Monday, January 27, 2014

The Chinese in China Compared to the Filipinos in the Philippines

98 per cent of all Chinese daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly activities in China have only to do with nothing but work, work, and more work for the benefit of the human race down here... In the Philippines, 98 per cent of all Filipino daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly activities have only to do with pray, pray, and more praying for the benefit from divine grace up there... Chinese have been irreligious as a people since the 11th century. We Filipinos have been nothing but religious as a people since the 16th century... For my part, as a Filipino atheist, I hate religion as I hate anything based on fear... Fear never promotes mental growth. Fear is a reflection of intellectual immaturity. I hate religion because it enhances deadly believing, not lively thinking. Nothing evolved in religion... The religious lies and deceptions told to our ancestors during the first century are still same old lies and deceptions told to our children in school in this 21st century... If only religion had been more about the courage to live, and not about the fear of death; indeed, if only religion were about the search of the truth, and not that this or that is the truth – I would have learned to love passionately, and not hate religion justifiably... Moreover, never, would I have ever self-expelled myself out of De la Salle University high school. Religion has been more about being a part of the security system organized by the church... It is a great business to gain wealth, power, glory, and authority... Sadly, however, there is no such thing as a security system anywhere in this world... Not as long as there is birth, growth, death, and decay... In the ultimate analysis, however, if only religion had never taught us that to be human means to be evil, fallen, and in need of rescue - religion need not have proceeded to be the greatest evils that keep the human race still pretty much bogged down in endless disgrace... As a Filipino atheist, I have every respect and admiration for the Chinese people in China... In their schools, colleges, and universities - they are taught to believe that this world can be made better in the here and now. They do not believe in the silly promises of the priesthood industry that there is a better world to come but only after we are all DEAD, GONE, and BURIED! Poch Suzara Facebook# Google# Twitter#

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