Friday, May 12, 2017

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MANILA, Philippines - Janet Lim-Napoles is set to identify all the government officials involved in the pork barrel fund scam, her lawyer revealed yesterday.
Stephen David said Napoles is willing to cooperate in the reinvestigation of the Department of Justice (DOJ) on the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) anomaly. 
“Of course, there will be more officials,” David told reporters after a closed-door meeting with Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II.
David said Napoles might come up with another list of politicians who benefitted from the pork barrel, which he claimed would be longer than the list she earlier submitted to the DOJ.
He hinted the list would also include an official in the previous administration “higher than lawmakers.”
“If she will become state witness, she should tell everything she knows... whoever is involved should really be exposed. Whatever the truth is, it should come out. Because the truth will set you free,” he said.

David, however, refused to name the high official, saying it might preempt the statement to be submitted by Napoles.
David said he had a meeting with Aguirre to discuss the possibility of Napoles becoming a state witness as well as her inclusion in the witness protection program.
David stressed the safety of his client was under threat.
“We are requesting, on our part, that she should be given a proper security should this proposition push through,” he said.
David added there were instances last February when Napoles’ personal belongings were ransacked.
“There were instances whien her belongings were scattered inside her cell as if looking for something and almost every night she started feeling uneasy for she felt someone is intently watching her,” David said.
David said Napoles is also receiving written threats from unknown individuals.
He said the threats against Napoles turned serious when the government declared the possibility of taking her as state witness in the PDAF scam.
Though he has no direct proof, David believes the threats came from “former and current high-ranking public officials who have the capability and capacity to consummate the threats.”
“These are the public officials who want Mrs. Napoles to keep silent and not expose her knowledge on the issues,” he said.
All in the Philippine government as officials including those higher than lawmakers all share something sick and insane and corrupt together: they are college educated saps and jerks who all believe, love, and worship God only because such a God is always able to forgive them of their sins and crimes!
GISING NA! MGA ULOL! - - - Poch Suzara. Atheist

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