Sunday, April 02, 2017

Death as a Fact in Nature We all Need to Accept

What if it is for life's sake that we must die? In truth we are not individuals; and it is because we think ourselves such that death seems unforgivable. We are temporary organs of the race, cells in the body of life; we die and drop away that life may remain young and strong. If we were to live forever, growth would be stifled, and youth would find no room on earth. Death, like style, is the removal of rubbish, the circumcision of the superfluous. In the midst of death life renews itself immortally. - - - Will Durant

To claim that the souls of men will be happy or unhappy after the death of the body, is to pretend that man will  be able to see without eyes, to hear without ears, to taste without a palate, to smell without a nose, and to feel without hands and without skin. Nations who believe themselves very rational, adopt, nevertheless, such ideas. - - -  Jean Meslier

Death is like taking a trip. we do not know where we are going; we only know that we shall never be coming back. Indeed, it be would be great if, after death, we could come back and live life over again. For my part, I hope to continue writing my thoughts to provoke the thoughts of my college-educated friends, associates, and relatives; specially to provoke the thoughts of teachers in school and professors in college. 

In the meantime, life is a sexuallly transmitted disease with the mortality rate of 100 per cent.
So, so what? We only live once, and I say, if we live a life that is great, once is enough. --- Poch Suzara

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