Thursday, March 27, 2008


“Only God has the right to define what’s wrong.” Phil Star March 13,2008 If God could only wake up, He might begin to do right what has always been wrong with His original creation to begin with. For God’s sake, even the scientists are trying to find ways and means to improve the human conditions on this earth. Such as curing diseases, even conquering death. Now we are told that scientists are playing God. Well, if God would only stop wasting his powers fooling around and begin to play the role of God himself, we would have no need of scientists trying hard to make this world a better place than what the religious morons have made of it during these past centuries! Poch Suzara


“If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.” 1 John 1:8.

It is insane to imagine a supernatural Being still bothered with stupid sin in this 21st century. Billions of Christians, Jews, and Muslims have already been born, sinned, and died on this earth since ages ago. Especially since His own son Jesus pretended to die on the cross to save the world from sin. Indeed, when Jesus resurrected from the dead, so have the deadly sins of the world resurrected along with Him. Poch Suzara

Free Will

“Our Father who art in heaven,” "give us this day our daily bread," "lead us not into temptation" and “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Free will is a myth. A biblical joke. We have no free will. Where is our free will if we were only doing God’s will on earth as it is in heaven? Where is your free will to do something for yourself without God or without the devil?Indeed, where is your free sense to attain for yourself self-respect and dignity as a thinking man? Poch Suzara

The Fool

The fool said in his heart “There is no God.” Well, as a fool myself, I say, let’s assume for a moment that there is a God: so how come God is always omni-­absent everywhere all the time; never omni-present anywhere at any time?

Well, more to the point I ask: what if there is a God, but no life after death? What if there is life after death, but no God? Either way, it still sucks, doesn’t it? Poch Suzara

Let There Be Light

God said: “let there be light.” How strangely honest of God to admit that He was not a bright shinning light himself. He had to create the sun to light up the pitch universal darkness around Him. Poch Suzara

Wild Beast

"Even wild beasts are not as ferocious as these Christians in their hatred for one another."--Ammianus, 4th century Roman historian.

Please Sir Ammianus, no need to insult them - wild beasts do not hate each other in God’s name, nor do they kill each other for his glory in heaven. If they do kill, however, it is for the sake of survival as their creator couldn’t give 2 hoots about their existence on this planet earth! Poch Suzara

Divine Plan

Was God really that all-knowing? Did God have ample experiences so as to insist that he could remedy human affairs and improve global events?

Instead of creating Adam and Eve, He should have first created for himself a mom and dad, a wife and in-laws, grandma and grandpa, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, uncles and aunties, and cousins. In this way, God need not have been lonely as a supernatural orphan living all alone in the vast universal darkness. In fact, with such divine relatives, God from up there could have shown real examples of love and affection for the human family to emulate down here. Poch Suzara

St. Augustine Wrote:

“The measure of love is to love without measure.” So how come God’s love for the world was measured with a cheap, if not with a rotten free will? Augustine was responsible for the phrase “original sin.” Before him it was known as ancestral sin. One would suppose that Augustine became God’s favorite saint only because he conveniently made excuses for God - the original creator who started the whole original mess to begin with. Poch Suzara

The Bigger Fool

The fool has said in his heart, there is no God. Well, I ask: Isn’t God the bigger fool for creating the fool who denies not only God’s existence, but also rejects God’s creative power? However the case may be, why would God create the fool as he created all men and women in his own image and likeness? Poch Suzara

Silly Bible

Everything in this world begins with the new and then it becomes old. Except the silly bible. It begins with the Old Testament and then it becomes the New Testament. As if there were any difference whatsoever between old evil or new evil in the biblical Testaments. Poch Suzara

How Wonderful of Christ

How wonderful of Christ to have died on the cross to save the world from sin as the sins of the world too died together with Christ.

How dreadful, however, when Christ resurrected, so did the sins of the world also resurrected. Well, Christ did not go back to the drawing board; instead, he promised to return to finish the job. That was more than 2,000 years ago. Poch Suzara

The Bible

The bible is a good book; unfortunately, good for nothing. Tens of millions of Christians have not read the bible. If they read it, however, and read verses that were confusingly incredible, if not incomprehensible, they called it “divine wisdom.” Sometimes, they even thought of it as the “Revealed Truth.” Poch Suzara

If God Does Not Exist

If God does not exist, everything is permitted? On the contrary, according to the priesthood industry, God exists and therefore everything is permitted. Look how the faithful believers always take advantage of the sacrament of forgiveness of sin available from God at any time. Specially those sinners and criminals elected into high government office.

Such an arrangement has certainly generated wealth, power, and glory for the priesthood industry. After all they own the unregistered patent: they invented the concept of sin and eternal punishment that goes to hell with it. Poch Suzara

Test Everything

The bible clearly states: “Test everything. Hold on to the good.” - 1 Thessalonians 5:21

I say: test everything especially the good. It too might be good for nothing. Poch Suzara

Deadly Religious Morons

They would rather visit their dead loved-ones buried in the cemetery; but never, would they ever, even dream of visiting their loved-ones in heaven. In the first place, nobody knows whether their loved-ones made it to heaven; in the second place, nobody knows where heaven is located. Even the theologians do not know; though they know or rather pretend to know a lot about God, and that God is everywhere.

In the meantime, what is immortality? It is the condition of dead people who refuse to believe they are already dead. Poch Suzara

Lively Religious Morons

It is interesting to observe how the religious morons try to prove the existence of God precisely by proving the existence of their own ignorance.

Listen closely to these two morons debating: I do not how God created the turtle’s shell. You do not know how God created the turtle’s shell. We both know, however, that God created the turtle’s shell.

In other words, the existence of unsolved problems proves the existence of God.
To worship “God” therefore is to worship ignorance.

Nobility or Stupidity

What is so noble about turning the other cheek, if one knows that each time he does so, he is piling up greater heavenly rewards, while the one who strikes him is earning his stupidity as his rewards in hell? Poch Suzara

Silly Prayer

Crucified on the cross, Jesus dying cried out: “My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?” Now if God would not listen to the prayer of his own begotten Son, why should God listen to the prayer of grown-up men and women petrified like a bunch of little boys and girls feeling also forsaken? Poch Suzara

Bible Lessons

As an atheist, I ask: where is the love of reading as a lifetime adventure taught in the Old Testament? Where is the joy of free thought explained in the New Testament? Where is the definition of a decent man and a civilized woman written in the bible? Where is the definition of a happy home with happy children described in the bible? Where in the bible does it explain how to settle international disputes not with hate and war, but with the audacity of reason?

If the bible is a good book, how come, thus far, the bible has only been good for nothing? In fact, where is peace on earth and goodwill to all men, women, and children inspired by, and encouraged with, bible lessons? Poch Suzara

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Those who fear reading provocative material are those who have been frightened since childhood formative years to think not for themselves. They are no better off than those who are un-schooled or functionally illiterate or emotionally bamboozled. Poch Suzara

Atheist and Christian

If you come right down to it, there is little difference between some of the goals of the Christian and the Atheist: both value helping their fellow man.

The Atheist, however, is drawn to this goal out of unselfish love and sympathy – which arise from his sense of human decency and intelligence. For the Atheist, the ultimate goal in life is human happiness by making others also happy.

The Christian, sad to say, is driven to it out of fear for his own eternal welfare. For him, helping his fellow man is not an end in itself, but only a means of saving himself from damnation.

The Atheist realizes that he could be mistaken about what his best for his fellow man; so he is willing to change his mind. He welcomes criticisms.

The Christian cannot admit that his ideas of right and wrong might be mistaken, because to doubt would, again, imperil his immortal soul.

Thus, highly-indoctrinated, the Christian is a blind, senseless, panic-stricken victim who must keep running until he drops. He has nothing useful going for him in this world except blind faith in lies, deceit, fraud, and deception especially about the next life in the better world to come after death. Poch Suzara

Jose Rizal

If Christianity had not dragged Jose Rizal down and get him executed for promoting the power of science and reason, the Philippines today would be the most developed and the most advanced country in Asia today. Especially in the race to achieve the higher standard of thought as a free people and the higher standard of independence as a free nation.
Indeed, because of the tragic fate of great thinkers like our Jose, Rizal, the freedom of thought and the power of reason have never played seminal roles within our system of education. It is, in this way, we Filipinos in this 21st century are only more destructive and more at home with political and social decadence.
As disciples, followers and admirers of Jose Rizal, we Filipinos could have been more creative and familiar with the power of science and its devotion to the truth under the beauty of human intelligence.
Of course there is this cock and bull, theological hogwash invented by the shallow-minded Jesuit friars claiming in effect that before he was put to death, Rizal retracted. A fascinating fairy tale not worth elaborating for matured and intelligent readers on this page. Poch Suzara

More On Rizal

Jose Rizal would never write such scientific nonsense as published in “Rizal’s Life: Works and Writings: Their impact on our national legacy written by Capino, Gonzalez, and Pineda:

“It is our duty to follow the arid but peaceful and productive paths of science which lead to progress and thence to the unity desired and asked by Jesus Christ on the night of his sorrow.” Page 82
It is evident that a man with the caliber of scientific outlook on life cannot let himself be submissive by biblical texts or by teachings of the Catholic friars who hated him. I am suggesting Rizal never wrote those words referring to Jesus Christ. Religious morons added those words to Rizal’s writings to make him look like he never abandoned his faith that kills. Poch Suzara

It Is Hard

It is hard to be an atheist if you were not an avid reader; especially if you have not thoroughly and properly read the bible. Indeed, it is hard to meet educated atheists who are not conversant with bible contradictions, inconsistencies, immoralities, obscenities, absurdities, atrocities, mendacities, and indeed, monstrosities.
Think of the claim that the bible was written by inspired authors of God. If this were so, how come the millions of bible readers have not been as equally inspired to read and to discover the inexcusable errors written in the bible? Poch Suzara


Astronomy explains how we live on a speck of debris from a cosmic explosion billions of years ago.
Geology explains how brief is our existence on this earth both as individuals and as a species.
Biology explains how through millions of years, we humans evolved and are still evolving from lower into higher forms of life.
The science of astronomy, geology, and biology are more than enough for me to justify my stand on atheism as something more revealing, vigorous and courageous. Poch Suzara

War on Poverty

In the never-ending war against poverty, how come poverty is always winning? How come the government forces combined with the forces of the church continue to dismally fail to defeat poverty permanently out of our sick society?
In the meantime, poverty is the symptom: Christianity is the disease. Filipinos are not Christians because they are poor, they are poor because they are Christians. The war against poverty therefore should first be a war against the lies and deception behind the corrupt commercial enterprise known Christianity. Poch Suzara

The Excommunication Business

The church officials cannot afford to excommunicate government officials because they are all mutually involved together in the lucrative business of corruption in the Philippines.
Look how church officials are enjoying tax exempt status from the State. Look how the government officials are enjoying the forgiveness of sin and crime from God and His church! Poch Suzara

Most Women

Most women love mediocrity in men. Most men, just so to score sooner to what’s in between a woman’s leg, would readily manifest that their mediocrity is even inspired by a divinity. Poch Suzara

Politics and Religion in the Philippines

I hate Religion and its illusions. I hate politics and its delusions. Far more severe, I hate blind faith as it supports both religion and politics in cahoots together in the corrupt business of sin and crime. The Philippines is one example of what stupid religion combined with stupid politics can accomplish together. Especially to keep a whole nation poor, backward, frightened, and insane, - with lies, deceit, fraud, corruption and deception. Poch Suzara Twitter# Google#

One Day

One day, whether I like it or not, nature will kill me. For me, however, to be on my bended knees listening to religious morons about asking the Lord for the forgiveness of my stupid sins before I die, I say, no way. I’d rather kill myself first. Phooey on Thy Kingdom Come. Poch Suzara

The poor in Spirit

For all of its concern about the “poor in spirit” in the Philippines, Christianity does its best not only to spread spiritual poverty daily, insure moral bankruptcy weekly, support political stupidity monthly, but also, indeed, to promote social insanity yearly. And in blind faith, since the 16th century, we naturally cannot see just exactly how blessed we all are in this God-forsaken Philippines already in the 21st century. Poch Suzara

World's Poorest People

We Filipinos are among the poorest people in this world. We possess no wealth of knowledge of the nature of life or death. We possess no wealth of knowledge of the hereafter. We possess no wealth of knowledge of the nature of the existence of God. What’s more ticklish about this poverty situation, however, is that we possess no wealth of knowledge of the nature of souls. We possess no wealth of knowledge of the nature of heaven or even where it is located; and we possess no wealth of knowledge of the nature of God’s enemy - Satan. But we are told that with faith in God – we shall all be saved after death. Otherwise, we will be punished eternally in hell, - again a place where even the most brilliant of Filipino theologians have no idea whatsoever as to where exactly hell is located out there whether it is outside or inside the universe. As if there is a thing that could exist outside the universe! Poch Suzara

Incredibly Stupid

It is not incredible to see why poor people need money. What’s incredibly stupid, however, is to see people already rich still needing more money. The rich morons naturally cannot see that there is such a thing as poverty of the worst kind – the poverty of the mind. I have met a few of these rich morons who need more money to support their drug-addict sons and grandsons, if not alcoholic daughters and grand-daughters.
Of course I also know of this poorly paid college professor. He lives off his rich wife, but he needs more money to fuck around with other women just as dumbstruck as his wife. Poch Suzara

The Rich and Famous

In countries that enjoy social or political decadence they have individuals known as the rich and the famous. We too have those in the Philippines. They are the rich and famous individuals known as government officials, corrupt businessmen, and Catholic Church officials known as the Bishops and Cardinals. Not to mention, another rich and famous billionaire – Brother Mike Velarde of El Shaddai. Millions of Filipinos have not stopped buying what Brother Mike Velarde has been selling: - Jesus – the Son of God – the Savior of Filipinos. Poch Suzara

Most Subjects

Think of it: most subjects taught to children as formative years in grade school have neither social nor practical value for this life. By the time, however, they finish high school and college, most of the youth of our land are more familiar with the hereafter than they are prepared for this good life – one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. They would rather win eternal salvation in the Kingdom of God than contribute something of value to the kingdom of Man. Poch Suzara

George Carlin

Atheist-comedian George Carlin says that religion is bullshit. Please George, let us not bullshit the bullshit. It at least serves as fertilizers in many Asian countries for better and more productive farming technique. Religion, on the other hand, has only kept most countries religiously poor and backward like the Philippines – the only Christian country in Asia since the 16th century. Poch Suzara

Monday, March 03, 2008


Have you found joy in life? The greatest of which is the joy of free thought? Have you touched the lives of others with the joy of lively and intelligent thinking rather than just the joy of deadly and stupid believing? Poch Suzara

The Oath for Office of the President

"I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully and conscientiously fulfill my duties as President of the Philippines, preserve and defend its Constitution, execute its laws, do justice to every man, and consecrate myself to the service of the Nation. So help me God."
As a matter of fact, any president who needs help from a God who does not exists, deserves not to be the president of any Republic. Really, if God exists and he helps, God can do a better job than any president can. Indeed, if there is a God, we have no need of a Constitution, courts, lawyers, policemen or laws for the nation. In fact, we have no need for Churches, schools, colleges, and universities if God’s existence were real? In fact, we have no need of a president who admits that we, the people, did not vote for her, but that God put her in the presidential office of the Philippines. Poch Suzara

Our Sick Society

When one Pinoy suffers from a delusion, it is called insanity. When millions of Pinoys suffer from a delusion, it is called Christianity.
If we Pinoys do not see this piece of revealed truth, it is only because we have been indoctrinated to be always proud of our blind faith. Poch Suzara

Biblical Promises

Everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks, finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened. “ Luke 11:10
If our children in school were taught that these bible promises are nothing but insults to the values of hard work under the perspiration of human intelligence, we would already be enjoying growth as a people and maturity as a nation centuries ago. Poch Suzara


We are told that if Christianity never spread in the Philippines, we Filipinos today would be still savages untouched by civilization. We would still be pagans if the Catholic Spain never arrived to colonize the Philippines to spread the will of God to save the Filipino soul.
If this were so, can any of you catholic bishops explain how come in this 21st the Philippines is still pretty much infested with: cheaters, thieves, drunkards, adulterers, fornicators, gamblers, robbers, murderers, kidnappers, looters, liars, swindlers, embezzlers, falsifiers, fixers, peddlers, betrayers, plunderers, losers, wife-beaters, child-abusers, perjurers, corrupt politicians, sex-starved priests, indeed, not to mention the never-ending supply of stupid sinners? Poch Suzara

The Trouble

The trouble with most men is their lack of self-respect and dignity. They are also incapable of genuine and lasting love. Thus, instead of loving one intelligent woman for the sake of the advancement of knowledge and its diffusion, these sex-starved morons would rather be fecundating around with women equally lacking in self-respect and dignity for the sake of confusion, if not delusion.
In the meantime, our women, always under threat of eternal damnation have been mentally enslaved to obey the will of God. What, however, is so silly about this situation, is that nobody knows what the will of God commands. Only the priests, bishops, cardinals, and the Pope know the nature of those mysteries known as the Revealed Truth. Poch Suzara

Asian Countries

Asian countries, except the Philippines, have their own native born religion. Ours is not a local, but a foreign God born in a Jewish land some 2,000 years ago. In all of Asia, in matters of religion, we Filipinos are the only ones spiritually poor and morally bankrupt. In the meantime, in this only Christian country in Asia since the 16th century, we Filipinos continue to waste time and energy worshipping a Jewish God. At this time, in the 21st century, we should already be civilizing ourselves instead of saving our silly souls that does not even exist. Poch Suzara Twitter# Facebook# Google#

The Catholic Church

We cannot fight the Catholic Church. But we can and should expose the lies and deception behind the wealth, power, and glory of the Catholic Church.
Indeed, Catholics are not the masters of the Revealed Truth. They are, in fact, the victims as the Revealed Truth has yet to be revealed.
I was once a devout Catholic. Thank God not anymore. I excommunicated myself out of my church since I was 16 years old. Poch Suzara

We Filipinos

We Filipinos are born ignorant, not stupid. We are made stupid not because of education, but because of Catholic commercial enterprises more known as Catholic schools, Catholic colleges, Catholic and universities.
In this only Catholic country in Asia since the 16th century, when we Filipinos do something we are guilty of, we are instantly aware there is always our faith in a loving God who will readily forgive our sins and crimes and other variegated forms of stupidity. Poch Suzara

Why Evil will always Triumph

Evil triumphs when good men and good women do nothing? This is a lot of biblical hogwash. Evil triumphs when a good God and a good devil do not only amicably tolerate each other's silly existence, but also compassionately support and maintain each other’s evil persistence. When men and women are good, but especially good for nothing, evil will always triumph. Poch Suzara

National Solution

One solution to our country’s historical troubles: no more childish prayer for the sake of a childish theology. Only more science and technology.

Indeed, science and technology that should, as nothing else could, quickly extricate the Philippines up and out of its historical quagmire in fear and superstition, and indeed, in the belief in life after death in the kingdom of God. Poch Suzara


What do the Spaniards, Japanese, Americans, Chinese, Koreans, Malaysians, Singaporeans, Thais, Australians, British, Germans, and, especially, indeed the rich and powerful citizens of the Vatican State - all have in common? These foreigners are now rightful land owners of the Republic of the Philippines. During the past decades, ever since we were granted independence by America, and for personal gain, our high government officials have been busy selling Philippine assets and properties to any wealthy foreign investor buying.
What, however, do the vast majority of poor and miserable Filipino citizens share in common? We all have faith in life after death to come in the kingdom of God in heaven. Poch Suzara

Catholic Bishops

The Catholic bishops have never taught the Filipino self-respect as a people or even dignity as a nation. In fact, these bishops have only been hungry for thought control of our women and our children, and not to mention pretty much insane for secular power too.
Consider the vast majority of the Filipinos taught always that it is better to believe than it is to know? That no matter what, there is always available from God the forgiveness of sins and crimes? Thus, kickbacks in public office, cronyism and nepotism, smuggling, lying, cheating, corruption, etc are not sins or crimes, but rather blessings from God with opportunities to forgive the fall of men. Poch Suzara

Three Masters

No man can serve two masters. Matt. 6:22-24. Gee, Matthew, you are so damned right. It is ridiculous to serve two masters especially when one is always omni-absent; never omni-present!
But then again, how come millions of spiritually poor and morally bankrupt Filipinos have always been able to serve not only two, but three masters: the Catholic Bishops, high government officials, and the foreigners who are now the legal owners of most of valuable property and assets comprising the Republic of the Philippines? Poch Suzara

Divine History

During the past centuries people believed in the divine rights of the king’s government. In this 21st century, we Filipinos still believe in the divine authority of the Catholic Bishops over our government.
Former President Joseph Estrada was charged, convicted, jailed, and pardoned by President Gloria M. Arroyo. If the Catholic Bishops were not allowed to meddle in matters of the State, there would be no such horror as the forgiveness of sin and crime in our insane government. Poch Suzara


Poverty is the greatest of our sins and the worst of our crimes. Millions of Filipinos are not Christians because they are poor, they are poor because they are Christians. Indeed, Christianity has always had a vested interest in misery and poverty. Poverty is the symptom. Christianity is the disease. The fight against poverty should be focused at its roots. Nothing can remedy poverty unless we first get rid of Christianity. Indeed, it is time for those poor in spirit to evaporate and let those rich in spirit take over to establish in our own land a sinless and a crimeless society. To insist that God loves the poor because he made so many of them is an argument against God. Really, if God could give free will to the rich to help them enjoy the higher standard of thinking, why couldn’t God give the same free will to the poor to help them to enjoy a higher standard of living? Poch Suzara

Blind Faith

Thanks to blind faith so prevalent in this only Christian country in Asia, we are even blind to the garbage all around us. Garbage in our streets and highways. Garbage in our homes. Garbage in our schools, colleges, and universities. Garbage in our corporate and government offices. Garbage in our Churches and Cathedrals; and indeed, the most stinking of all – the garbage in our minds and hearts. Look how we all love God up there by being filthy and polluted and corrupt to each other down here.

In tbe meantime, no doubt, there is the power of blind faith. It comes from the power of blind ignorance. Poch Suzara

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Blog Comment

The difference between Christianity and other religions is that in other religions, people search for God. For a Christian, God searches for you!”Really? But isn’t God suppose to be everywhere and people need not be busy searching for God or God need not be busy searching for people? What’s the point of God being omni-present here or there, but omni-absent everywhere. So God created the world! So what? It is the devil gifted with a free will that keeps the world going.

Isn’t it time to realize that the glory of creation lies in its consummation, not in its inception? And this consummation should not be global stupidity; precisely, it should be perfected humanity.

Poch Suzara

Old and New Religion

In the old religion, God will provide. In the new religion, however, the universe will provide. If either were true, how come in the end no one can even survive? After a brief moment of life on this speck of dust called earth, we are quickly poofed out of existence and the billions of galaxies out there couldn’t care less.

Poch Suzara

Dear Jesus

Dear Jesus, Millions of your Filipino followers are filthy poor. Only a few of your Filipino followers are filthy rich. All, however, rich and poor alike, are waiting for your return. What’s holding up the show? Where are you Jesus? It has been more than 2,000 years already. Why did you make a promise you could not deliver sooner? Time has elapsed! Oh Jesus, do you know that millions of Filipinos who are college educated Catholics have to earn a living overseas. These are in foreign countries that do not even believe you to be the Son of God who performed wonderful miracles or that you are the Savior of the Filipinos! Poch Suzara

In School

In La Salle grade school and in high school we were threatened with punishment if we dared to read the great books written by great thinkers and philosophers. I somehow disobeyed. Down through the years, I began to clearly see why we are a people of childish prayers; and not a nation of matured readers.

Indeed, we Filipinos are born ignorant, not stupid; we are made stupid not by an educational, but by the powerful commercial enterprises otherwise more known as Catholic schools, colleges, and universities.

Poch Suzara


“Beware of covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses.” Luke 12:15

Gee Luke, you are so right! What is the Church doing with abundance - its trillions of dollars in cash deposits in the Vatican Bank? Poch Suzara


“The greatest of intellect without religion in the heart, is only civilized barbarism, and disguised animalism.” Bunsen

Well, what about the senseless death of Jesus crucified on the cross here on earth? His own Father in heaven abetted and tolerated the carnage; or, was that just a theological barbarism, if not just an ecclesiastical animalism? Poch Suzara

Dr. Harold J. Sala

This famous minister says that the science of archaeology has contributed more to substantiating the authenticity of the holy bible than most people know about. Really? What about the science of astronomy where it discovered that we are a speck of debris from the cosmic explosion? Where is that discovered and explained in the bible?
What about the science of geology that reminds us of our brief existence both as individuals and as a species? Where is that elucidated in the bible?
Dr. Harold J. Sala says that the bible was written in a world of flesh and blood, of commerce, of intrigue, of love and death. Hell, Dr. Sala! If these were the case, why would the authors of the bible need inspiration from a loving God to write such superstitious nonsense?
Poch Suzara


Whoever slanders the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven: he carries the guilt of his sin forever. Mark 3:29

Phooey on the Holy Spirit. Phooey on the forgiveness of sin. Phooey on the guilt of my sin forever. And for being such a bully, phooey on you too Mark! What did you, as a superstitious author of God, really know anything about what is holy and what is a spirit? In fact, what did you know anything about God? Poch Suzara

Biblical Zombies

Here's one revealed truth in the HOLY bible as written by inspired authors of God: And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose. And came out of the graves . . . And went into the holy city, and appeared to many.” Matt. 37: 52- 53. Quite a few of those biblical Zombies migrated to the Philippines and got to be installed as teachers and professors in our Catholic schools, colleges, and universities. Millions of us Filipinos got to be the "idiots," "Morons," "stupid fools" as we were all indoctrinated to believe their teachings as they were the resurrected zombies. They all frightened us to believe as well that we too are gifted with a FREE WILL especially to enjoy too after we are dead - the miracle of resurrection back to life with Jesus on earth as HE is in heaven! It is insane, isn't it? Well, here's another revealed truth written in the bible which nobody likes to read or to admit as a revealed truth: "THE DEAD KNOW NOT ANYTHING, NEITHER HAVE THEY ANY MORE A REWARD FOR THE MEMORY OF THEM IS FORGOTTEN." Eccl 9:5 Poch Suzara

The Human Body Created by God

"In cancer," wrote Bertrand Russell, "a group of cells engages in a career of imperialism, but, in bringing the rest of the body to death, it decrees also its own extinction." Well, about the 20 billion kinds of germs, bacteria, and viruses existing inside our body during birth? We are told the human body is God’s greatest gift to man. How wonderful. Sadly, however, the human body at birth, grows, gets old and it dies. The human body is eventually killed by those deadly little microscopic monsters - all bereft of moral values - deadly little creatures living inside our body as a housing facilities but gifted too with free will on this earth for the glory of God in heaven. It is, in this sense, that I ask: have any you ever met any one who has been blessed by God? Blessed how and for how long? Poch Suzara Twitter# Facebook# Google#

The Original Evil

If this world, with all of its birth and pain, suffering and death, is the work of a self-conscious Being, then creation is the original crime and the creator is the original criminal. Which is which therefore: God will forgive us, or, we will forgive God? Poch Suzara

Ask Not

As not what you can do for God. Ask, instead, what God can do for you. After all, God has the power, the kingdom, and the glory. We humans have nothing! We even live on a speck of dust called earth lost in the immensity of space and time. In the meantime, we were taught to believe that God is omni-present and that religion is ubiquitous. And yet nobody knows where religion comes from just as much as nobody knows why God is always omni-absent! Poch Suzara