Sunday, January 26, 2014


When we were boys and girls in school and at home some 60 years ago, we were told by our parents and teachers to PRAY FOR THE CONVERSION OF RUSSIA... Never, however, were we also told to PRAY FOR THE CONVERSION OF ISRAEL - the land where Jesus was born that never got to be converted into a Catholic country... Israel is still a Jewish State... The Jews there are still Jewish. Not Catholics!!! It shows the stupidity behind the insanity of our silly prayers... Russia never got to be converted... She is still atheistic as a country as ever... The Russians never got to be converted to be Catholics. Israel is still a Jewish State... She never got to be a Catholic country like the Philippines... In the meantime, we have college-educated saps in our forum always blessed with a school-boy mentality still insisting that we must always continue to pray and to have FAITH IN THE SON OF GOD JESUS - the SAVIOR OF THE WORLD, ESPECIALLY THE PHILIPPINES!!! I asked it before, I ask it again: Is our faith in divinity due to our stupidity because of our traditional insanity; or, due to our insanity because of our traditional stupidity??? Or who knows? Maybe such horrors are just due to, if not because of, the insanity and stupidity in what's really going inside our Catholic schools, colleges, and universities??? Poch Suzara Facebook# Google# Twitter#

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