Saturday, September 03, 2016

The Corrupt System of Education and the Results - Our sick and Corrupt Society

Take a good look at these evils. The horrors of which are
the results of a corrupt system of education - keeping us Filipinos popular as the Corrupt Man of Asia and keeping
the Philippines morally twisted, politically distorted, and historically corrupt as a nation:

 Our lack of housing problems 

 Our teen-age pregnancy the highest
 in the  world problems.
 Our over supply of street children problems 
 Our traffic mess in the streets problems
 Our overcrowded buses and trains problems

 Our population explosion problems

Our garbage and trash in the streets problems

Our overcrowded hospitals and health-clinics problems

Our overcrowded jail, prison facilities  problems

Our insane Maka-Dios and Maka-Jesus officials in government problems

Our TV, Radio, and Newpapers more in the business of justifying political lies, religious hypocrisy, and educated
in their daily indifference to tell the truth Problems.

Our churches and cathedrals, and other religious establishments exist not to make less, but to add more 
to the evils that is making our corrupt society corrupt  as ever; and to make existence of Jesus as the Savior of Filipino souls easier to sell as religion is BIG BUSINESS in the Philippines. Indeed, Jesus loves us Filipinos; but He needs MONEY!
We are all born ignorant, not corrupt. We are made corrupt by a corrupt system of education in the Philippines! --- Poch Suzara
Poch Suzara is a La Salle high school expelled student since decades ago. He vehemently rejected to learn how to be a frightened BELIEVER with answers. He wanted more to learn how to be enlightened as a THINKER with questions!

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