Monday, February 02, 2015

Why am I Happy as an Atheist

Suppose one man likes strawberries and another does not; in what respect is the latter superior? There is no abstract and impersonal proof either that strawberries are good or that they are not good. To the man who likes them they are good, to the man who dislikes them they are not. But the man who likes them has a pleasure which the other does not have; to that extent his life is more enjoyable and he is better adapted to the world in which both must live. What is true in this trivial instance is equally true in more important matters. The man who enjoys watching football is to that extent superior to the man who does not. The man who enjoys reading is still more superior to the man who does not, since opportunities for reading are more frequent than opportunities for watching football. The more things a man is interested in, the more opportunities of happiness he has and the less he is at the mercy of fate, since if he loses one thing he can fall back upon another. Life is too short to be interested in everything, but it is good to be interested in as many things as are necessary to fill our days... Bertrand Russell, the Conquest of Happiness... For my part, I am happy because I love and enjoy reading. I also love and enjoy doubting, searching, disagreeing, questioning, verifying, cogitating, scrutinizing, thought provoking, discovering, enemy facing, laughing, joke cracking, street children feeding, cooking, gardening, cleaning, washing, collecting, helping, giving, jazz drumming, listening, vagina penetrating, and pumping, and ejaculating not for the sake of breeding or propagating, but simply for a healthy fucking, and most of all I love and enjoy truth telling.... Poch Suzara, Thought to Provoke Your Thoughts Twitter# Facebook# Google# Poch Suzara Twitter# Facebook# Google#


Ken said...

Bertrand Russell himself said, "Nothing can penetrate the loneliness of the human heart except the highest intensity of the sort of love the religious teachers have preached." -Katherine Tait, My Father, Bertrand Russell

Poch Suzara said...

Ken,where is the role of religion precisely to play it's part in preventing the loneliness of the human heart? Religion is suppose to comfort people; not frighten them or mske them lonely. Poch Suzara