Monday, August 24, 2015

Lowly-Paid Employees as Teachers and Professors in the Philippines

My teachers in La Salle grade school and high school were not real teachers. They were lowly-paid employees of the Christians Brothers - the filthy-rich owners of De la Salle college. Indeed, like most schools, colleges, and universities own and operated by the catholic church... Education in our poor and backward country has nothing to do with acquiring knowledge and wisdom... It is mostly about learning how to be at home with faith in lies, deceptions, illusions, delusions, not to mention faith in human degradation; especially by ignoring the importance of the growth and development of civilization... I was so glad and happy that I got expelled out of La Salle high school. It was, in this way, that I managed, somehow, via self-education, to save not my sick soul; but to save instead my precious mind and heart to be useful in this world. Our world. . . Poch Suzara twitter# Facebook# Google#

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