Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Jose Rizal as a Greater, and More Admirable as a Thinkng Man than Jesus Christ

"The youth is the hope of our future." “I would like the Filipinos to be Brilliant, Enlightened, Intelligent, and Progressive.” - - - Jose Rizal "If any man come to me and hate not his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, and yea, his own life also, he cannot be my disciple." - - - Jesus Christ For preaching the exact opposite of what Jesus Christ preached, Jose Rizal was arrested, incarcerated, and publicly executed by the power and authority of the Catholic church at the Luneta in 1896. And to think that in this already 21st century, we Filipinos in the Philippines are still under the system of Catholic education as the Catholic church is the owner of more than 1,200 schools, colleges, universities, and seminaries operating tax-free in our poor and backward country. In the meantime, no Filipino school teacher, no college professor, no editor, columnist, radio or TV announcer, actor, actress, singer, lawyer, judge, theologian, congressman, senator, governor, mayor, and no Barangay Captain in the past or in the present has ever uttered these words in the Philippines. Only Jose Rizal said it: "I would like the Filipino to be Brilliant, Enlightened, Intelligent, and Progressive." Well, out of the millions upon millions of Filipinos who have already lived and died in the Philippines since Jose Rizal was publicly executed by the followers of Jesus Christ - only one Filipino, Poch Suzara, ( a high school expelled student ) thus far, has had the guts to utter these words openly in public: "As a Filipino, I have greater love, respect, affection, and admiration for Jose Rizal than I have for Jesus Christ who was not even a Filipino. Jesus was a Jew born of Jewish parents in a Jewish land." And to think further, that Jesus and His apostles were never able to convert their own Jewish People to become Catholics as they are today in this already 21st century still a Jewish State! In the meantime, the statue of the greatest Filipino ever, an intellectual giant - Jose Rizal is found only here and only there in this only Catholic country in Asia. The symbol of Jesus crucified on a piece wood, however, is displayed HERE and THERE and EVERYWHERE in our sick and corrupt society. In this already 21st century, we Filipinos are still taught to believe that with faith in Jesus our faith will make us rich and through that faith we shall all be saved and prosperous not, however, in this life; but only later after death in the next life with God in the kingdom of heaven. Today, I again say it to Jose Rizal wherever you are: with my open mind and open heart: Sir, you are the greatest Filipino the Philippines has ever produced. I love you. I respect you. I admire you. I miss you! - - - Poch Suzara Google# Twitter# Facebook# Poch Suzara

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