Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Bible Is Not Holy. It is Sickly - a Mockery of Humanity

Within the covers of the Bible are the answers for all the problems men face. - Ronald Reagan It is so glaringly obvious that Ronald Reagan never seriously read the bible from cover to cover. Otherwise, he never would have uttered such a silly statement like the bible has all the answers for all of the problems men face. Look at us Filipinos today in this already 21st century. Since the 16th century, We are still sick as the Sick Man of Asia trying to figure out which truth has been revealed in the bible! In the meantime, the Bible writers were sick historians, let alone sick messengers of sick messages from a sick God. Other Problems with the Bible: There are other reasons why the Bible should not be considered the word of God. They include, but are not limited to: the fact that we don't know who wrote most of it; the fact that much of it was written many years - and in some cases many centuries – after the events it purports to describe; its obscene passages; and its promises of eternal rewards for the ignorant and credulous and everlasting punishment for skeptics and investigators. Finally, the harm that the Bible causes in people's personal lives should be mentioned as a reason for rejecting the book. It's not uncommon to see media reports about Bible believers committing bizarre, injurious, and sometimes deadly acts. Some people use Bible verses to justify beating children, withholding medical treatment, handling snakes, drinking poison, chopping off body parts, plucking out eyes, driving out demons, withdrawing from the affairs of this world, renouncing the pleasures of life, and expecting the world to end. If the Bible were not viewed as God's word, these acts would occur much less often. Many compelling and morally sound reasons support the Humanist position that the Bible is not divinely inspired. Instead of being inerrant, the Bible has far more errors and immoral teachings than most other books. By treating this mistake-ridden book as the word of God, humanity has been led down many paths of error and misery throughout history. In too many ways, the Bible continues to produce such results. But in some cases, the errors caused by the Bible have been corrected and the harms have been stopped. This happened when a scientific approach was applied to problems. Science involves relying on reason, observation, experience, and compassion - rather than blindly accepting religious or secular dogma. We atheists reject the views of those who say the Bible has infallible answers to today’s problems. As Humanists know, science has proved to be a much better source for answers. -Research by: Poch Suzara

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