Thursday, December 30, 2010

The holy Bible Baloney

Bible contents are recycled myths. It is not only essential that you throw your bible out the window. It is even more crucial that you cease to believe in the existence of supernatural beings. Indeed, they do not exist. If, however, they do exist – they are not worth believing. After all, supernatural beings have never directly introduced themselves to any one of us. We don’t even know if such beings were colorful, bright, radiant, shinning, or visibly luminous. We do know, however, based on Genesis, that if God existed during those ancient times, he was a black supernatural Being existing in pitch darkness. He had to create the sun to light up the gloomy darkness around Him, didn’t He? In the meantime, the inspired authors of God did not know that the world is round; but they knew that Joshua commanded the sun to stop. They believed that it is the sun that's moving around the earth. Nowadays, for the sake of the American economy - only the US Marines believe, protect, and defend the truths revealed in holy bible baloney. Poch Suzara

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