Sunday, November 26, 2006

Happy Turkey Day

It's that time of year to thank the Indians for teaching the Pilgrims how to survive in the New World and then breaking their treaties, stealing their land and slaughtering them.
It is also that time of the year to thank the African slaves who worked for free in America for some 250 years especially on states called California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Utah, etc that our American government grabbed away from the government of Mexico.
In the meantime, as Howard Zinn wrote in his: - People’s History of the United States: “We are not hated because we practice democracy, value freedom, or uphold human rights. We are hated because our government denies these things to people in Third World countries whose resources we coveted by our multinational corporations. That hatred we have sown has come back to us in the form of terrorism… Instead of sending our sons and daughters around the world to kill Arabs so we can have the oil under their sand, we should send them to rebuild their infrastructure, supply clean water, and feed starving children … In short, we should do good instead of evil. Who would try to stop us? Who would hate? Who would want to bomb us? That is the truth the American people need to be hear.” Poch Suzara

Monday, November 20, 2006

The US Constitution

Imagine the contents of the US constitution to have included not only the life of the indigenous people and the African Americans, and also included, specially, the women and children. What would the United States of America be today where all American citizens enjoy equal opportunity to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Indeed, the majority of the citizens of the USA have no economic power, and therefore they neither enjoy nor possess political power such as those of the rich minority in America?
Of course, under great pretense and drama, as in the Preamble to the Constitution, it is “we, the people” who wrote that document, and not the fifty-five wealthy elites, racists, white, chauvinists, slave-owners whose class interest required a strong central government. Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Langdon, Gilman, Gorham, King, Johnson, Sherman, Patterson, Dayton, Morris, Butler, et al – the Founding fathers of America had nothing to do with the establishment of freedom and democracy for the rest throughout the continent. In fact, the people did not even know that the US constitution was being written. The establishment of the United States of America was more about the hidden promotion of plutocracy, if not the protection of oligarchy – the government of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich.
In his People’s History of the United States, Howard Zinn wrote: “That use of government for class purposes, to serve the needs of the wealthy and the powerful, has continued throughout American history, down to the present day. It is disguised by language that suggests all of us - rich and poor and middle class – have a common interest.” Poch Suzara


There is not an iota of doubt that the United States of America has ruled the world during the past 100 years. And if you look at the state of our world – its poverty, misery, hunger, squalor, diseases, malnutrition, and the slum areas throughout the world – there is only the United States of America to blame. Indeed, America is a nation mostly populated by wealthy families - the greedy, the selfish, the stupid, and the insane. Not contented with the continent their families have, by conquest, stolen away from the Indigenous people, they must also own and control the rest of the natural resources of the world. The US military-industrial-university complex owns and controls such natural resources in foreign countries. For my part, I am utterly ashamed to be called American. As there is, however, only one race in this world, called the human race, I’d rather consider myself as one decent member of the human race. Poch Suzara

Sunday, November 19, 2006

John Blanchard

In his book entitled HAS SCIENCE GOT RID OF GOD, John Blanchard writes: “Atheism’s creed is clear and cruel: we began as a fluke, we live as a farce, and we end as fertilizer.”
Obviously, this religiously blind follower does not read the contents of his own holy bible: “Thou art dust and to dust shalt thou return.” Gen. 3:19. What could be more of a fluke, a farce, and fertilizer than it is to be a piece of dust? Indeed, we live on a planet so tiny in that one million planets the size of earth can fit inside the sun. And the sun itself also comparatively so small in that 500 of our suns can be easily swallowed in one gulp by a bigger star called “Betelguese.”
But Blanchard also writes: “Strictly speaking, nobody is an atheist.” What a poor sap this Blanchard! He has yet to go and visit hospitals. Mothers have not ceased delivering babies that are strictly born atheists each and every day of the years. In fact 3 atheist babies are born each and every single second of the day and night somewhere in the world.
For my part, I am happy and proud to be born an atheist. I do not believe in the existence of a supernatural being called “God.” And if such a God exists, I do not care to love, worship, or adore such a supernatural monster!
Frightened teachers taught me to believe in God when I was a little boy in school. I believe teachers who are themselves victims of fright can never teach the truth. In the meantime, it is not the business of science to get rid of non-existing Beings. Religion has already done more than enough to prove that God does not exist by hating other religions. I rest my case! Poch Suzara, chairman, High-School Dropout Association of the Philippines.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Religious Enterprises

Mike Velarde is now a billionaire. Each and every week, a large crowd of El Shaddai followers have been buying, what Mike Velarde has been selling: Jesus. This has been going on since twenty years ago. Imagine the hundreds of billions more that is the worth of Manalo’s Iglesia Ni Cristo selling to its faithful followers the same Jesus since a hundred years ago. Now imagine the vast wealth and power of the Catholic Church in a wider and bigger control of religion in the Philippines selling the same Jesus to millions of Filipinos every single day since five hundred years ago. And to think that these religious enterprises are able to stay profitable and successful as a business by nurturing fear and by catering to human ignorance. Also by promising that better life to come after death with God in heaven. And to think further that even our frightened newspaper editors and frightened columnists have not ceased assisting these religious leaders make tons of money by selling Jesus in the Philippines - the only Christian country in Asia. Poch Suzara

God’s Existence

It’s a good thing God is omni-absent. Otherwise, if God were omni-present, He would obviously be such a totally useless God. Look at the perpetual state of our world with God producing and directing its terrible daily mess year in and year out. Forget free will. It arrived too late. After all, God created the world in the beginning and then created free will in the end. What a messy set of divine priorities. And to think that the frightened theologians have assured us that that God is not only All-knowing, but also all-powerful! Poch Suzara

God’s Holy Bible

How wonderful of God to have inspired authors to write the holy bible.
How dreadful of God, however, not to have also inspired readers to read the holy bible. Indeed, most believers, followers, worshippers, and defenders of the faith have no knowledge whatsoever about what’s written in the Old and in the New Testament. They are just told that the bible is the holy word of God and therefore there is no need to read the holy book. Just listen to the holy word of the holy priest and your next holy life in the hereafter is guaranteed in the eternal holy paradise. Poch Suzara


Oliver Wendell Holmes said: “Taxes are what we pay for civilized society.” Tax monies are indeed needed to pay for the salaries of the US Armed Forces; especially for the US Marines. They continue to keep the Black African Americans and the indigenous peoples of America to play no part in the so-called white American civilized society. Poch Suzara

Sadly in the Philippines

Democracy is not our only failure. We, ourselves, are also the failures and indeed, the losers. We ignored to educate ourselves. We forgot to develop our minds and hearts when we made ourselves independent and sovereign. We thought there was power in democracy; but now it is obvious, there is only power in theocracy. Indeed, in this 21st century, the majority of poor Filipinos without jobs nor a future are still occupied enjoying the freedom to pray to God to “give us this day our daily bread.” While the rich Filipinos are enjoying the freedom to pray to God to “Lead us not into temptation.” What has been the result of all these wonderful prayers to God? Millions of Filipino children living under subhuman conditions in the streets of our major cities. And they are taught to believe that God is all so merciful, so loving and so wonderful. Poch Suzara

Robin Hood in Government

We are told that there are a few officials in our government who are not really all that evil because they are like Robin Hood: One who stole money from the rich and gave it to the poor. This is really corruption at its height because, in the first place, Robin Hood never run for government office; and, in the second place, Robin Hood never enriched himself by stealing from the rich. He gave all the loot to the poor. He never gave a cut of the loot for himself. Robin Hood died a poor man. He never left behind tons of monies in the bank for his stupid sons and stupid daughters to carry on human stupidity as the rich traditional way of life. Poch Suzara

Question Everything

A freethinker is a person who forms his or her own opinion about religion independent of tradition, authority, or established belief. A Freethinker rejects dogmas and creeds. Upon weighing the evidence of religious tenets put forth by others, he rejects the supernatural and rely more on logic, if not with mathematics.
This is all fine and dandy. I have met freethinkers, however, who could not entertain doubts about what the US government is doing with bombs, death, and destruction in foreign countries like in Iraq today. The US government there with bullets and bombs converting the Muslim theocracy into a Christian democracy for the sake of the growth and expansion of the American economy.
For my part, as a freethinker, I question everything. Be it religion and the church, politics and government. I also question education and the university. After all, there is no such animal as the finality in human affairs; or, for that matter, the last word in the scientific search of the truth. If we must evolve as freethinkers and as truth-seekers, we should not shy away from questioning not only our catechism, but also our liberalism, patriotism, capitalism, communism, terrorism or whatever isms there are existing that keep our world drunk with lies and deceits on the one hand, and, on the other hand, sick with illusions and delusions. Poch Suzara

Sam Harris

I truly enjoyed reading Sam Harris’ book – THE END OF FAITH. As a man devoid of faith myself I now am wondering what will happen to my own book soon to be published entitled: THE BEGINNING OF FAITH? It is mostly about, to begin with, how faith gave birth to human stupidity here, gave growth to human stupidity there, and gave development to human stupidity everywhere. And to think the freethinkers of this world have not stopped praising Sam Harris’ book – as if human stupidity were not anymore the very stuff comprising infinity under the inspiration of divinity. Poch Suzara

Thou Shalt Not Covet

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife is a silly command. What if it is your wife who covets the next door neighbor wife specially when her husband is in church praying to God for peace on earth and goodwill to all men? Poch Suzara

Religion and Music

We are told that music and religion are the same in that it brings all the joys, if not all the moral virtues to the heart it enters. This conclusion, I say, is nothing but pure gimcrackery. Music never killed any one. On the other hand, religion has inspired people not only to slaughter each other for the glory of God, but has even inspired nations to wage war against the other nations for the sake of spreading the Word of God. Poch Suzara

What BRAIN DRAIN Problem Have WE

There are more than 20 million Filipinos ( mostly Filipinas ) with college education who are working today as skilled laborers and professionals in more than 190 foreign countries. They could not be educated enough to be self-employed. They could not be educated enough to develop the agricultural enterprises. They could not be educated enough to exploit the trillion of dollars worth of natural resources, such as our mining products, to help the Philippines grow into a healthy society and develop into a wealthy nation, especially with the help of science and technology. Indeed, we could not even to be educated enough to seriously practice family planning and birth control measures to curtail the spread of poverty in this God-forsaken brain-drained country of ours. In the meantime, isn't it silly to believe that the so-called "BRAIN DRAIN" is such a difficult problem to solve in the Philippines? To begin with, what BRAIN DRAIN are you people talking about? what brain have we in the schools, colleges, and universities more referred to as "teachers," and "professors?" What brain have we in the churches and cathedrals more referred to as "priests, nuns, bishops, and cardinals?" What brain have we in the courts of law more referred to as "lawyers and judges?" What brain have we in the military more referred to as "generals and commodores?" What brain have we in the government more referred to as "barangay captains, mayors, governors, congressmen, senators, vice-president, and president?"

Friday, November 10, 2006

Mathematics and Politics

“Mathematics,” wrote Bertrand Russell, “may be defined as the subject in which we never know what we are talking about, nor whether what we are saying is true.”
Nevertheless, I wish we had more mathematicians in government than we have politicians. Politicians always pretend to know what they are always talking about. They do not even know if the promises they made during the last election have already been delivered. They do know, however, that by making new promises, they will succeed winning in the upcoming election. And that is how stupid we all are in not knowing any better the kind of men that are installed to run our government. Poch Suzara

We Filipinos

If we could only begin accept the reality that God does not exist and therefore cannot provide – we Filipinos could begin to provide for ourselves and develop our own country not only to be the happiest and healthiest, but also to be the wealthiest country in Asia today. But then again, what do we really care about the sick condition of our country since we have been taught to believe that there is a better world to come after death with God in the next life? Meanwhile, death is only another filthy manifestation of the absurdity of human existence in the Philippines. Poch Suzara

Pinoys and Pinays

Millions of Pinoys without jobs and without a future are still in the habit of praying to God to “give us this day our daily bread.” In order to contribute also to the population explosion, millions of Pinays too pray daily to God to “lead us not into temptation.”
These are the same college-educated dummies who are more involved with corrupt politics married to corrupt religion that keep the Philippines rotten economically, rotten morally, and rotten socially. Consider the Philippines hopeless in a rotten foreign debt. And yet, it can afford to regularly conduct expensive military exercises together with the US Visiting Forces to be ready to fight its Asian neighbors, but more so to be prepared to kill fellow-Filipinos. Of course, we do not think of those who have already killed as Fellow-Filipinos struggling to survive in the provinces. We give them more dramatic description like “Islamic militants” or “communist insurgents.” Poch Suzara

White Supremacy

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16.
What a crock of biblical lies. If God so loved the world, he would not have begotten a white Son to inspire the US government especially the White House of President George W Bush to keep the world drunk with white supremacy. Poch Suzara

Change the World

No doubt, it is not possible to change the world. It is possible, however, to embarrass those gang of thugs, nay, homicidal maniacs who still have faith that foreign countries endowed with rich natural resources must be liberated for the sake of their freedom and democracy. Poch Suzara

Which God

I am told that: “We inhabit a universe vaster than human comprehension, older than human wanderings, more wondrous than human conception. And in the face of that, we do the natural thing. We ask questions and seek answers. That's not a denial of God. It is evidence of Him.”
I entirely agree. However, I ask: evidence of which God? There are so many of them, not to mention a goddess! In the meantime, the whole of mankind is still in its diapers sucking on a security lollipop called God. For my part, I thank God I am an atheist. Poch Suzara

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Believers in the USA

More than half of the American population believe Jesus is in heaven and that he will return to earth 50 years from now. This is a lesser tragedy. The greater tragedy, however, is that the candidates for the US Congress of both houses are derived mostly from these group of faithful believers in Jesus. They call themselves Republicans, or as the case may be - Democrats. Precisely the kind of people who need to believe. They do not care to find out or to know which is the exact opposite. Indeed, the kind of people who want a democracy, but do not care for the real values of liberty. Meanwhile, declare yourself liberated from theism and you could not land a job in the USA. Not even employed as a gofer in the White House. According to President George Bush senior, atheists are not patriots. Hell, they are not even citizens of the United States as America is one nation under God. Which God? Of course, the God known as the Almighty Dollar. Poch Suzara

White God

As a little boy at home and in school I was never taught to believe that God is black or brown or yellow or a red God. No, God is a white God. Jesus, the Son of God, is a white Son. Mary is the white Mother of God and Joseph the white husband of Mary. Even the inspired authors of the bible were all white men. As I alarmingly saw, however, how this world is getting more and more drunk with white supremacy, I slowly began to embrace the values of Atheism – its tranquility, its beauty, and its sanity. Poch Suzara

Jose Rizal

Think of it: If, just before he was executed by the order of Catholic Spanish friars, Rizal retracted from his series of attacks against the abuses of the church, Rizal could have been the first saint the Catholic Philippines ever canonized. After all, in the sainthood roster, virtually all of the saints of the church were first sinners, and then in the end found themselves kneeling down before the power of God, a.k.a. the Roman Catholic Church. For my part, after I am dead and I meet with God, this is what I will say: “God, when will you stop bragging about your supernatural power? Please go and visit the Philippines. Please God, see for yourself just exactly how, during these past five hundred years, Christianity has kept the Filipino mindless as a people still stuck under your divine wisdom; and has kept the Philippines heartless as a nation still stuck under your divine guidance.” In the meantime, we Filipinos could have been 500 years ahead of our time if it hadn't been for the Catholic Church dragging science and human dignity down the drain and executing our best thinkers by musketry like it did our Dr. Jose Rizal. A Filipino who wrote: “be careful, choose well, for this world is full of deceit, and deceivers” - cannot be anything but a great thinker. Rizal, indeed, was the greatest Filipino thinker. He had the courage to introduce social sanity in our society where the Catholic religion has only given birth to social stupidity. Poch Suzara


If we could only learn from history, it need not repeat itself. But since we do not even want to learn from the history of our own country, why should we want to learn from the history of the world? Before he died at the age of 98, struggling for human decency during most of long life, Bertrand Russell admonished: “One must care about the world one will never see.” Poch Suzara

Monday, November 06, 2006

What I love about America

In the present, I have the greatest love for all the cats and dogs in America. In a nuclear war, unfortunately, these house pets will all be reduced into cinders. And to think that no can accuse these animals of terrorism; or, for being a Republican or a Democrat creating not jobs for every American as the primary purpose of the US economy, but creating markets in foreign countries to buy “Made in America” weapons for war, death, and destruction. Only to prove that the USA is the one and only superpower among nations of the world.
Meanwhile, there is no greater crime than to scare mothers and fathers enough to send their sons off to war that need not be waged because there never was no real threat to begin with. To all you US soldiers fighting in Iraq today – you are all better off going home to your wives and children or to your mothers and fathers. Please stop fighting for and in behalf of the homicidal maniacs in charge of our government. It is no longer our government. It has already been stolen away from us – the American people – decades ago. Poch Suzara

Change for the Philippines

It has been suggested that the solution to the problems of our country is to change the Philippines and rename it the Republic of Maharlika. This suggestion, however, is so silly and childish. We have already changed the names of our streets. Nothing happened. In fact, our streets are as filthy and rotting as ever. Thanks to our reckless habits as drivers of imported motor vehicles. We have no respect for traffic rules and regulations that’s hardly enforced anyway. If there were hopes of redirecting the course of Philippines for growth and development as a nation, our women must first be spiritually educated. In this way, as well-informed and educated would-be mothers, they will produce children capable of mental growth and intellectual maturity, and therefore having children capable of developing as wholesome human beings of Asia. Consider Poverty. It is a symptom. Slavery is the disease. Women in the Philippines are not enslaved because they are poor, they are poor because they are enslaved. Indeed, our women suffer the worse kind of slavery – the slavery of the mind and heart. The men behind the church and government continue to have authority over our women’s life dictating to them even as to what to do with their own reproductive system. Our women therefore produce babies without regard to moral or intellectual capacity as to what makes a family happy and united blessed with wanted, needed, and loved children. Thus, the 1.5 million babies born yearly in this country are mostly the product of sexual activity, if not pleasurable debauchery, and not the result of decent family planning or decent birth control measures, Therefore, instead of enhancing social sanity, we only have the cycle of slavery via the population explosion generating perpetual poverty. In the meantime, after centuries of growing and developing, most Asian countries have already reached maturity. The Filipino, however, is still pretty much in its diapers. More in awe than ever with that infinite majesty more childishly known as the holy trinity. Indeed, this traditional business of loving white gods and white saints such as Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and loving other white bible characters such as Moses and David all have to be thrown out the window. Also, the business of believing that there is better white world to come after death in the hereafter is pure white hogwash. This is our country. The only country we have. Let us leave this country one day a better place than we found it. And if there is life with God in the hereafter, it should be our moral obligation to tell God that he should pay more attention to the dire social conditions of the Philippines - still poor and backward due to infantile beliefs in superstitious nonsense otherwise more popularly known as Judeo-Christian religion – the religion of the white race. Poch Suzara

Friday, November 03, 2006

Power of the US Government

If power of the US government were ever tamed, it could only mean peace not only in America, but peace in the world. The greatest contributor to the geo-political and military insanity worldwide has been and still is the US government. The same US government that has been hijacked away from the American people. Indeed, hijacked by the corporate criminals – the homicidal maniacs whose religion is called White Supremacy, and whose God is called the Almighty Dollar. Poch Suzara

War as Big Business

The U.S. government goes to war against foreign countries like in Iraq, and the US soldier faces adversaries with weapons or military technology that’s "Made in the USA." It was the same during the Vietnam War. The widening war on terrorism and accelerating weapons sales to coalition partners will only increase the likelihood of the boomerang effect that will continue to haunt us Americans at home and American citizens living abroad. Meanwhile, the weapons for the War against Terrorism like it was before called the War against Communism - have been and still are profitably “Made in the USA.”Indeed, God Bless America! Poch Suzara

Great Men of America

Jack Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X were tall and great leaders of the 20th century America. Each of these great men equally shared the same dream: To transform America into a real land of the free for African Americans; and, to transform America into a real home of the brave for all Americans. Under separate occasions, these great leaders were assassinated by homicidal maniacs working for the industrial-military-university complex. Indeed, the same complex that profits much from death and destruction. Its task is to inspire more hate and spread more violence everywhere to insure the growth and success of its war industry. Poch Suzara

First Refusal

In law, for the sake of fairness, and a matter of priority, there exist such a thing as the “right of the first refusal.”
In global affairs, however, when it comes to a government deciding to bomb other governments, the US government has “the right of the first refusal.” The US government loves war. It loves death and destruction, especially in foreign countries; and if need be, death and destruction right in American cities to justify the declaration of war against other countries in order to please the homicidal maniacs in charge of running the US government. Poch Suzara


Freethinkers have the impression that stupidity in its infinity can only found in the subject of divinity. They refuse to freely think that stupidity can also be found in every other branch of knowledge, except perhaps in mathematics. Take, for instance, history. I have met freethinkers who take for granted that America is the greatest and wealthiest nation in the world in that people from all over the world want to migrate to America – the land of the free and a home of the brave; and, indeed, God’s country where the pot of gold is always boiling.

Ask, however, the indigenous peoples and the African Americans in America if they will agree with you. As a matter of historical fact, The United States of America was founded and established on two holocausts, that of the indigenous people slaughtered and their land grabbed away from them, and the millions of African people captured and enslaved and robbed of their time and energy to labor for free on such stolen properties eventually called the United States of America. Poch Suzara

American Values

It is a sad reflection of American values when the majority of American citizens do not object to countless billions of dollars spent on strategic air missile defense system that may or not work and even more billions spent on studies that examine why they fail in protecting us from an enemy – who may or may not exist. Yet, many college-educated Americans vehemently object to a study of reparations – something that could specifically identity the injustices heaped upon Black Americans as slaves in these United States for more than 250 years and its after effects for more than 130 years.
In the meantime, the dumbstruck in America, especially those ignorant of what exactly the US government is doing to foreign countries like in Iraq in the present, or in Vietnam in the past, asked: “What has America done to deserve a 9/11? Poch Suzara


More than 3,000,000 people, especially women and children, not to mention old men and old women were killed in the Vietnam War. Killed by the French colonizers, then the Japanese invaders, and then the American intruders. After some 30 years of bloody fighting for love of country and love of fellow-citizens, the Vietnamese people finally defeated and threw all invaders, colonizers, and intruders out of Vietnamese soil.
After the Vietnamese people cleaned up the mess created by long years of war, did the Vietnamese government ever called for revenge? To liberate and to start bombing France, Japan, and the United States of America responsible for death and destruction in Vietnam? As a matter of fact, the Vietnamese people are among the most decent and most civilized people on this earth. As an American citizen, I salute the Vietnamese people. They have much to teach the world on how to live as a nation with self-respect and dignity right in their own land and why a people must work for love of country and must work for the sake of its own good future.
In the meantime, intellectual pigmies continue to ask: What has America done to deserve 9/11? They have yet to ask a deeper question: what has Vietnam done to deserve the death and destruction by the US Air Force – bombing not only their farms and schools and hospitals but also destroying Vietnamese cities day after day for years? Indeed, more “Made in America” bombs were dropped in Vietnam than during the entire Second World War bombings in Europe and Southeast Asia put together. It is the same American horror happening today in Iraq while we Americans continue to insist that America is God’s country. Poch Suzara