Saturday, September 03, 2016

The Filthy-Rich Catholic Bishops of the Philippines

I often prayed to Jesus to help me learn to love the Catholic Bishops. They are among the Filthy-rich Filipinos of our sick and insane society; specially as they are known to be among the top investors with  some 18 BILLION PESOS to play around with in the Makati Stock Exchange.
Well, Jesus never answered my prayer. So today, I still have no love for the filthy-rich Catholic Bishops of the Philippines! I am glad as I could never love them anyway; specially as they are all not only sick and corrupt church leaders; but also such sanctimonious deceivers keeping us Filipinos
spiritually poor as a people and keeping the Philippines morally backward as
a nation! - - - Poch Suzara Google# Facebook# Twitter#

Yonkers, New York
03 September 2016
Those exceedingly greedy and corrupt Roman Catholic bishops would not be around to make fools of their flock and succeed in enriching themselves in the process if there were not enough "believers" who are ignorant, fearful of natural phenomena, malleable, myth-loving, superstitious and gullible. It happens that out of a total population of around 107 million, now, roughly 80 percent are  Christians, many or a majority of whom are not in the habit of using what's inside their skulls called "brains" the way these should be used which is clearly, objectively, reasonably, rationally and logically. For these people, THINKING is "torture."

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