Saturday, May 14, 2005

The Secret of Christianity

The power of reason leaves Christianity untouched, because Christianity does not pretend to reason. Christianity is build on faith, and appeals to the senses and to the imagination rather than to the intellect. When sense and hope are satisfied, the mind remains at rest; that is the secret of Christianity. Sadly, however, the power of science has long established the fact that the mind at rest is akin to the mind that is no longer at its best – another secret the Christian has not ceased hiding. Poch Suzara

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AsianSmiles said...

Dear Sir Poch,

I saw your blog link during one of my visits to John Paraiso's blog, and reading your articles had become a nice habit for me. Would you allow me to link your blog to mine?

Actually, I already linked it earlier, but decided to ask for your permission first.

Mine is really new. I'm still in the process of choosing my topics. As for now, I am focusing on the Filipina virtues (my very small way of "rebuilding" the image of the filipinas).

Please let me know if you would permit me to link your blog to mine; my only purpose of course, is to encourage my blog visitors to appreciate good reads.

Thank you very much.