Monday, November 02, 2015

Believers Hating and Killing other Believers

"It would be almost unbelievable, if history did not record the tragic fact, that men have gone to war and cut each other's throats because they could agree as to what was to become of them after their throats have been cut." ... Walter P. Stacey...Let's take a look at the island of Ireland is divided into two parts. Northern Ireland, in the northeast, is a part of the United Kingdom. The Republic of Ireland is an independent country. The Protestants and the Catholics have not ceased hating and killing each other since the 14th century. They cannot agree as to what verse in the bible insures salvation in heaven and which verse insures damnation in hell!... In the meantime, I ask you religious morons: Have any of you ever heard of an army of atheists hating and killing another army of atheists because they do refuse to believe in the existence of God? ... Poch Suzara Twitter # Facebook# Google#

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