Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Criminals in Prison, in Government, in Church

It is considered to be such a big scandal: - the United States of America - the land of the free and the home of the brave - have the greatest number of its citizens inside prison facilities - some 2.5 million Americans are incarcerated for their sins and their crimes. For my part, I say ours is a bigger scandal: we have far more criminals in the Philippines and they are not in prison but inside the government and inside the church. All, if not most of them, have college education, and unsurprisingly, none of them are not ATHEISTIC, but all are, in fact, - THEISTIC - they all believe, love, and worship God and His Son Jesus who, at any time, is able to forgive them of their sins and crimes for as long as they share in the loot! Oh yes, God and His Son Jesus love us Filipinos and the Philippines, but they need MONEY and lots of it endlessly! Well, why not: After all, among the filthy-rich Filipinos in the Philippines are the officials of the government together, especially in cahoots with the filthy-rich officials of the church. And to think that God almighty hates the quitter!- Poch Suzara Google, Facebook, Twitter

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