Sunday, December 28, 2014

God is not a Necessary Part in the Existence of the Universe

Parsimony ( Occam's Razor ) suggests that we should not add features to a theory about the world that increases complexity without strong evidence. That is -- the simpler the model, the better. 'God' is an unnecessary add-on to our working hypothesis about the universe -- and one that is not supported by hard evidence. This is the Atheist's perspective. Indeed, it is needless, if not useless, in fact, it is mindless to do with more what can be done with fewer! The Existence of the universe is complicated enough. Why make it more complicated by insisting that God created the universe? Who is God? Where in hell did God come from? Poch Suzara twitter# Facebook# Google#


Ken said...

It seems to me that Darwinian Evolution is more complicated. And the textbooks keep changing every year. "In the beginning, God" is a lot simpler.

Poch Suzara said...

Ken, how could IN THE BEGINNING be simpler when the famous theologians of the church have always insisted that GOD HAS NEITHER A BEGINNING NOR AN END? Poch Suzara

Ken said...

Let's clear up your confusion, Poch. Creation had a beginning. The Creator had no beginning. He is eternal, infinite and unchangeable.