Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Finally We have a Presidential Candidate Worthy of all our Votes

"I don't care if I burn in hell... For as long as the people I serve live in Paradise." ... Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of Davao City Dear Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, You are 100 per cent right on target. Indeed, our country should be a paradise. Happiness should be its greatest good. The time to be happy is now. The place to be happy is here. The way to be happy is to make others also happy. We, Filipino humanists / freethinkers / heretics / scholars / scientists / unbelievers of the faith/ - together with the millions of poor Filipinos who are the homeless, the landless, and the jobless - all citizens of the Republic of the Philippines are all on your side. We shall be rooting and campaigning for you to be our next president who will also be the first intellectually courageous leader unafraid to face the sick historical enemies of our Republic! That's right, sir: enough of sick politics and enough of sick religion. Especially as such evils are always in cahoots together. Enough also in protecting and defending the criminals with human rights. It is time to look at the victims of human wrongs. The criminals, specially in government and in church, are keeping us Filipinos aimless as a poor people, and keeping the Philippines rudderless as a backward nation! The Catholic bishops with God's money are known to be the biggest investors in the Makati Stock Exchange. They have billions of pesos to play around with. While millions of poor Filipinos live in the streets of our major cities. What is happening in our country today is not much of our own doing. The fault lies not with us. It is what and who we are as the sick products of a system of education. Consider the existence of schools, colleges, and universities in our country: they are more of commercial enterprises; and hardly educational institutions. They are places where we learn not how to think; but only what to believe! Faith in God was the greatest thing we learned in school for activity in spirituality. Today, faith in God is also the best excuse we have for being bankrupt morally, impoverished spiritually, degraded economically, misguided culturally, and deficient scientifically. Indeed, millions of us Filipinos live such wretched and broken lives in our own country as obvious not only by our religious genuflection, but also by social, political, and economical reflection. We have been taught to believe that in this life, whenever we fall, the quickest way to get back on our feet is to get down on our knees and pray. After centuries of daily prayers, however, we Filipinos are still praying as a people. We are still on our knees in this already 21st century! We need you sir to change things around and to put our country on the road towards real growth, real development, and real progress! Exactly like what the late Prime Minister Lee Kua Yew, a freethinker, accomplished without sick prayers and without sick corruption for his people in Singapore! Do you know sir, that in the schools, colleges, and universities existing in non-Catholic Asian countries - there is no such nonsense like teaching millions of its students to believe and to have faith what the sick bible says as a revealed truth: 'LOVE NOT THIS WORLD, NEITHER THE THINGS THAT ARE IN THE WORLD. IF ANY MAN LOVE THE WORLD, THE LOVE OF THE FATHER IS NOT IN HIM." 1 John 2:15. Our college-educated men and women in government have yet to courageously ask: how is it possible that those non-catholic countries in Asia are able to employ Filipinos workers and laborers; and we Filipinos are educated just enough to be their employees? It is also time for our government officials to see and to acknowledge how and why the Catholic church drags down and breaks the back of every country it rules and dominates. Just look at our own country, the Philippines, where the qualify of life is always going downhill; while poverty, crime, prostitution, human degradation, corruption, filth, lies, and deceptions together with the Immaculate Misconception are always going uphill. Jesus preached about helping the poor. But in the Philippines, the only Jesus country in Asia, the Jesus TV preachers are the ones getting richer and richer; while millions upon millions of Filipinos as the frightened followers of Jesus are getting poorer and poorer? But for being faithful we are promised the reward in the kingdom of God more known as heaven; and yet, nobody, but nobody knows where heaven is located; or even knows by what mode of transportation we embark on to travel to heaven! Hell, for that matter, nobody also knows what happens after we die; except that we get buried or get cremated! Millions of us well-meaning Filipinos will stand up and speak up with you: After all, the greatest crime committed daily in our sick society is the crime of SILENCE. It is time to openly love fellow-Filipinos and to publicly love our country down here! Let's have no more religious insanity. Let's have no more political stupidity! Instead, let's have more discipline, more law and order, more health and sanitation, and more social sanity under national unity; indeed, let's have a paradise to be known again as the Pearl of the Orient; not only for this generation of Filipinos in the here and now, but also for the future generations of Filipinos in the centuries yet to come. Sir: we have a bigger monster keeping our country poor and backward: Our population growing out of control needlessly. It means environmental deterioration, impaired quality life, and indeed, the support and maintenance of a sick society. Our population growth is mostly due from one source: more of the nation's children are entering the sex industry in order to survive. They are children begetting children who have been taught to believe that God will provide for them! Such is the power of sick belief: it begets nothing but more sick beliefs. In the meantime, population growth is forcing a fantastic rise in malnutrition, illiteracy, unemployment, and human degradation in the Philippines. The horrors that's keeping us Filipino famous throughout the world as the Sick Man of Asia. We Filipinos are all born ignorant; not sick. We are made sick by a sick system of education. It is, in this connection, that religious lies and political deceptions have been and still are among the most painful of tragedies of the Filipinos as a people! Sir, it is time for a real change. You can do it. We are counting on you! We shall change, grow, and develop with you as the next president of the Republic of the Philippines! There is every hope sir, that with you as the highest leader of the State, we, the Filipino people, with pride, dignity, and self-respect shall become not followers, but leaders too in our own country. Sincerely, Poch Suzara, Freethinker, twitter# Facebook# Google# ( April 1, 2016 )

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