Tuesday, January 26, 2016

All Religions are Based on Lies and Deceptions

All religions are based on lies and deceptions. All believers of such religions are not the courageous masters, but the sick and frightened victims. Belief, any belief is a needless load on one's back. More to the point: Belief makes one's precious mind move not on wheels, but only on hinges, The truth has no need of believers. The truth can stand alone without believers. Only lies need believers, defenders, and protectors! For my part, as an atheist, I would rather enjoy at any time the power and the beauty of thought. That is why, till the day I die, I will continue writing my thoughts to provoke the thought of others. After all, thinking is a rarity. There is nothing quite like it in all of nature! Think of it: In the history of mankind, atheism has never had a single moment of failure. Never, not even once, has atheism been proven wrong. Otherwise, why is the existence of God still a vague mystery - still always omniabsent, never, but never omnipresent? - Poch Suzara

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