Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dear Poch

NEW YORK, 25 January 2014 Dear Poch: Seriously, I think it would be worth your while to consider compiling all that you have written on Religion, Christianity, the Vatican, etc., etc. in Cyberspace systematically into a BOOK, divided into, say, at least 30 chapters. Knowing that you are still vigorous now that you are at 70, you can do it, and do a good job of it. Then get a reputable publisher to publish it. With an initial printing of, say, 20,000 copies, to be distributed to all public libraries all over the country, to all of the country's Barangays, to other institutions or parties that may profit from a revelation of the TRUTH. Once you sense a demand for the book exists, then order a second printing of X copies, enough to meet the increased demand for it. I know that you have the financial means to consider this proposed Project seriously. This will be the legacy of POCHOLO SUZARA. And many people will remember you for such a Book. Enlightened people all over the world remember BERTRAND RUSSEL for his enlightened views on Religion, Christianity, and Life. My sense is that you, too, will be remembered for generations of Filipinos for showing them the way to the TRUTH. MarPatalinjug Dear Mar, many thanks for writing and for your suggestion. In fact, in my thoughtstoprovokeyourthoughts Blogspot, I already published more than 4,000 aphorisms on religion, education, corruption, Christianity, stupidity, and social and political insanity, not to mention the lies and deceptions considered as our sacred beliefs as a people and holy values as a nation. I also have ready for publication two manuscripts - THE FAILURE OF EDUCATION UNDER THE SUCCESS OF CHRISTIANITY IN THE PHILIPPINES, and my favorite which I ardently hope will be published before I leave this world - THE BIRTH AND DEATH OF AN ATHEIST IN THE PHILIPPINES. Anyway Mar, I have every hope that others in the future will carry on what I can no longer do - trying to bring enlightenment to the Filipino minds and hearts in our country in great need of salvation via civilization, and not via traditional silly biblical revelation. With all best wishes always, Poch Suzara

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