Monday, February 13, 2017

Health and Wealth and the Search of the Truth

We squander our health, in search of wealth. We toil, we sweat, and we save. Then we squander our wealth in search of health; only 
to find the grave. - - - Anonymous

As with me, however, I have been most fortunate. I squandered both my health and wealth in search of the truth. It is a never-ending adventure; and in the process I managed, somehow, to discover the lies and deceptions that's keeping us spiritually sick as a people; and, keeping us morally insane as a nation. In sharing, however, my discoveries with others - I never intended to be vicious or malicious; in fact, I thought, I should be ethically meritorious, if not philosophically courageous. In the meantime, the search of 
the truth is the most delightful of adventures. Especially as it means total submission of the power of reason to the mutilation of silly or childish faith. Rightly or wrongly it's the best way to enjoy lively analysis as we should always reject the uselessness of deadly paralysis! - - - Poch Suzara

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