Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dear President Duterte

“We are neither exhausted by praying constantly nor do we ever falter in expressing our religious fervor,” he said. “Despite the passage of time, we relentlessly fight against injustice and lies, abuse of power and the corruption that eats up the soul.” - - - President Duterte
                                                                                                                Phil Star, Jan. 10, 2017
Dear President Duterte,

       Please take a closer look at our schools, colleges, and universities: they are places where we Filipinos learn not how to love our country, but only how to hate it. Places where we Learn not how to be enlightened leaders; or, how be bright thinkers; but only how to be frightened as followers; or, how to be sick and childish as believers. Indeed, they are place where we learn how to be corrupt, selfish, greedy, sick, and insane down here; specially for the greater glory of Jesus in heaven up there. Also, they are places were we are taught to believe in a God who
has the power to forgive our sins and crimes at any time or place; and even more wonderful attached to the arrangement - we can repeat the horror of sins and the terror of crimes over and over again in order to take advantage of God's great doctrine of eternal salvation
after death.

Indeed, we Filipinos are all born ignorant, not insane. We are made insane by an insane 
system of education. We can clearly see the insane results all around us in our insane society. Generated by our insane politicians in government as always blessed and in partner with the insane theologians behind the church; especially as the churches are the real owners and operators of schools, colleges, and universities in the Philippines - the only Christian country  
in Asia since the 16th century. 
                                                                                  Poch Suzara

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