Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Why Atheists Hate God

Why Atheists Hate God? Don't tell me you don't hate God because he doesn't exist. I know in your dark, evil heart you hate God. So be honest and tell us why you hate God... Atty Anoy Vanoy. . . We atheists hate God because after all this time, after all these past centuries God has yet to learn how to behave like a great and wonderful God that He is suppose to be! What's the purpose of God existing when He is only existing as a worthless, a useless, and a mindless Being always omni-absent, never omni-present: More than 100 billion people have already lived and died on this earth since the days of Adam and Eve - how come God has never created an improve version of man or woman - they are still the same saps and jerks as they have been existing centuries ago! I said it before, I say it again: It is time for us Filipinos to study not the "Word of God," but to face the "work of God" without fear. Look at God as a reality in the Philippines - dirty, messy, corrupt, aimless, and rudderless as the only Catholic country in Asia!... Poch Suzara Twitter# Facebook# Google#

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