Wednesday, June 10, 2015


MANILA - The Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines is urging voters not to vote for candidates who are "notoriously corrupt" while also warning against the work of spin doctors who malign deserving candidates. In a pastoral letter, CBCP president and Archbishop Socrates Villegas reminded Filipinos to vote "for the right reasons" and not allow “demolition jobs” to influence their decisions to choose the deserving candidate. “Just as the discerning voter will not be easily won over by all the flattery in favor of one candidate, neither should a voter allow demolition jobs to dissuade him from choosing a person who is truly fit for office,” Villegas said. “Reject the notoriously corrupt, but neither should one readily jump on the bandwagon of condemnation in the absence of incontrovertible evidence, for, these days, one’s reputation, so painstakingly built by sincerity and honesty over the years, can so easily be tarnished by the truly evil work of ‘spin-doctors’ in the payroll of one or the other political aspirant,” he added. Villegas' pastoral letter was read in different parishes all over the country on Sunday. Fr. Erik Adoviso, parish priest of Most Holy Trinity Church, said the CBCP president also warned the public against voting candidates who are part of political dynasties who just run for different electoral positions. "Ang pulitika ay hindi monopolya ng isang pamilya o isang clan. Ito ay para sa lahat," he told ABS-CBN News. The CBCP president also reminded voters that lawmakers are support to make laws and not have their own projects. "Do not demand to know a congressman or a senator what his or her local projects have been. Legislators are not supposed to have local projects. They are supposed to legislate, to attend congressional sessions, rise to debate and actively take part in committee hearings," he said. WOW, MY DEAR ARCHBISHOP SOCRATES VILLEGAS, IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP. THERE IS NOT ONE CORRUPT AND ROTTEN POLITICIAN IN OUR SICK AND CORRUPT GOVERNMENT WHO IS AN ATHEIST. THEY ALL BELIEVE IN GOD. THEY ALL LOVE AND WORSHIP JESUS! INDEED, THEY ARE ALL COLLEGE EDUCATED IN CATHOLIC COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES OWN AND OPERATED ( tax-free ) in the Philippines. ARCHBISHOP VILLEGAS, IS IT REALLY THAT COMPLICATED FOR YOU TO COMPREHEND THAT WE FILIPINOS ARE ALL BORN IGNORANT, NOT SICK AND CORRUPT. WE ARE MADE SICK AND CORRUPT BY A CATHOLIC SYSTEM OF EDUCATION IN THE PHILIPPINES. WHEN WILL THESE HISTORICAL HORRORS END? IN THE MEANTIME, HOW ABOUT CHECKING ALSO ON YOUR ROTEN AND CORRUPT BISHOPS? THEY HAVE INVESTED MORE THAN 19 BILLION PESOS IN THE STOCK MARKET. WHERE AND HOW DID THEY ACQUIRE SUCH FINANCIAL FILTH? Poch Suzara Twitter# Facebook# Google#

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