Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jose Rizal Never Said

Jose Rizal never said: "The Catholic church is worth dying for." Well, even so, Rizal was executed in pubic by the Catholic church. In fact, the Catholic priests even declared that hours before he was executed, Rizal "retracted" and died not as a heretic but as a penitent Catholic. Indeed, that hours before he was executed - Rizal cried like a frightened little boy and begged for confession, mass, and communion because he regretted much to have authored two great novels about the sins and the crimes behind the wealth, power, and glory of the Catholic Church in the Philippines.

Now I ask: Why should we believe the Catholic priests? They have never ceased to tell us brazen lies about the way Jose Rizal died? Rizal himself already told us the truth not only about the way he lived and work3ed, but also about the lies and deceptions of the Catholic church? Especially in its teachings in schools, colleges, and universities in the Philippines? Poch Suzara

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