Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Difference Between Knowledge and Wisdom

Difference Between Wisdom and Knowledge . . . Wisdom vs Knowledge . . . research by: Poch Suzara Wisdom and knowledge are common words in English language. We equate knowledge with books and teachings, and at classrooms, teachers tell us a lot about knowledge. But wisdom is much more than knowledge as it is an abstract attribute that is not found in every man who is knowledgeable. Are you not convinced still? Continue reading, as this article attempts to highlight the differences between knowledge and wisdom. We are not born with all the facts and information that we assimilate into our brain as we grow up. We are taught many concepts at school, and our teachers make us understand things that expand our knowledge base. The knowledge that hydrogen and oxygen molecules add up to make water is knowledge. The fact that the water in our oceans and rivers is the same that comes back in the form of rainfall is again knowledge. We can be made to know everything about water, including its properties and features, but we never know it in its entirety unless we drink and know its taste. Knowledge All the facts and information about things, people, places and cultures of the world constitute a knowledge base that we build up as we learn a lot first from our parents and later at school from our teachers. We learn how to behave without elders and react in different situations as per societal norms. All this is referred to as the knowledge that we gain in our life. Wisdom Wisdom is the application of knowledge in real life situations to obtain desired results. Thus, the ability to apply knowledge in easy to tough situations refers to knowledge. Wisdom comes from experience. You may know how to open the lock of a car. This is certainly knowledge though one that is not desirable. However, wisdom says never to apply this knowledge or else you may have to serve in prison. Wisdom comes from wise, and so wise men have wisdom. But wisdom is a trait that does not come with knowledge alone. It comes with a mixture of knowledge and experience. What is the difference between Wisdom and Knowledge? • Wisdom is a quality or an attribute while knowledge is the state of knowing. • One gains knowledge by knowing facts and information while the ability to apply such knowledge for the benefit of all is wisdom. • Wisdom comes with age and experience it is said; this is the reason upper chamber of legislature consists of older men. • Knowing how to steal a car is knowledge but not applying this knowledge is wisdom. In the meantime, we atheists have no knowledge of God. We only have wisdom when it comes to God. We do not, we will not, and we will never believe in the existence of a God or Gods because we have the knowledge of nothing about God. We do not even know whether God is a HE, a SHE, or an IT! Or, if God created the universe some 14 Billion years ago, is such a God still alive today already 14 Billion years old?. . . Poch Suzara Twitter# Facebook# Google#

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