Thursday, August 06, 2015

The Sick Traffic Mess in the Streets of our Major Cities

Recently, a high government officials declared: "Ours is a growing and a developing nation." I ask: with college-educated law-makers together with college-educated law-enforcers -`how come they are not able to fix the traffic mess in the streets of our major cities caused by millions of cars, buses, jeeps, trucks, motorcycles, tricycles, and bicycles, indeed, vehicles not made in the Philippines but all imported from foreign countries - how could we ever be a growing as a people and a developing as a nation? Indeed, we do not even have the capacity to manufacture our own vehicles, but we do do not even how to keep the streets of our major cities clean and orderly under health and sanitation! Not to mention free from squatters sleeping, cooking, eating, pooing, peeing, and indeed even breeding babies in the streets of our major cities? Poch Suzara Twitter# Facebook# Google#

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