Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sanctimonious Lie

Are we Filipinos really the most religious people in all of Asia? It is a sanctimonious lie. In fact, we are the most religiously corrupt.

As a matter of historical fact, we are, on the contrary, the most irreligious people in all of Asia.

Indeed, religion has nothing to do with miracles, prayers, virtues, or believing a better life to come after death. Religion does not consist in having faith in God
up there, or, believing in His only begotten son Jesus as our Savior down here.

Religion is simply adding to the human welfare - indeed, to the human happiness of man in this world.

We are all born ignorant, not stupid. We are made stupid by the power of Christian education in the Philippines. Look how, in this already 21st century, we Filipinos still love a silly divinity up there. We hardly give a goot for common humanity down here. Poch Suzara

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