Sunday, September 16, 2007

More On Religious Morons

Religious morons would never, understandably, attempt to think for themselves on life’s greatest question on God and religion. They would rather let other religiously superior morons figure out the theological mess for them. Poch Suzara

Saturday, September 15, 2007

William Mckinley 1843-1901

On his decision as President of the United States of America to claim the Philippine Islands for the United States in 1899, Mckinley said:

“There was nothing left for us to do but to take them all, and educate the Filipinos, and uplift and civilize and Christianize them, and by God’s grace do the very best we could for them, as our fellowmen for whom Christ also died.”

Mckinley must have been a religious moron who seriously read and clearly understood bible messages. In Luke 19:27. Christ said: “But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them for me.” That’s exactly what the Americans did to Filipinos in the Philippines in Christ’s name.

Poor Mckinley, he did not know that the Filipinos were already enjoying the failure of values and beliefs under the success of Christianity in the Philippines since the 16th century. Poch Suzara

If Jesus Were a Jew

f Jesus were a Jew born in Nazareth, why didn’t the Jews know of him? Search all the ancient Jewish literature. It yields no evidence of any historical Jesus. In fact, if a man could perform fantastic miracles like raising himself back to life from death – it will be recorded in world history. No such historical record exists. Poch Suzara

Why Are There Atheists

There are atheists because there are so many religions each hating and killing the other down here in God’s name and for his glory up there. I am an atheist because I cannot believe in a God who is cold-blooded in perfection and so engrossed in self-admiration and so proud of human wars and annihilation. Poch Suzara

Hazing and Praying

Hazing is senseless, brutal and barbaric. There is no place for it in a decent and a sane society.
So how come praying which is just as selfish, greedy, stupid, and insane always has a place in our sick society? Indeed, if prayer works, if someone out there listens to our prayers, how come we only need to utter more prayers? And if that were not enough, to utter even more prayers! Poch Suzara

Think Tank

A so-called “Think Tank” is proposing to add a 5th year to high school, because it claims that the 10 years of primary and high school education are not enough to prepare students for college.
What a bunch of morons. Instead of eliminating stupid subjects such as religion that have no bearing at all with reality and instead teach more science and the scientific way of thinking - students can succeed with less number of years in acquiring genuine education to play a serious part to get this country really growing, maturing, and developing. Poch Suzara

What's Wrong with the Philippines

We are a nation of boys and girls, not of intellectually matured men and mentally strong women. We are a nation devoid of human dignity and self-respect... Millions of Pinoys are proud to identify themselves as college educated Christians. None are proud to say that they are college-educated Rizalian. What’s wrong with the Philippines? To find out, you need not travel far. Just visit any school, college, or university near your place! They are not educational but commercial - enterprises. They are places where students learn first and foremost to have more faith in Jesus – the Savior of the world... Indeed, they are places where millions of young Filipinos learn to have faith not in the power of knowledge, but in the power of prayer. Jose Rizal courageously wrote about this horror, and yet only a handful of Filipinos are fully aware of the Rizalian message. Poch Suzara Twitter# Facebook# Google#

College-Educated Economists

The college-educated economists employed in our government have yet to publicly acknowledge a simple economic truth: Economic growth can only be a reality if there were no reckless population growth. Indeed, more mouths to feed eats up and swallows the economic pie faster than it can be made to grow bigger and longer and wider. Poch Suzara

Who is a Moron

Any college educated Christian who keeps active and alive the lies, myths, misconceptions and distortions wrapped around Jose Rizal's life, works, and writings is a moron; especially if he does it for the glory of Jesus in the Philippines. I should know. I was one hell of a moron during my school days at De La Salle University.

Of course, there are morons by degrees. The highest are those who believe that RP-Rizal forum was established to help Rizal admirers learn more about Rizal’s life, works, and writings and why he was executed as a great thinker but that he retracted, carried a rosary in his hand, wore a scapular around his neck, kissed the Jesus crucifix and died as a repentant Catholic. In the meantime, the books written by Rizal remain as banned books in all Catholic schools, colleges, and universities in the Philippines. Poch Suzara

Deadly Proverbs

Trust Jehovah with all your heart and do not lean upon own understanding. Proverbs 3:5. Discipline your children, and … they will give delight to your heart. Proverbs 29:17. How, for Jehovah’s sake, will we ever be able to understand the values of inner discipline if we do not lean upon the beauty of our own heart to shape the beauty of the heart and mind of our own children? Especially to learn how not to be a disgrace, but only to be a grace to the human race? Poch Suzara

Newspaper Headline

Campaign to save hungry children stepped up. But unless there’s also a the bigger campaign to step up making birth control and family planning a stark reality, there will be a never-ending supply of hungry children living under subhuman conditions in the Philippines.
In 1947 our population was at 18 million. Sixty years later, today in 2007 our population is at 88 million. I ask those newspaper columnists who are still insisting that there is no population growth problem in the Philippines: how have we enjoyed growth, maturity, and development as a nation? It seems clear enough our economic pie, instead of getting bigger, has only been getting smaller. Again, I ask: If God so loved the world, how has He loved the Philippines considering his only Son Jesus is more loved, worshipped, and adored here than anywhere else in the whole of Asia today? Poch Suzara

Bible Readers

Bible readers have yet to figure out why God gifted the Talking Serpent with a free will. Just exactly like those he gifted to Adam and Eve in paradise. Due to free will our first parents ended up punished by God. The Talking Serpent though cursed by God nevertheless ended up scot-free with his free will. The crawling animal, however, is still alive today in the shape of a supernatural moron. Popularly known as the devil! Quite at home and happy existing in the Philippines and deeply involved in its system of education. Poch Suzara

Atheists have No Need to Be in Foxholes

That there are no atheists in foxholes is not an argument against the atheists. It is an argument in favor of foxholes. We atheists do not kill other atheists for not believing in God. We atheists therefore have no need to dig foxholes. Poch Suzara

Foreign Investment

Any one can see that there far more security guards posted everywhere in our sick society than there are policemen posted anywhere. Indeed, security guards are posted to guard banks, money changer outlets, schools, universities, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping malls, jewelry stores, pawnshops, churches, cathedrals, residential villages, hotels, motels, government buildings, office buildings, residential condominiums, beach resorts, movie theaters, sports complex, newspaper headquarters, airports, harbors and piers, even the palace of the Archbishop of Manila as well protected by security guards.
Now which foreign investor would be interested to risk investing capital in this God-fearing, faith-soaked, corrupt-ridden, crime infested, and only Catholic country in Asia? Of course the foreign criminals would be happy to come here to be among his peers. Poch Suzara

My Aim in Life

The true division of humanity is between those few who think and those many who believe. My aim is to increase the number of those who think, and decrease the number of those who believe. Indeed, to always be on the side of human liberty that enhances universal felicity.
I'd rather see a world populated with intelligent men without religion, than see a world populated with religious men without intelligence. Indeed, religion has had thousands of years of opportunities to change and improve our world. It is time for human intelligence to take over. Poch Suzara

Pray to Mary

To pray to Jesus as God, or to pray to God as Jesus seems to me a mockery against human decency. Isn’t it more than enough that we already pray daily to Mary, the Mother of God, to pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death, amen? Poch Suzara

It is Religiculous

It is religiculous to believe that God can create immortal human souls, but cannot create immortal human bodies. But then again, what is there to save about the silly soul since it is already immortal and therefore deathless?
There is an explanation for everything. If there were things, however, that cannot be explained, then such things are not worth believing. Poch Suzara

The Cry Baby

“Even when I walk through a dark valley, I feel no harm. For you are at my side, your rod and staff give me courage…” Psalm 23:3. These could only be the childish cries of a cry baby. One who has been taught to believe that superstitions and myths are facts, so that as a faithful believer, the clergy of his religion has full control over his life’s purpose. The control comes under the guise of “god” developed out of fear, continues to exist in fear, and ruled by fear. This fear is god itself: fear of the unknown, fear of death, fear of the mystery, fear of reality, fear of not being wanted or needed, indeed, fear of being different. In the meantime, the power of the clergy comes from nowhere except from human ignorance. Poch Suzara

Monday, September 03, 2007

On Jose Rizal

This piece is dedicated to our teachers and professors in charge to carry out Republic 1425, better known as the Rizal Law. It prescribes the teachings of Rizal’s life, works, and writings in our schools, colleges, and universities. May the youth of our land learn more to understand and appreciate this rare and great Filipino who highly valued science, the scientific way of thinking, and technology. He was executed due to, if not because of, - the power of prayer and theology. RP-Rizal Forum The main purpose of this forum has been to invite Rizal admirers to discuss the hero’s life, works, and writings. However, to learn from him not as a great man of historical creativity, intellectual activity, and especially science and philosophy; but to learn, only and sadly, something like whether Rizal was Chinese, Filipino, or Spaniard; or that if he had sired Hitler; or that Rizal was more of a catholic than he was a man of ideas, reason and logic. Indeed, to help spread more lies, myths, and childish misconceptions, if not outright distortions wrapped around him by the religious morons – the enemies of Rizal. The same evil today still pretty much in authority over the lives of millions of Filipinos. The same evil in this country promoting nothing but more of the same old biblical gimcrackery, if not ancient sacerdotal mediocrity. Rizal wrote: “We have noticed that the countries which believe most in miracles are the laziest, just as spoiled children are the most ill-mannered. Whether they believe in miracles to palliate their laziness or they are lazy because they believe in miracles, we cannot say; but the fact is the Filipinos were much less lazy before the word miracle was introduced into their language.” Today, however, thanks to the priorities of this Rp-Rizal forum – we still have nothing going for us as a nation except to wait for a miracle – especially the miracle as promised in the “New Testament.” Or, the miracle as promised by our stupid politicians - the one better known as “foreign investment.” In the meantime, other Asian countries, have be growing and maturing and developing: they have been substantiating what Rizal had been saying more than a century ago: invest time and energy in education and enlightenment via science, the scientific way of thinking, and technology. Thus far, Rizal is characterized not as an innovative thinker, scientific doubter, truth seeker, or a man of vision – a great man who tried to put intelligent beauty into this country where stupid religion has only been generating economic perversity, political stupidity and, social insanity. On this forum Rizal continues to be represented not as a thinker of great impact, or as a writer on the side of common human decency; but only as a hero killed by his enemies but that Rizal’s enemies must remain our true and faithful friends. After all, Rizal’s enemies introduce to us the concept of faith in Jesus – the Savior of the world. Hell, we Filipinos do not suffer from a social cancer. We are the victims of a religious cancer. Our blind faith sees to it that we never see it. We are proud to be college educated Christians. Who amongst us can, instead, proudly say that we are college educated Filipinos? We, the freethinkers, humanists, and heretics of this forum have had no recourse but to keep reviving, resuscitating, nay, exhuming Rizal out the cemetery to present him as one of us – alive and kicking - men of active intelligence gifted with lively analysis to assume on our shoulders what Rizal can no longer do: to continue with courage his hard struggles against the cancer called religion. The same religious disease today that’s keeping the Filipino spiritually twisted as a people and morally distorted as a nation. Look how in this 21st century, Filipinos continue to kill fellow-Filipinos. Why not? Our schools, colleges, and universities continue to teach that love of country is not that lasting; or, love of fellow-citizens is not that lasting. But that there is a better world to come after death with Jesus in heaven that will be far more everlasting. What a crock of sacred lies to keep us Filipinos aimless as a people and rudderless as a nation! Forget the Knights of Rizal. They too continue to keep the true Rizal neither graspable nor reachable to everyone. They have proven themselves more at home with the writings of Moses than they should be promoting the writings of Rizal. The aim of Rizal’s Noli and Fili was to awaken our minds and hearts as Filipinos. That we belong to our own country to love and that we must promote its welfare. The Rizal Knights, however, have not even been bothered by the historical fact that Rizal has been used, abused, and misused not just to keep the Filipino confused mentally, but also to keep the Filipino inspired to enjoy social mediocrity, political stupidity, economic perversity. We have yet to hear from individual knights of Rizal throwing their bible out the window. They are no different from those religious morons who had planned, quite surreptitiously, to get Rizal facing a firing squad. Indeed, to get Rizal dead and out of the way in order to protect the lucrative business of selling Jesus – the son of a Virgin Mary, Mother of God whom millions of Filipinos pray daily to pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death, amen!