Saturday, March 05, 2016

The Penitent Thief On the Cross

The story of the thief on the cross is found in the following Bible verses: Matthew 27:38, Luke 23:32-43 and Mark 15:27. This story is in many ways one of the most touching stories in the Bible. A dying penitent thief accepts Christ as Lord and Master and is assured by Jesus of a place in paradise. Many people have also asked the question, what is the name of the thief on the cross? Unfortunately, the Bible doesn't give his name, but the story of this thief gives us a beautiful picture of God's love as shown through Jesus and the mercy freely given to all mankind. What a lot of sick garbage as sick truth revealed in the bible. Jesus could have been more truthful had he promised the thief crucified alongside Him on the cross: "Today thou shall be with me in a place better than paradise - in the Philippines - as thieves in the government - the only Jesus country in Asia always loved and blessed by God, the Father of Jesus. Poch Suzara Google# Facebook# Twitter#

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