Sunday, December 15, 2013

Richard Burton - the Atheist

According to the Denver Post, Richard Burton wrote this in his diary in 1969: "The more I read about man and his maniacal ruthlessness and his murderous envious scatological soul, the more I realize that he will never change. Our stupidity is immortal, nothing will change it. The same mistakes, the same prejudices, the same injustice, the same lusts wheel endlessly around the parade ground of the centuries. Immutable and ineluctable. I wish I could believe in a god of some kind but I simply cannot." . . . Richard Burton, Welsh actor (1925-1984 Oh, my dear Richard Burton, you are right on target: the history of our world has never been about the struggle between GOOD against EVIL; NO, on the contrary, it has always been and still is about the history of EVIL versus EVIL and EVIL always wins! Thus, stupidity and eternity are one and the same old evil as inspired by a silly divinity always in cahoots with a silly deviltry. As soon as Atheism brings about the death of religion in all of its evil forms and evil shapes out of this world, then we should all begin to enjoy peace and harmony and tranquility, and indeed global beauty as generated by global sanity. The history of Mankind will not any more be about silly evil struggling against evil; but only about the good struggling to make better this world. Our world. The world of the here and the now. Poch Suzara Twitter# Facebook# Google#

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