Tuesday, July 05, 2016

College Educated Criminals as high officials in the Philippine Government

What is your reaction about the corruption in the Philippines? Corruption in the Philippines exists in all levels of the government of the country. Political nepotism is one of the larger problems facing the country. Come you guys and gals - let us not ignore the UGLIER truth: all of our corrupt and rotten officials in the government all have acquired COLLEGE EDUCATION in schools, colleges, and universities own by the Catholic church and its affiliates enjoying tax-freedom in the Philippines. --- Poch Suzara Google# Facebook# Twitter# COMMENT:  Yonkers, New York 05 July 2016 The Roman Catholic Church itself is not world-famous for being against CORRUPTION. Not long ago, Pope Francis himself may have been scandalized by the kind of corruption that he himself discovered among members of the Vatican's Curia! He must have recalled the same kind of corruption which characterized the reign of RODRIGO BORGIA, who was Pope Alexander VI. He was even known as the very EMBODIMENT OF EVIL! Pope Francis vowed to clean up the corruption in the Curia, which is supposed to be the most powerful organ of the Church! He may succeed, if fortunately he does not get murdered! Popes have been murdered before. Don't anyone tell me that the Roman Catholic Church of the Philippines is lily-white clean. If the mass media digs and digs deep enough, it will probably discover that it, too, is far from being the paragon of probity, honesty, "godliness," and virtue. MARIANO PATALINJUG patalinjugmr@gmail.com 

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