Friday, April 21, 2017


The many would like to move mountains, but only the few are willing to practice on small hills. - - - Anonymous
“Science,” wrote Bertrand Russell, “is at no moment quite right, but it is seldom quite wrong, and has, as a rule, a better chance of being right than the theories of the unscientific.”

Knowledge in general otherwise more known as science in particular has been the greatest tool man has discovered to change the ways of the world both for the better and for the future generations to come."

"Science, however, put into the hands of bigots and fanatics to promote the power of dominant groups can even be far more destructive. Indeed, far more destructive than all the great religions combined that have dominated this world since only God knows when."

Bertrand Russell explained: “We were told that faith could remove mountains, but no one believed it; we are now told that the atomic bomb can remove mountains, and everyone believes it.”  - - - Poch Suzara

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