Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sick Society

Ours is a sick society because the faith-soaked men and women who are running it continue to embrace their sick faith in sick values and beliefs that have nothing to do with alleviating sick humanity, but only to promote the status of a sick theology.

Indeed, no other belief has done more harm to the human community than the deadly belief that there is a God existing out there who gives a hoot for any of us down here.

In the meantime, my good friend Rolf V happily married to a Filipina summarized it at best: In the Philippines we are not only proud of our theocracy as a nation, we are even more proud of our theocrazy as a people. Poch Suzara

Beliefs and Values

Beliefs and values are not matters of instinct; they are products of education. To appreciate a thing of beauty, one must cultivate a taste for beauty. Sadly, our education has been more about having faith in the better world to come after death. In the meantime, thanks to human intelligence governments have already together established the United nations of the world. But with more intelligence, I ask: isn’t it also time for the various churches to establish the “United Religions of the world?” Poch Suzara

Purpose of Theology

The purpose of theology is to cripple the minds of boys and the hearts of girls at home and in school. And that is exactly how the subject of religion has been all about. It is nothing but a “crutch.” Otherwise more known as the “Faith in God.” The priesthood industry has certainly gained wealth, power, and glory on this earth selling “crutches” for every one to utilize and to have faith in. It is, however, to him who masters our minds not with dogma or pigma or hogma, but with the power of knowledge that we owe reverence to and much admiration for. In the meantime, a man who loves to retire in his own solitude in order to study has no dangerous passions. His greatest passion, however, is to know the truth and his greatest ambition is to share it to others. Poch Suzara

What If

What if after death, it turns out there is God standing right in front of me ready to judge my beliefs and values while I lived on this earth? What will I say then?

I will ask God to forgive me for having wasted so many precious years of my life as a boy at home and in school, I was certainly frightened to believe in a lot of religious nonsense. I knew more about Jesus Christ than I hardly knew about Jose Rizal – a Filipino thinker. I will ask God to forgive me for having been faithful as a devout Catholic. Indeed, to forgive me for having wasted my youthful years uselessly praying daily in school, and praying nightly at home. Confession every Friday. Mass and communion every Sunday. Attended novena every Wednesday. Family rosary every single night. To forgive me for having lived a life of fear and submission not only as a stupid sinner, but also as a greedy, selfish, and utterly thoughtless Christian. Oh yes dear God, please forgive me for having been not the intelligent master, but only the stupid victim of Christianity. And I hope you will find it in your heart to appreciate that my life only began to make beautiful sense, indeed, only began to have more meaning when I gradually discovered the creative path toward the beauty of atheism. Poch Suzara


A great many of my friends and associates, especially classmates and schoolmates in La Salle would readily admit that they are bored; hardly, however, would they also admit they are suffering from boredom – one of the most destructive of horrors that’s keeping our world devoid of tranquility, if not bereft of peace, beauty, and harmony behind social sanity.

In his Conquest of Happiness, Bertrand Russell wrote: “Boredom is essentially a thwarted desire for events, not necessarily pleasant ones, but just occurrences such as will enable the victim of ennui to know one day from another. The opposite of boredom, in a word, is not pleasure, but excitement.”

Indeed, boredom generates aggression and destruction. It is so easy to tell how in a variety of ways bored individuals express their boredom: faith in God has more to do with boredom than having faith in God. Alcohol consumption is a means to help forget boredom. Smoking, golfing, fishing, outings, movies, parties, watching boxing fights, sex orgies, business meetings to agree as to when will be the next meeting, traveling, political campaigns, picking a fight with one’s spouse, or against one’s children, not to mention praying the rosary, or doing the 14 ways of the cross on one’s knees in church, etc, have more to do with getting away from boredom than actually living the good and creative life – one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. Poch Suzara

Religion and Morality

We are told that religion is necessary for men to behave morally. That without religion men will be immoral savages. That fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. That the terrors of the next world are calculated to subdue men’s evil passions.

Let’s open our eyes, however, and consider just how religious have been the religious men and women that make for our sick society. Let’s take a good look at our corrupt politicians, dishonest theologians, dumbstruck teachers, insane professors, brainless magistrates, greedy businessmen, selfish traders, imposters, pretenders, adulterers, prostitutes, cheating wives and husbands, corporate thieves, and evangelists as swindlers, etc – they all share something in common: They all love, worship, and adore God. It seems God is the only supernatural being out there who can forgive sins and pardon crimes down here. Poch Suzara

The Revealed Truth

Has the Revealed Truth been revealed? Why then do the great religions of the world hate each other because they cannot agree as to who revealed what truth to whom and when and how was it revealed? In the meantime, revelation is not revelation unless it is revelation directly to you. Otherwise, revelation to others for you to believe and have faith in is not revelation but a useless second-hand information. Poch Suzara

Abortion and Insanity

Killing the human fetus inside a womb is insane. Killing the human brain inside a classroom in school is even more insane. Killing the human heart inside foxholes in battlefields for the glory of the Christian God or for the glory for the Muslim Allah or for the glory of the Jewish Yahweh is the pure toiletry, if not the cesspool of human insanity.

For my part, I said it before, I say it again: FUCK ABORTION. Let's all practice something easier, less expensive, less destructive - PREVENTION via Family Planning and Birth control measures. Poch Suzara


"People will be judged by the way God sees them and not by the way we see them.” Phil Star, May 19, 2009. For my part, I will judge the devil for screwing around with God. I will also judge God for screwing around with the devil. No doubt, both God and the devil deserve some kind of mutual joys and happiness in their eternal life. Well, for all I care, both can screw each other on earth as they do in heaven and in hell.To think that the angels of God who really have nothing important to do – would just busy themselves watching the endless supernatural orgy in heaven or, as the case may be - the endless supernatural orgy in hell. While we humans on this earth continue to be spiritually neglected,abandoned, and screwed! Poch Suzara

Love and Serve God

“Those who love and serve God on earth will be right at home in heaven.” Phil Star May 29/2009 ... Oh God, dear God, what about you? When will you also begin to love and serve man on earth like a real Supreme Being that you are suppose to be? As the creator of heaven and earth and hell why do you need all this loving or serving? Is it to make you contented and happy and secured at home in paradise? Poch Suzara



Voltaire, the famous 18th century French atheist, said: “If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.”

Mikhail Bakunin, the famous Russian atheist, said: “I reverse the phrase of Voltaire, and say that, if God really existed, it would be necessary to abolish him.”

For my part, as a not yet famous Filipino atheist, I say: “What does it matter whether God exists or does not exist? So, after death, and owing to our mental capacity; or, as the case may be – mental incapacity - I will be rewarded in heaven; or, as the case may be - I will be punished in hell for all the rest of eternity – so what?

What is there to be afraid of or to be happy about? After all, infinity and human stupidity are one and the same senseless and endless baloney. Poch Suzara

RP-US Visiting Forces Agreement

Ten years of the VFA has revealed to us many horrors. It has shown us how freedom and democracy, and indeed, sovereignty - are incompatible with the prolonged presence of foreign troops. It has shown us how our legal processes can be undermined by rotten diplomatic considerations, if not made corrupt by political manipulations.

Well, for my part, I say it again: the damage done by the presence of foreign troops in our country is puny compared to the damage done by the foreign religion established in this country since 400 years ago. The threats of eternal damnation on the one hand, and the second coming of a Jewish Lord on the other hand - both have made a mockery of our system of education that has neither improved our way of life as a people, nor has it developed the Philippines as a nation.

No doubt, our schools, colleges, and universities have made us good; unfortunately, good for nothing. Look how we were made to believe that there is a better world to come after death. And that if in case we learn to love this world, the love of God is not with us!

Unless we dump Christianity out of our country, we shall only continue to feel the need of foreign troops to protect our poverty as a way of life and to defend our moral bankruptcy as a nation.

In the meantime, the Philippines is greater and bigger than we all are as individual Filipinos. Therefore love of country should be our one and only religion. Especially for the sake of the here and now. And love of fellow-citizens should be at the very foundation of our moral, political, and social values. Nothing else matters. Nothing else counts. Not even a divinity out there that perpetually inspires the Filipino insanity down here. Look at our country - she continues moving; unfortunately, moving not forward, but only backward. Back to those glorious centuries called “the Dark Ages.” Poch Suzara

Jose Rizal - mankind's greatest of men

Alleviating the sufferings of the Filipino and avenging the victims of cruelties was the cornerstone of Rizal’s ambitions. Especially to rescue the Philippines from the horrors of Christianity. He considered brutal punishment not only a violation of human rights, but a social horror. This was the point he stressed to Father Francisco Sanchez, his former professor at the Ateneo Municipal de manila, when he paid the friar a visit in August 1887, a few days after his return from Europe: “Are you not afraid of the consequences of your audacity (in writing the Noli Me Tangere ), asked Father Sanchez. “Father,” Rizal replied, “you are a missionary. If you go on your mission, are you not afraid of the consequences of its fulfillment?” “Oh, that is entirely different!” replied Father Sanchez. “Not at all,” said Rizal. “Your mission is to baptize the heathen, but mine is to make men worthy.” To make Filipinos worthy was to Rizal the initial step if any change was to take place. The attempt at changing oneself would then expand to a wide range, that of changing the conditions around him, and eventually that of the Philippines. But this was possible only if love of country has been fully developed. However, arousing national sentiment and pride, by stimulating love for one another as Filipinos, Rizal hoped to instill in the Filipino the feeling of nationalism. This was Rizal’s mission. A rare Filipino thinker indeed who had the courage to promote the beauty of historical harmony in the Philippines where Christianity has only spread the insanity of theology. Rizal’s dream was to see his country’s prosperity via cultural growth and social development. He wrote: “I would like the Filipino people to become worthy, noble and honorable.” The exact opposite of the teachings of Christianity – we are all sinners and worthless. History, however, tells us what Christianity told Rizal to his face: “What in hell are you doing? Why are you threatening the profitable Christian business in the Philippines? The essence of Christianity is that God must be obeyed because God is bigger and stronger and, in addition, God is incomparably more vicious. Obey God or burn in hell. Why do you want to straighten out the broken spirit of the Filipino by teaching them the worthlessness of guilt feelings – indeed, the same guilt feelings that give so much power and authority of the Church in the Philippines?” As if Rizal did not know that in every religion the priests alone have the right to decide upon what pleases or what displeases God; and of course the priests will always decide upon what pleases or displeases them first. Moreover, Rizal clearly saw that Christianity thrives on guilt. Guilt, not love, is the fundamental emotion that Christianity seeks to induce. For all of its alleged concern for the “poor in spirit,” Christianity does its best to perpetuate spiritual impoverishment. The Christian bible in the Philippines has been about one uniform message. It is that God must be obeyed, period. If God commands worship, Filipinos must worship. If God commands hate, Filipinos must hate. If God commands prayer, Filipinos must pray. This principle has remained unchanged. God is the master, the Filipinos are the slaves, and the fundamental characteristic of slaves is that they are not permitted, under threat of force, to act according to their own judgment. In brief, to be mindless for the sake of godliness. After Rizal had been arrested, jailed, and executed in 1896, Christianity’s continued success has been insured in the Philippines. With Rizal and his thinking kind conveniently expunged out of the Filipino psyche the Philippines has remained famous as the only Christian country in Asia. Since the 16th century, Christianity has had nothing to offer the Filipino except misery and poverty under a corrupted spirituality. Indeed, Christianity has successfully made the Filipino proud and well-established as the greatest worshippers of God - Sick Man of Asia today.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Famous American Priest

Father James B. Rueter proudly said: “I have tried to be a priest. A priest is a bridge ...a bridge between
God and man .... a channel of God's love, peace and joy.”

It is truly pathetic, if not moronic, not to mention just simply diabolic: millions of Filipinos still believe that a God out there – the creator of the universe, the administrator of heaven and hell and purgatory, an all-knowing divinity, eternal, holy, immortal, immense, immutable, incomprehensible, ineffable, infinite, invisible, just, loving, merciful, most high, most wise, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, patient, perfect, and a supreme being - would nevertheless need an American priest to be a bridge between God and the Filipinos as a channel for the so-called “God’s love, peace, and joy.” Why? What’s wrong with the Filipino priests? Are they not as good enough?

Really, in God’s name in heaven and for his glory on earth, I ask: just how sick can we Filipinos be as the Sick Man of Asia in this already 21st century?

For my part, after I am dead, I hope to meet with God. I will ask Him to please forgive me for having wasted many precious years of my life as a thoughtless and a frightened Catholic. Specially when I was victimized as a student in grade school and a high school at De La Salle University. I was taught to believe and to have faith not in Filipino priests, but only in American priests. Poch Suzara

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Psychiatric Help

I am told that I need a psychiatrist to help me find my way back to faith in God. This is only because I have publicly manifested more respect and admiration for Jose Rizal than I have openly shown neither love nor affection for Jesus Christ.

Jose Rizal was born a Filipino in the Philippines . Jesus Christ was born a Jew in Bethlehem . I was also born a Filipino in the Philippines . Now what exactly have we Filipinos got to do with a Jew born in a Jewish land some 2,000 years ago?

Haven’t we Filipinos already had enough of Jewish nonsense keeping us poor as a people and backward as a nation? And to think it was Judeo-Christian power and authority that had our Jose Rizal, a Filipino thinker who loved his country and loved fellow-Filipinos, - arrested, jailed, and executed by the disciples of Jesus Christ - the Jesuits in the Philippines.

In the meantime, the greatest psychiatrists was Sigmund Freud. He was an atheist. He concluded that he had got to the heart of religion: it was founded in the child's sense of helplessness. Poch Suzara

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Saints In Heaven

Saints in heaven are just as worthless as the saints on earth. Look how the saints, after all these past centuries, in heaven or on earth, have consistently neglected to organize a general meeting with God. Especially to settle, once and for all, why we Filipinos must stop praying for our daily bread, and stop praying to Mary, Mother of God, to pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death, amen. Isn’t it time to fix the broken record repeating itself? It is time for a change of ideals!

In the meantime, where is Jesus and His promise to return? What’s holding up the show? If the First Coming was a mission impossible during the first century, isn’t it about time to do a Second Coming that would be a mission possible in this already 21st century? Especially in the Philippines – the only Christian country in Asia since the 16th century? Poch Suzara

Adam and Eve

As the first human beings on this earth, how exactly did God as their creator play vital role in developing the mind of Adam with the power of knowledge? How did the God cultivate the heart of Eve - with the beauty of wisdom? So much so that neither would not be gullible to be easily bamboozled by a stupid Talking Snake into committing something even more stupid called “the Original Sin?” For my part, I Imagine Adam and Eve gifted not with a “free will” but empowered instead with the intellectual ability to question everything – the basis of philosophy that eventually produced daughters otherwise more known throughout the world as “the sciences!” The same sciences that proved religion, historically, has always been based upon a lot of ecclesiastical, if not bombastical, superstitious hogwash. Obviously God also gifted his Talking Serpent with a free will. And yet a lot of you frightened religious morons, who lack the courage to read properly bible contents, blame Adam and Eve; when in fact it was God in cahoots with the Talking Serpent who were both mutually guilty of something more terrible than "original sin." It is called "God's divine original plan!" Poch Suzara Twitter# Facebook# Google#

Monday, May 25, 2009

Most Women

Most women are tantalized with the secret of perfect skin, the secret of perfect body, and the secret of perfect glamour. Hardly, however, do most women also get fascinated with the secret of intellectual capacity – precisely the condition that attracts intelligent men for a meaningful relationship or for creativity that insures a happy and a successful marriage.

It is no wonder that most men would rather achieve a reputation in mediocrity? It is the easiest way to conquer what’s in between the legs of shallow-minded women oozing out with so much femininity when in fact all she is after is emotional as well as financial security?

So you fuck her. She fucks you. In the end, who the fuck cares anyway? In the meantime, life is a sexually transmitted disease with a mortality rate of 100 per cent.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Devils and Diseases in the Bible

Then he called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases. Luke 9:1 Please, could any of you reading this verse explain what kind of power and authority did Jesus give his twelve apostles? And how come the apostles were never able to spread the Word of God in China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Korea? Indeed, never converted such countries into Christianity like they did the Philippines - the only Christian country since the 16th century and how come diseases like leprosy and sick politics have never been cured with the power and authority from Jesus? Indeed, how exactly did the apostles of Jesus cure which or what diseases anywhere in the world? Poch Suzara Twitter# Facebook# Google#

The Unholy Bible versus Science and its Beauty

There is not one word in the bible that acknowledges the existence of science. Indeed, there is nothing in the bible that explains the benefits of anti-biotic, heart and organ transplant, steam engine, nuclear power, electricity, jet engines, desktop electronic computers, or the internet.

The bible claims the earth moves around the sun; that the sun moving can be stopped; that the world is flat with four are these the words written by inspired authors of an All-knowing God? Please, spare me the ecclesiastical hogwash.

The bible has never answered the question who made God, never responded to any emergency, remedied or cured anything, never created wealth, never alleviated pain, never solved any problems of humanity, or eliminated poverty, stopped any wars, or even cured pimples in the faces of teen age girls serious at daily prayer.

Indeed, it is incredible to meet biblical morons who are ignorant of the Old or the New Testament, and when they do read it, and they do not understand what they are reading – they believe themselves to be blessed by divine wisdom via the Revealed Truth. Poch Suzara

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Man’s Greatest Invention - God

Man’s greatest invention – God. Man created God in his own image and likeness. Those who do not believe are called atheists. As if there is a God or a devil for that matter existing anywhere out there who gives a hoot about the atheists like me.

In the meantime, since the time of Jesus, more than a hundred billion people already lived and died on this earth. Let’s assume half of them made it to heaven, the other half made it to hell. So what? What have either God and the devil really accomplished for each other except the universal manifestation of stupid divinity on the one hand, and stupid deviltry on the other hand – both endlessly competing against each other to prove the existence of supernatural insanity? Poch Suzara

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It’s Insane either way

It is insane to believe in the existence of God. It is insane not to believe in the existence of God. It is, indeed, damn you if you believe that God exist, and damn you if you do not believe that God exist. In either case you are damned!

For my part, whether there is a God or not, I choose to believe in my own existence, puny and brief as it is. I’d rather live the good life in this world– one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. And to hell with the existence of a God in this world or a God existing in the next world, if any. Poch Suzara

Victims of religion

Take a good look at the victims of the three great religions of the world: Judaism has its Egyptians, Sodomites and Lebanese. Christianity has its witches and homosexuals and Filipinos. Islam has its American infidels. Happily, we atheists have no victims. We have no belief system to make us hate or make us kill those who do not believe in the existence of God or Allah or Yahweh. We are kind and gentle and peaceful people. But identify yourselves as the religious morons that make for our sick society – we will fight you especially as you teach so destructively mentally inside our schools, colleges, and universities. Poch Suzara

Silly Bible Authors

They were ignorant and superstitious authors of God. They did not know that the earth is round, not flat. They did not know the earth orbits around the sun. They did not know that a million planets the size of earth could fit inside the sun. They did not know that the human body is comprised of a hundred trillion cells and each cell contains a complete library of instructions on how to make every part of a human body. They did not know that there are far more stars out there existing than all the grain of sands in all the beaches of the planet earth. They did not know that life on earth runs exclusively on sunlight. Plants gather the photons and convert solar into chemical energy. Animals live-off the plants. They did not know that man dies entirely, not partially. That there is no more circulation, respiration, digestion, speech, or reflection in a human body that is already dead.

The most destructive part of all – they knew nothing of science and its method as a human invention. By far, it is the best tool we have for understanding life and the nature of this world. Our world.

Bible authors knew nothing of science as a self-correcting enterprise, ongoing, and applicable to everything. Science has two rules. First: there are no sacred truths; all assumptions must be critically examined; arguments from authority are worthless. Second: whatever is inconsistent with the facts must be discarded or revised. Science shows us how to understand the world as it is and not confuse it with how we wish it to be. Poch Suzara

Relying on God

"Relying on God has to begin all over again every day, as if nothing had yet been done." - C.S. Lewis

Isn’t it so obvious that if we just continue to rely on God over again every day – it can only mean that God does nothing for nobody as God does nothing for anybody?

At any rate, who or what is this God anyway? We are assured that God is present everywhere, yet his presence remedies nothing. We are told that God foresees everything, but his foresight prevents nothing. We are told that God is here and there and is everywhere, but why then is God only always omni-absent?

During the past 500 years of Christianity in the Philippines, we Filipinos have done nothing for ourselves as a people. We have also achieved nothing for ourselves as a nation. Except to reply on God to give us this day our daily bread and to lead us not into temptation. Look at us Filipinos today - the Sick Man of Asia still relying on God in this already 21st century as we have been relying on God during the past 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th century! Poch Suzara

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pastor Rick Warren - The Purpose-Driven Life

The rich and famous author of the best seller book THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE – Pastor Rick Warren says that when you have: Happy moments, PRAISE GOD. Difficult moments, SEEK GOD. Quiet moments, WORSHIP GOD. Painful moments, TRUST GOD. Every moment, THANK GOD. Obviously, Rick Warren believes that God is not only always hungry for attention, always eager for devotion, always frustrated for affection, always thirsty for adoration, always desperate for recognition, but also always cold-blooded as a perfection always lost in self-admiration. Wow! Is God really that kind of a sick egomaniac? In the meantime, on the day we are born, we begin to live in a dying body. Our existence is no more than a point, a flash in the pan, a wink of an eye long. In comparison to God’s no beginning and no end existence, our duration in this life on this earth is but an instant. We also live on a speck of dust called “earth” lost in the immensity of space and in the eternity of time. The sun makes up 98.8 per cent of all the mass of the solar system. Everything else including planets, asteroids, dust, moons add up to just 0.2 per cent. Indeed, 1,000,000 (one million) planets the size of earth can comfortably fit inside the sun. Hardly do we begin to learn when death intervenes before we can experience the joys of more learning. Indeed, death comes to take over before we can experience more joys in life – the greatest of which is the pleasure in growth and positive achievements - the love of life - glad when others are happy, not happy when others are not happy - in brief - living the good life - one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. Poch Suzara

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Universal Mess

Everything in this world is connected with everything else in a delicate and complex web of interrelationships.

There is order in the universe; and there is also chaos in the universe. Both, however, are interconnected to each other.

With order connected with chaos in the universe, I ask: How is God, the creator, connected as well in the delicate and complex web of interrelationship to either of the universal mess that comprise order in the universe on the one side, and chaos in the universe on the other? Poch Suzara

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Dear Landa A. bautista


Dear Landa Bautista,

We can never move the Philippine situation forward unless we first remove its corrupt system of education. The belief that there is a better foreign country to go to after birth, or that there is a better world to go to after death is a silly belief taught in our schools, colleges, and universities that keep the Filipino spiritually twisted as a people and morally distorted as a nation. With all good wishes, Poch Suzara, Chairman, High School Dropout Assn of the Philippines