Friday, December 17, 2010

God Bless You Malarkey

I have met many people, both rich and poor in the Philippines and in foreign countries. But never, have I ever met a person who is exempted from troubles or spared of problems because he or she has been truly blessed by a loving, kind, and a merciful God. "God Bless You" is a message not only based upon a lot of useless mystery; it is also about mindless spirituality, if not about a lot of sacred baloney, not to mention a lot of sacred malarkey. No one, but no one has ever been blessed by God. Though I have a sneaky suspicion that if there is any one that God has always blessed - it is the devil - his partner in crime against humanity. Poch Suzara



Edwardson said...

If spam text messages are any gauge of the level of people's awareness of diversity, the Phil. still has a long way to go. Over half the time, I get spams from banks, sellers, etc ending their (very much unwanted!) adverts with "God bless!"

The senders apparently are so unaware that, not only do various people have different deities, some don't subscribe to any at all. It is a testament to their mental lapse or even blindness, or their arrogance if they are indeed aware of the diversity to think that the perfunctory remark is appreciated. No, I don't. They might as well have said, "May the Blue Fairy bless you always." Businesses that are steeped in delusions get no brownie points from me.

As Dawkins would say, we need to raise awareness. We need to make people realize that their supernatural beliefs--and their particular brand of it--are not shared the world over, or even within their country by all its citizens. That saying "God bless" and "You're in my prayers" are not, as they would naively believe, necessarily courteous, particularly if they have no idea of the religious inclinations of the person they're addressing. As in my case, it backfires.