poch Suzara

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rich People

People think they are rich because they have plenty of money. In fact, most rich people enjoy poverty of the worst kind – the poverty of the mind and heart.

Bill Gates is not rich because of his billions. He is rich because of the wealth of his mind, and indeed, the nature of his kind heart.

In the Philippines, when a dumbstruck Pinoy gets to become suddenly rich either by smuggling, gambling, robbery, marriage, or inheritance – the first thing he does with his money is to look for pretty prostitutes in local cheap bars. Then he immediately plans to travel to America to look for prettier prostitutes.

Of course, there are the worst kind: those who go back to God, ask for the forgiveness of their sins and crimes, then they commit to memory verses from the holy bible, and then declare themselves to the whole world that they are now Born-again Christians. Poch Suzara

God as Designer and Creator

The trouble with God as designer and creator of the universe was that He recklessly failed to refine his original blueprint. After all, there was no need to include the existence of a stupid Talking Serpent to get the stupid original sin going against Adam and Eve not to enjoy a perfect life in a perfect paradise on Earth. Poch Suzara Facebook# Twitter# Google#

Religion and Politics as Evil Monsters

“Those who say religion has nothing to do with politics do not know what religion is.” Mahatma Gandhi. My dear Gandhi, you are right on target: religion and politics only pretend to be separated, but in reality, however, both have always been in cahoots together. Especially for wealth, power, and glory. Look how they have mutually concocted for themselves the “divine right of kings,” on the one hand, and on the other hand, the “divine authority of the Church.” In the meantime, silly theologians always in cahoots with the silly politicians are both masters in the art of telling lies at best, and at worst deceptions; especially with much alacrity, if not with much hypocrisy. Poch Suzara Facebook# Twitter# Google#

Separation of Church and State

The separation of Church and State has always been based on a lot of superstitious hogwash. Why should stupid religion always in cahoots with stupid politics have to pretend that they are separated? The existence of the State should be above the Church. In fact, in this 21st century, the church should already be dead and buried and gone. The Church knows nothing of the secret of life after death. She knows nothing of the secret of life after birth? So what exactly does the Church know since even her own God continue to remain nothing but an useless mystery? Poch Suzara


If God created man in his own image and likeness and we are all born supot, then God must be a supot too. Well, if God and all men are born supot, why should religion be stupid enough to consider the doctrine of circumcision which is really the mutilation of the image and likeness of God as something sacred or holy? Poch Suzara

Religious Rat Race

No doubt, in the religious rat race, we Filipinos won and have been victorious since the 16th century. Indeed, in matters of religious beliefs and values, specially with faith in Jesus, we are way ahead among all other Asian countries still untouched by Christianity.

What is sick and rotten, however, about the religious rat race, is that rats continue to dominate our way of life as a people, and rats continue to dominate the Philippines as a nation. Poch Suzara

The Human Race

There was existing, once upon a time, the beauty and the sanity known as the human race. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, divinity emerged in the shape of a stupid Burning Bush to meddle in human affairs. And deviltry in the shape of a stupid Talking Serpent emerged also to meddle in human affairs. The human race then evolved into something not only irrational and insane but eventually proceeded to become something of a rotten global disgrace for the sake of divine grace. Poch Suzara

Rotten Religion

Religion is the most rotten thing in the world. It misdirected humanity to live a sick life after death in heaven. It never guided humanity to live a healthy life after birth on earth.

As for me, an atheist, it seems self-evident that the secret of life and death are not only unknown, but unknowable. Poch Suzara

Bertrand Russell and Voltaire

Voltaire said: “If God does not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.” On the contrary, if God does not exist, it would be even more necessary to live the good life. Atheist Bertrand Russell described “the good life as one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.”

If only the politicians in government understand this piece of truth, ours could be a government of the truth, by the truth, and for the truth. Not as it has always been a government of lies, by lies, and for lies. Poch Suzara

Horrible Faith

Nothing is really completely horrible, because the most horrible of things can, at least, serve as a horrible example. For example, faith may be not that horrible all the time. Sometimes it can be very useful. Faith helps to choke free inquiry and the useful consequences it might bring. Faith also promotes the fallacy of the unknown by means of the more unknown. Poch Suzara


The Pastor’s sermon this morning: ”Jesus Walks on the Water.” My own sermon: Jesus Saves but first we must find Jesus? I ask: Since Jesus could walk on water, how come nobody picked up on that miracle to be included in the Olympic Games competition called "walkers on water contest?" Poch Suzara

Revealed Truth

If the search of the truth were man’s most noble of professions, it is only because the Truth revealed in the holy bible has never, as yet, been revealed. Poch Suzara

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Obama - the anti-Christ

According to The Book of Revelations the anti-Christ will be a man, in his 40s, of MUSLIM descent, who will deceive the nations with persuasive language, and have a MASSIVE Christ-like appeal.... the prophecy says that people will flock to him and he will promise false hope and world peace, and when he is in power, will destroy everything. Is this Obama? So wrote Ken Blackwell – Columnist of the New York Sun.

In the first place, the anti-Christ may not be a person, but a whole State like the Jewish State that never got converted to Christianity. What could be more anti-Christ than that?
In the second place, how could Revelation predict that the anti-Christ will be of a Muslim descent since there were no Muslims yet existing when Revelation was written by inspired superstitious primitives of God? Poch Suzara

The Existence of Reality

In the short run, yes, perhaps reality exists; but in the long run, what is there really to believe about the existence of reality? Each unfolding reality contains the seeds of its own destruction and the embryo of a new reality that will replace it. Which reality is therefore real – the reality on the way out after death, or the reality on the way in after birth? Poch Suzara<


If prayer were allowed inside the school, such a school might fail in its task to reflect as a monument to human intelligence.
Prayer should only be allowed inside a cathedral. After all, a cathedral is a monument to human stupidity. Poch Suzara

God and the Fireman

God says that it is not his business to save a child from burning inside a building on fire because, to begin with, He did not cause the fire. And yet, a fireman saves a child inside a burning building even if the fireman did not also cause the fire! Isn’t it strange that a fireman could play God because God himself refuses to play God? Poch Suzara


Christianity has done very little to promote civilization; in fact, Christianity has done a great deal to retard it.

In this 21st century Philippines, for example, there is hardly even a semblance of civilization. In the 19th century, for writing two great books based on the power of ideas and the values of civilization throughout his land, Christianity had our Jose Rizal arrested, tried, and executed by firing squad.

I submit, if Christianity had instead promoted, not shamelessly demoted, - the impact of Rizal’s writings, the Filipinos would be one of the most highly respected people and the Philippines one of the most greatly admired nations in all of Asia today. Ah, thanks to Christianity, we Filipinos remain only famous as the Sick Man of Asia. Poch Suzara

Where is Hell

Nobody, but nobody knows what mode of transportation can be used to travel to hell. Nobody, but nobody knows the direction on how to get to hell. Nobody, but nobody knows even if hell has an address? And yet, religious morons never cease to ask: if there is a hell?

I bet the Catholic theologians know everything there is to know about hell. After all, they invented the concept of hell for intelligent children who have hopes of being unfaithful and disobedient. They are destined to end up in hell. Poch Suzara

God and Evolution

I am told that evolution is evidence of God. God is part of nature that man has not yet studied.
If this were true, however, then God is natural, not supernatural. But then again, if God were part of nature, why would he declare such nonsense like: “My kingdom is not of this world?”

In the meantime, I will take sides with Carl Sagan, one of the greatest scientists our world has ever produced. In his Pale Blue Planet, he wrote:

“Two billion years ago our ancestors were microbes; a half-billion years ago, fish; a hundred million years ago, something like mice; ten million years ago, arboreal apes; and 1 million years ago, proto-humans puzzling out the taming of fire. Our evolutionary lineage is marked by mastery of change. In our time, the pace is quickening.” Poch Suzara