Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Critics

My critics tell me that I am a failure; specially as I am an atheist. That nobody listens to me as I have been rehashing my arguments for ages, like mustard seeds falling on arid soil. That I am all but a nada. That I am still sick with fear as I got expelled out of high school some 65 years ago. Oh well, I say, what can you expect from an individual who, after he was kicked out a high-school, enrolled himself as a lifetime student in the greatest of all universities - it is but a collection of great books? Anyway, here is the arid soil, the nada, my critics are referring to. Please check your GOOGLE in the Internet and please reflect on: Poch Suzara in BBC Poch Suzara in CNN Poch Suzara in ABS, CBN Poch Suzara in Manila Standard Today Poch Suzara in Philippine Daily Inquirer Poch Suzara in Malaya International Poch Suzara in Business World Poch Suzara in the Manila Bulletin Poch Suzara in Philippine Star Poch Suzara in Newsbreak Magazine Poch Suzara in Davao Times, Poch Suzara in Cebu, Bacolod Times, Poch Suzara in the Philippine Free Press Poch Suzara in Gabriela Poch Suzara in the Knights of Rizal Poch Suzara in Philippine History Poch Suzara in American History Poch Suzara in the SF Public Library Poch Suzara in the LA Public Library Poch Suzara in the Berlin Public Library Poch Suzara In the Swiss Public Library Poch Suzara in the Power Bookstore Poch Suzara in the Popular Bookstore Poch Suzara in the SF Housing Authority Poch Suzara in Amazon.com Poch Suzara in Newsweek , Poch Suzara in Time, USA Poch Suzara in New York Times Poch Suzara in Los Angeles Times Poch Suzara in International Tribune Poch Suzara in the US Senate Poch Suzara in the Vatican Poch Suzara in the Opus Dei Pch Suzara in the Bible Studies Poch Suzara in the New Testament Poch Suzara in El Shaddai Poch Suzara in the national Museum Poch Suzara in the Catholic Church Poch Suzara in the Jesuit Order Poch Suzara in the Born-Again Christian Poch Suzara in the Intl Church of God Poch Suzara in De La Salle University Poch Suzara in Santo Thomas University POch Suzara in Ateneo University Poch Suzara in University of the Philippines Poch Suzara in San Beda, Miriam College Poch Suzara in Harvard University Poch Suzara in Princeton University Poch Suzara in Yale University Poch Suzara in Cornell University Poch Suzara in Stanford University Poch Suzara in Mcmaster University Poch Suzara in Tokyo University Poch Suzara in Singapore University Poch Suzara in Sidney University Poch Suzara in City College of New York Poch Suzara in the United Nations Poch Suzara in the American Atheist Assn Poch Suzara in the CIA Poch Suzara in the White House Poch Suzara in the Pentagon Poch Suzara in Facebook, Twitter, Google Poch Suzara in Iran,Iraq Poch Suzara In the Islamic world Poch Suzara in the Buddhist world Poch Suzara in the Hindu world Poch Suzara in the Bill Gates Foundation Poch Suzara in the Humanist Assn USA Poch Suzara in the B Russell Peace Foundation Poch Suzara in the B Russell society, USA Poch Suzara in the B Russell Society, Phil Poch Suzara in the Pinoy Atheist Association Poch Suzara in the Society of Humanists Poch Suzara in the Enlightenment Society Poch Suzara in the High-School Dropout Assn of the Philippines Cheers! Poch Suzara

Sunday, June 28, 2009

We Filipinos

We Filipinos have been educated, nay, indoctrinated to be incredulous, nay to be gullible enough to believe in something, to believe in anything. In the absence, however, of that something, of that anything, we are suppose to even believe in the existence of nothing.

Thus, we are the Sick Man of Asia. We do not think as a people. We do not think as a nation. We have only been frightened to believe in something. Indeed, we believe in anything, and in fact, our tradition has always been about believing and having faith in the existence of nothing. Poch Suzara

I Ask

Have any of you ever heard of a Filipino who got to be filthy rich for believing that God is bad? So how come millions upon millions of Filipinos are filthy poor for believing that God is good? In the meantime, college educated Pinoys and Pinays comprising our sick society pray daily to God “to give us this day our daily bread, and to lead us not into temptation.” These college educated Pinoys and Pinays are products of La Salle, Ateneo, Assumption college, Miriam college, Letran, San Beda, Diliman University, University of San Thomas, Santa Theresa college, Lyceum, including the Asian Institute of Management, and of course products of the University of the Philippines. As for me, luckily, I was expelled out of high school. I was thrown out of La Salle University because I refused to believe that God is a Catholic who provides us with daily bread or that God leads us into temptation. Poch Suzara Twitter# Facebook# Google#

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Women love Fucking Idiots

Most women enjoy mediocrity, and that is why most men would sooner achieve a reputation in mediocrity than display rationality. Proving one's self as a mediocre is the quickest way to penetrate what’s in between her legs oozing out with femininity. In the meantime, when you love someone, be honest and truthful. It is always healthier to tell the truth and make him cry than to tell him a lie to make him smile. Otherwise, what you would have won for the rest of your life will be a fucking idiot. Poch Suzara

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jose Rizal, HAPPY BIRTHDAY - 2009

You gave your life for our country so, on the anniversary of your birth, I will report how they are faring. Sadly there is little progress since last year. Your old enemies – those in authority who had you arrested, incarcerated, and executed – are still here. They are still in control of the minds and hearts of our people and most of our schools, colleges, and universities. They still teach our youth how to pray - how to solve real problems by reaching for fantasy solutions. It is terrible training for their emotional growth and intellectual maturity. Worse yet, our youth are still taught to believe that after birth there is a better foreign country to go to; like after death there is a better next world to go to. Yes sir, we continue to be the same victims of indoctrination, not the masters of education. We are still into the religious way of believing when we should have progressed into the scientific way of thinking. Rather than allow science and clear thinking to transform us into a nation of dignified men and self-respecting women we try to solve the problems of faith with more faith. Even more painful to admit, millions of Filipinos continue to contribute daily to keeping the Philippines poor and backward. The believers running our sick society continue to insist that there is no such thing as overpopulation problem today. They insist that our society can provide Filipinos with adequate food, housing, and schooling, even saying that there are resources for a population of 200 million. And so in the Philippines an average of 3 babies are born every minute of the day or 1.8 million yearly. When they grow up, if at all, such children are also taught in schools to refer to the bible for moral growth and spiritual development. Indeed, the same bible that teaches us to love not this world, neither the things that are in this world; and to take no thought for tomorrow for tomorrow will take care of itself. In the meantime, life in the Philippines can be characterized as the daily competition to be the criminal rather than be the victim of the criminals. The forgiveness of sin and the pardoning of crime provide the basis for our social, moral, and political values. Indeed, in our country, if one Filipino suffers from a delusion, it is called "insanity" if, however, millions of Filipinos suffer from the same delusion, it is called "Christianity." Sir, again this year, as it was during the previous years, the politicians in government 'serve' our country not by telling the bitter truth, but by telling sweet lies. The sweeter the lies, the sweeter their promotion in government office. Ours continue to be a government of the corrupt, by the corrupt, and for the corrupt. To think that the worst kind of poverty is the poverty of the mind. Such horrors come from our schools, colleges, and universities. Millions of our college educated men and women are working not for our national growth and development, but are employed in foreign countries enjoying the wealth of real education. The kind of wealth that comes from science which is all about the courage to change and to improve under a fearless, and self-correcting, enterprise. Sir, you were certainly a real hero during your century. Today, in our own century, instead of heroes in our God-fearing country we have God-fearing politicians indoctrinated to embrace blind Christian faith. They neither make use of the power of knowledge nor are interested in its diffusion. Our politicians would readily pray to a Jewish foreign divinity to remedy the traditional ills of our sick society. They do not pay any serious attention to remedy the rotten core in of our system of education - the root cause of our daily confusion as a people and yearly delusion as nation bereft of any sense of direction. Dearest sir, Happy birthday. We miss you. We respect you. We admire you. We love you! Yes sir, thanks to you, the few of us who have seen through the evils of your enemy - Christianity, - we know what it means to love our own country and what it means to always be on the side of our fellow-countrymen, not for what we are today, but for what, with the power of education, we Filipinos can become tomorrow. Yours sincerely, Poch Suzara,

Monday, June 15, 2009

Free Will

First, let me explain the nature of my free will. With free will I am able to argue on the premise that God does not exist; I am also able to argue on the premise that God does exists. In either case, however, I can reject the existence of God with regrets; or, accept the existence of God without regrets. Well, I say, if there is a God out there and He seems neither disturbed nor disappointed with the way I am living my short otherwise brief life on this earth with my free will – why should you religious morons be disturbed or disappointed in me? Indeed, free will is a not gift from God. Each and every one of us must invent, refine, and develop our own. That’s how real and free – free will should be. That’s how it has been and still is and always will be the nature of my own free will. In the meantime, as a man of self-respect and dignity. I therefore do not qualify as a candidate for the master-slave relationship that Christianity offered me. A man lacking in self-respect and dignity, however, is a man ridden with guilt. Such a man will always prefer the security of Christianity over independence and find comfort in the thought that, for the price of total submissiveness, especially via the mutilation of one’s intellect, God will love and protect him. In exchange for obedience, Christianity promises salvation after death. In order, however, to elicit obedience through this promise, Christianity must convince you that you need salvation, that there is something to be “saved” from. Christianity has nothing to offer a happy man already enjoying his intellectual freedom and human dignity. If Christianity is to gain a motivational foothold, it must declare war on earthly pleasure – the joys in life and this, historically, has been its precise course of action – especially in the Philippines, still poor and backward, – the only Christian country in Asia. In the eyes of Christianity all Filipinos are sick and sinful and helpless in the face of God, and therefore we are all potential fuel in the flames of hell. Well, just as Christianity must destroy reason before it can introduce faith, so it must destroy happiness before it can introduce salvation. Christianity and insanity are one and the same mockery against the whole of humanity. As an atheist therefore, I am against Christianity. In the here and the now as I would rather be always on the side of humanity. Poch Suzara

Education in the Philippines

Critical thought in our schools, colleges, and universities is not a value, despite the fact that the aim of education is to produce men and women who, supposedly, should learn to “think for themselves.” Education in the Philippines? There is no such thing, and if there were, education has been and still is a failure, especially as it has been under the success of Christianity in the Philippines. Indeed, what we acquire via education is not education, but indoctrination. After which we are awarded a certification. It explains why millions of our college educated men and women seek jobs, not capable of creating jobs for themselves to contribute and to enrich our own country. Thus, millions of college educated Filipinos are employed in some 168 countries around the world. Surely, they enjoy a higher standard of living and, hopefully - thinking. At the expense, however, of the family derailed. Marital vows thrashed. Relationships shattered. Promises undelivered. Plans postponed. Communications negated, If not deviated, or worst – vitiated. Indeed, to be more destructive, not instructive. For my part, as a high school expelled student of some 60 years ago, I imagine how the majority of our college educated men and women could be a gain, not a drain, - on the Philippines economy. They could, indeed, be industrious, productive, vigorous adults who could have more love of and for country and love of creative industry. In the meantime, according to latest study of “livable cities” in the world, Manila is near the bottom of the ranking of the most livable cities, landing at 108th spot. Another corrupt reflection of the sad failure of the corrupt system of education in our God-forsaken Philippines - the only Christian country in Asia since the 16th century. Poch Suzara

Books written by Bertrand Russell

In 1940 an American New York lawyer who was more of a Catholic than he was pathetic described Russell’s books in a court case as follows: "lecherous, libidinous, lustful, venerous, erotomaniac, aphrodisiac, irreverent, narrow-minded, untruthful and bereft of moral fiber." ... In the later years the New York attorney Joseph Goldstein had to eat his own words. In 1950, Bertrand Russell won the Nobel Prize for literature – in recognition for his varied and significant writings in which he champions humanitarian ideals and the freedom of thought... Bertrand Russell always insisted on the importance of philosophy, science, and mathematics to each other. He revolutionized logic and our understanding of mathematics. In fact, Bertrand Russell was one of the founders of the modern computer age... Today in this already 21st century, religious morons are using the Internet services to spread the so-called “evils of atheism.” They completely ignore the historical fact that the computer machine and the internet facilities were both invented, refined, developed, and manufactured by atheists. Poch Suzara

Friday, June 12, 2009


Atheism rises above creeds and puts Humanity upon one plane.
There can be no 'chosen people' in the Atheist philosophy.
There are no bended knees in Atheism;
No supplications, no prayers;
No sacrificial redemptions; No 'divine' revelations;
No washing in the blood of the lamb; No crusades,
No massacres, No holy wars; No heaven, No hell,
No purgatory; No silly rewards and No vindictive punishments;
No christs, and No saviors; No devils, No ghosts and No gods.
Joseph Lewis

Well, my dear reader, have you ever heard of a Filipino family
who got to be filthy rich for believing that God is bad? And yet,
how come millions of Filipino families are filthy poor for
believing that God is good?

Nay more, have you ever heard of atheist nations declaring war on
other atheist nations for not believing in the existence God?
Poch Suzara

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Reality of Love

Each unfolding reality contains the seeds of its own destruction and the embryo of a new reality that will replace it. Sadly, this horror, as it applies to everything, also applies to the reality of love. Indeed, there is no such thing as love lasting forever. Love too eventually dies as it destroys itself.

Life, however, goes on. Indeed, life too, is just as destructive. But history shows us - there is no finality in human affairs. In life, however brief and temporary as life is, there is only wisdom and knowledge to be achieved together with the understanding that life, especially the un-examined life, - is not worth living for any one of us. Poch Suzara

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Frightened Believers

They would stare at painful photos showing human beings struggling to survive under poverty and misery, indeed, existing like animals in the gutter. Then they would express sentiments that those of us who are enjoying a better standard of living should thank God for his blessings. I say this is religious stupidity, if not superstitious mockery. Isn’t time to question what is a God for with his godlike power? God already has his best of health and the greatest of wealth and all kinds of goodies up there, why could God not share them with impoverished Filipino people down here? Golly, God could have the time and the energy and the attitude to screw around with a Virgin Mary to produce a Son. Why can’t He produce goodies for, say, the poor and miserable Filipinos in the Philippines – the only Christian country in Asia since the a6th century? For my part, I thank God I am an atheist and a freedom fighter. Never, however, will I ever – love, worship, and adore such a supernatural monster. Poch Suzara