Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Merger of the Evils of Communism and the Evil of Capitalism in China

The way to combat Communism is not war. What is needed in addition to such armaments as will deter Communists from attacking the West, is a diminution of the grounds for discontent in the less prosperous parts of the non-communist world. Communism is a doctrine bred of poverty, hatred and strife. Its spread can only be arrested by diminishing the area of poverty and hatred. . . . Bertrand Russell, Portraits From Memory And Other Essays, 1952. . . Oh my dear Bertrand Russell, surprisingly, Communism has been arrested due to, if not because of the guts and gumption, indeed, the rarity of human intelligence shown by the Chinese thinking government leadership: they managed to perform the greatest miracle in the world ever: they merged the evils of communism and the evils of capitalism together. China is the richest and most powerful economy in the world today. Almost 90 per cent of products consume by the whole wide world today is made in China! And to think ATHEISM is most prevalent in China as she has been an atheist nation since the 11th century!. . . Poch Suzara, Thoughts to provoke Your Thoughts, 2015... Twitter# Facebook# Google#

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