Sunday, June 14, 2015

Success in Life

We are all born ignorant, not sick or corrupt. We are made sick and corrupt via a sick and corrupt system of education in the Philippines. If we wish to know why we, as a people, are filthy, messy, and sick even as a nation - take a closer look at our sick and corrupt system of education; especially as operated by the power of authority of Catholicism in the Philippines - the only Catholic country in Asia since the 16th century.

 In the meantime, millions of college educated Filipinos believe they are poor because they have no money. On the contrary, the worse kind of poverty is the poverty of the mind. Among those who are truly rich are those who are rich in spirit as they only wish via to learn more as learning via the search of the truth is a lifetime adventure.

Here, however, is what Bertrand Russell wrote on the pursuit of more money: “Love of money
has been denounced by moralists since the world began. I do not wish to add another to the moral denunciations, of which the efficacy in the past has not been encouraging. I wish show how the worship of money is both an effect and a cause of diminishing vitality, and how our institutions might be changed so as to make the worship of money grow less and general vitality grow more. It is not the desire for money as a means to definite ends that is in question. A struggling artist may desire money in order to have leisure for his art, but this desire is finite, and can be satisfied by a very modest sum. It is the worship of money that I wish to consider: the belief that values may be measured in terms of money, and that money is the ultimate test of success in life. This belief is held in fact, if not in words, by multitudes of men and women, and yet it is not in harmony with human nature, since it ignores vital needs and the instinctive tendency towards some specific kind of growth. It makes men treat as unimportant those of their desires which run counter to the acquisition of money, and yet such desires are, as a rule, more important to well-being than any increase of income. It leads men to mutilate their own natures from a mistaken theory of what constitutes success, and to give admiration to enterprise which add nothing to human welfare. It promotes a dead uniformity of character and purpose, a diminution in the joy of life, and a stress and strain which leaves whole communities weary, discouraged, and disillusioned.” --- Poch Suzara Twitter# Facebook# Google#

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