Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Troubles and Problems in Life

No matter who we are - rich or poor, fat or thin, young or old, black or white, tall or short, schooled or unschooled, married or single - all of us have or will have our share of troubles and problems in life. I suppose the idea of life's meaning is not to add to the problems and troubles of people, but to be a part of the solution or to and lessen the degree of such troubles and problems. . . In the meantime, happily, everything, sooner or later, will come to an end; unhappily, however, except human stupidity. It is here to stay permanently especially as she is happily married to infinity. . . Poch Suzara twitter# Facebook# Google#

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Ken said...

Poch, if there is no life hereafter, why do you keep insisting that human (religious) stupidity will remain permanently and last infinitely? If you're just a machine and your synapses stop firing at death, you won't even know it. You won't be able to say, "I told you so." Blessings! Ken Sidadayaw